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AACE CCP Exam Dumps

Certified Cost Professional (CCP) Exam
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Exam Code CCP
Exam Name Certified Cost Professional (CCP) Exam
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Introduction to CCP

The Certified Cost Professional (CCP) Exam Review offered by Pass4surexams is an online training program designed to help representatives learn the important ideas of cost engineering and best practices of Total Cost Management (TCM) in the planning, implementation, and management of any structural project or program in a systematic and professional manner.

CCP Exam Coverage:

Economic Analysis

  • Basic Concepts
  • Annual Compounding
  • Net Present Worth
  • Investment Alternatives
  • Depreciation and Taxes
  • Break-Even Analysis

Cost Estimation and Control

  • Cost Estimation
  • EVM Metrics
  • Progress Measurement
  • Performance Measurement
  • Cost Forecasting
  • Variance Analysis

Project Management

  • Leadership and Management of Project People
  • Contracting for Capital Projects
  • Scheduling

General Skills and Knowledge of Cost Engineering

  • Quality Management
  • Value Analysis
  • Strategic Asset Management
  • Project Planning
  • Project Labor Cost Control
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Risk Management
  • Communication

CCP Examination Structure:

  • 5 hours maximum
  • 120 Continuous, simple multiple-choice questions complex, compound/scenario questions
  • Domains: Basic Skills & Knowledge, Economic Analysis, Project Management, and Cost Estimating & Control
  • Closed Book – onscreen formula sheet(s) will be available for use
  • Any style, battery-operated calculator permitted (not provided by the testing center)

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AACE CCP Real Exam Questions

We offer our customers real exam questions with 100% passing guarantee, so that they can easily pass their AACE CCP exam with distinction. Our AACE CCP dumps are as genuin as you are reading the real exam question answers in which you are going to appear to get your certification. Here are some demo questions and answers.

Free AACE CCP Exam Sample Questions

Sample Question: 1

______________can be defined as the determination of that course of action or combination of alternatives that yields either the lowest cost or the highest profit.

A. Economic optimization
B. Simulation
C. Linear programming
D. Dynamic programming

Answer: D

Sample Question: 2

A bond that guarantees the bidder will enter into a contract on the basis of his/her bid is referred to as:

A. Surety bond
B. Performance bond
C. Bid bond
D. Liability bond

Answer: C

Sample Question: 3

An effort by a prime contractor to reduce the price quoted by a vendor, by providing the bid price to other vendors in an attempt to get the other vendors to underbid the original price quoted is referred to as:

A. Costing
B. Cost-price analysis
C. Bid shopping
D. Negotiating a best and final offer

Answer: C

Sample Question: 4

What is executed in connection with a contract and secures the performance and fulfillment of all the undertakings, covenants, terms, conditions and agreements contained in the contract?

A. Liability insurance
B. Performance bond
C. Bid bond
D. Surety bond

Answer: B

Sample Question: 5

Productivity increases with time. This improvement is commonly associated with improvements in efficiency brought about by increased experience and skill levels. What does this scenario describe?

A. Productivity efficiency factor
B. Value engineering
C. Cash flow
D. The learning curve

Answer: D

Sample Question: 6

A contract clause that provides the owner with the right to terminate the contract irrespective of the general contractor's liability is:

A. Termination of contract - convenience
B. Termination of contract - default
C. Substantial completion
D. Breach of contract

Answer: A

Sample Question: 7

The purpose of a communication must be understood by ____________ if the message is to be clear to the

A. Workers; management
B. The speaker; the receiver
C. Management; workers
D. The receiver; the speaker

Answer: C

Sample Question: 8

Meetings require:

A. Goals, an agenda, preparation, relevant discussions, support for your actions and to consider the total physical and human setting of the meeting
B. Goals, an agenda, preparation, conclusions, control and conversations that are relevant
C. Goals, an agenda, preparation, control, good listening skills and relevant discussions
D. Goals, an agenda, flipchart, computer projector, laser pointer and consulting with others where appropriate

Answer: B

Sample Question: 9

The goal of listening is to:

A. Analyze what the speaker is saying
B. Find out what is going on
C. Have time to formulate your thoughts on the subject
D. Improve communication

Answer: D

Sample Question: 10

Some of the principles of good communication are:

A. Seek to clarify your ideas before communicating; examine the true purpose of each communication; consider the total physical and human setting whenever you communicate; be mindful, while you communicate, of the overtones as well as the basic content of the message
B. Tell the other person what to do; give insincere praise; psychoanalyze the other person; make light of a serious problem; do not gain the trust of anyone; always have a hidden agenda
C. Use short words; avoid jargon; avoid acronyms and abbreviations; use complete sentences; have a beginning, middle and end; be accurate; be interested in what topic is being communicated
D. The social process by which people in a specific situation construct meaning using symbolic behavior

Answer: C

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