Juniper JN0-103 dumps

Juniper JN0-103 Exam Dumps

Junos - Associate (JNCIA-Junos)
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Exam Code JN0-103
Exam Name Junos - Associate (JNCIA-Junos)
Questions 141 Questions Answers With Explanation
Update Date February 12,2024
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Juniper JN0-103 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which command produced the output shown in the exhibit?

A. Show interfaces summary 
B. Show interfaces filters 
C. Show interfaces extensive 
D. Show interfaces terse

Question # 2

In which directory the traceoption files stored by default?

A. /var/db/ 
B. /var/tmp/
C. /var/log/ 
D. /var/home/

Question # 3

You issue a "request system zeroize" command. Which statement is correct in this scenario?

A. All data files remain unchanged but all configuration settings returned to factory defaults. 
B. All data files are deleted and all configuration settings are returned to factory defaults. 
C. All data files are deleted and all configuration settings remain unchanged 
D. Disk space is freed by rotating log files and a proposed list of files to be deleted is presented.

Question # 4

The monitor traffic command provides access to which utility?

A. tcpdump 
B. telnet 
C. traceroute 
D. netstat

Question # 5

What is the purpose of the load merge command?

A. to add or delete variables from the configuration based on the contents of a specified path file.
B. to completely overwrite the current configuration with the configuration you load.
C. to combine the current configuration with the configuration you load.
D. to look for a replace tag in the configuration you load.

Question # 6

Routing policies contain which two type of statements? (Choose two.)

A. and 
B. from 
C. default 
D. then

Question # 7

Which routing table is used for multicasting forwarding cache?

A. Inet.3 
B. Inet.0 
C. Inet.1 
D. Inet.2

Question # 8

What are three functions of the RE? (Choose three.)

A. to maintain the forwarding tables 
B. to enforce stateless firewall filters 
C. to manage the PFE 
D. to monitor the chassis 
E. to implement policing

Question # 9

Which two interfaces are considered physical interface? Choose TWO

A. Ge-0/0/0 
B. Et-3/0/0:0.501 
C. Et-7/1/4:0 
D. Xe-10/2/1

Question # 10

Exhibit:Which statement is correct when traffic is received from

A. The traffic is counted and accepted 
B. The traffic is counted and rejected 
C. The traffic is only rejected 
D. The traffic is only accepted

Question # 11

Click the Exhibit button.A user attempts to log in to a Junos device. but the RADIUS server is unreachable.Referring to the exhibit, what is the default action of a Junos device in this scenario?

A. The Junos device retries every 30 seconds until the connection is restored.
B. The Junos device uses the local authentication database. 
C. The Junos device displays a RADIUS connection error. 
D. The Junos device prompts for a cached RADIUS password.

Question # 12

In which directory are trace option files stored by default?

A. /var/tmp/ 
B. /var/log/ 
C. /var/home/ 
D. /var/db/

Question # 13

Click the Exhibit button.Referring to the exhibit, which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)

A. The memory utilization is 28% 
B. The memory utilization is 72% 
C. The CPU kernel utilization is 1% 
D. The 15 minute CPU load average is 99%

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