Palo Alto Networks PCNSA dumps

Palo Alto Networks PCNSA Exam Dumps

Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrator (PAN-OS 10.0)
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Exam Code PCNSA
Exam Name Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrator (PAN-OS 10.0)
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Palo Alto Networks PCNSA Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which service protects cloud-based applications such as Dropbox and Salesforce byadministering permissions and scanning files for sensitive information?

A. Aperture 
B. AutoFocus 
C. Panorama 
D. GlobalProtect 

Question # 2

A server-admin in the USERS-zone requires SSH-access to all possible servers in allcurrent and future Public Cloud environments. All other required connections have alreadybeen enabled between the USERS- and the OUTSIDE-zone. What configuration-changesshould the Firewall-admin make?

A. Create a custom-service-object called SERVICE-SSH for destination-port-TCP-22.Create a security-rule between zone USERS and OUTSIDE to allow traffic from any sourceIP-address to any destination IP-address for SERVICE-SSH 
B. Create a security-rule that allows traffic from zone USERS to OUTSIDE to allow trafficfrom any source IP-address to any destination IP-address for application SSH 
C. In addition to option a, a custom-service-object called SERVICE-SSH-RETURN thatcontains source-port-TCP-22 should be created. A second security-rule is required thatallows traffic from zone OUTSIDE to USERS for SERVICE-SSH-RETURN for any sourceIP-address to any destination-Ip-address 
D. In addition to option c, an additional rule from zone OUTSIDE to USERS for applicationSSH from any source-IP-address to any destination-IP-address is required to allow the return-traffic from the SSH-servers to reach the server-admin 

Question # 3

Given the topology, which zone type should interface E1/1 be configured with?

A. Tap 
B. Tunnel 
C. Virtual Wire 
D. Layer3 

Question # 4

Selecting the option to revert firewall changes will replace what settings?

A. the running configuration with settings from the candidate configuration 
B. the device state with settings from another configuration 
C. the candidate configuration with settings from the running configuration 
D. dynamic update scheduler settings 

Question # 5

Which User-ID mapping method should be used for an environment with clients that do notauthenticate to Windows Active Directory?

A. Windows session monitoring via a domain controller 
B. passive server monitoring using the Windows-based agent 
C. Captive Portal 
D. passive server monitoring using a PAN-OS integrated User-ID agent 

Question # 6

An administrator would like to silently drop traffic from the internet to a ftp server.Which Security policy action should the administrator select?

A. Reset-server 
B. Block 
C. Deny 
D. Drop 

Question # 7

Which three statement describe the operation of Security Policy rules or Security Profiles?(Choose three)

A. Security policy rules inspect but do not block traffic. 
B. Security Profile should be used only on allowed traffic. 
C. Security Profile are attached to security policy rules. 
D. Security Policy rules are attached to Security Profiles. 
E. Security Policy rules can block or allow traffic. 

Question # 8

A. delivery 
B. command and control 
C. explotation 
D. reinsurance 
E. installation 

Question # 9

A. Signature Matching 
B. Network Processing 
C. Security Processing 
D. Security Matching 

Question # 10

Identify the correct order to configure the PAN-OS integrated USER-ID agent.3. add the service account to monitor the server(s)2. define the address of the servers to be monitored on the firewall4. commit the configuration, and verify agent connection status1. create a service account on the Domain Controller with sufficient permissions to executethe User- ID agent

A. 2-3-4-1 
B. 1-4-3-2 
C. 3-1-2-4 
D. 1-3-2-4 

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