Salesforce Industries-CPQ-Developer dumps

Salesforce Industries-CPQ-Developer Exam Dumps

Salesforce Certified Industries CPQ Developer (SU23)
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Exam Code Industries-CPQ-Developer
Exam Name Salesforce Certified Industries CPQ Developer (SU23)
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Update Date September 22,2023
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Salesforce Industries-CPQ-Developer Sample Questions

Question # 1

My product has bothContext Rules and Advanced Rules. Which rules will be enacted firstat runtime?

A. Context Rules
B. Advanced Rules

Question # 2

When adofna products to the Cart, the developer notices that nothing renders in the cart.The developer uses the browser console network tab to troubleshoot the issue.Which method should the developer look for in the responses to begin troubleshooting?

A. postCartsItems
B. createCart
C. getBasketDetails
D. getCartsItems

Question # 3

How is a time plan different from a time policy?Note: This question displayed answer options in random order when taking this Test.

A. A time plan is proratable.
B. A time plan can start on the date of purchase.
C. A time plan's start can be delayed.
D. atime plan contains the duration of time for pricing to apply.

Question # 4

Which of these could be considered an adjustment? (Choose TWO)Note: This question displayed answer options in random order when taking this Test.

A. S12 price for a product on an employee price list
B. S50 off
C. 20% off for 3 months
D. S35 recurring monthly price for B2C customers

Question # 5

What is CpQAppHancfler?

A. The remote method used to filter products from the shared catalog
B. An Angular directive within the persistent cart templates that contains CPQ loqk
C. A specialized global Apex class that includes methods to perform CPQ functions
D. An integration procedure invoked by the persistent cart that performs CPQ functions

Question # 6

If more than one promotion has been applied to a bundle in the Cart, what must you haveenabled to beable to delete the promotions?

A. Update scope setting in the promotion
B. Deep delete
C. Shallow delete

Question # 7

What data types are supported for context dimensions? (Choose THREE)Note: Thisquestion displayed answer options in random order when taking this Test.

A. Text
B. String
C. DateTime
D. Boolean
E. Integer
F. Numeric

Question # 8

When Vlocity Cart builds the product list, which type of rule is processed first?Note: This question displayed answer options in random order when taking this Test.

A. Context Rule - Qualification
B. Advanced Rule - Availability
C. Advanced Rule - Eligibility
D. Advanced Rule - Configuration Validation (Compatibility)

Question # 9

Which of these can be used to launch a guided selling process?

A. Vlocity DX
B. A Vlocity action
C. Using a field on the Order page
D. From the line item actions dropdown menu in Vlocity Cart

Question # 10

Which of these ensures the user will return to the page where they began the GuidedSelling process?Note: This question displayed answer options in random order when taking this Test.

A. checkout
B. postCartltems
C. remote action element
D. selectables element
E. done action element
F. set values element

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