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CompTIA SY0-701 Exam Dumps

CompTIA Security+ Exam 2024
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Exam Code SY0-701
Exam Name CompTIA Security+ Exam 2024
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CompTIA SY0-701 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A systems administrator set up a perimeter firewall but continues to notice suspiciousconnections between internal endpoints. Which of the following should be set up in order tomitigate the threat posed by the suspicious activity?

A. Host-based firewall
B. Web application firewall
C. Access control list
D. Application allow listc

Question # 2

A company is developing a critical system for the government and storing projectinformation on a fileshare. Which of the following describes how this data will most likely beclassified? (Select two).

A. Private
B. Confidential
C. Public
D. Operational
E. Urgent
F. Restricted

Question # 3

A network manager wants to protect the company's VPN by implementing multifactorauthentication that uses:. Something you know. Something you have. Something you areWhich of the following would accomplish the manager's goal?

A. Domain name, PKI, GeolP lookup
B. VPN IP address, company ID, facial structure
C. Password, authentication token, thumbprint
D. Company URL, TLS certificate, home address

Question # 4

After a recent ransomware attack on a company's system, an administrator reviewed thelog files. Which of the following control types did the administrator use?

A. Compensating
B. Detective
C. Preventive
D. Corrective

Question # 5

A user is attempting to patch a critical system, but the patch fails to transfer. Which of thefollowing access controls is most likely inhibiting the transfer?

A. Attribute-based
B. Time of day
C. Role-based
D. Least privilege

Question # 6

An administrator finds that all user workstations and servers are displaying a message thatis associated with files containing an extension of .ryk. Which of the following types ofinfections is present on the systems?

A. Virus
B. Trojan
C. Spyware
D. Ransomware

Question # 7

After reviewing the following vulnerability scanning report:Server: TelnetPort: 23 Protocol: TCPStatus: Open Severity: HighVulnerability: Use of an insecure network protocolA security analyst performs the following test:nmap -p 23 —script telnet-encryptionPORT STATE SERVICE REASON23/tcp open telnet syn-ackI telnet encryption:| _ Telnet server supports encryptionWhich of the following would the security analyst conclude for this reported vulnerability?

A. It is a false positive.
B. A rescan is required.
C. It is considered noise.
D. Compensating controls exist.

Question # 8

An organization would like to store customer data on a separate part of the network that isnot accessible to users on the main corporate network. Which of the following should theadministrator use to accomplish this goal?

A. Segmentation
B. Isolation
C. Patching
D. Encryption

Question # 9

An organization is struggling with scaling issues on its VPN concentrator and internet circuitdue to remote work. The organization is looking for a software solution that will allow it toreduce traffic on the VPN and internet circuit, while still providing encrypted tunnel accessto the data center and monitoring of remote employee internet traffic. Which of the followingwill help achieve these objectives?

A. Deploying a SASE solution to remote employees
B. Building a load-balanced VPN solution with redundant internet
C. Purchasing a low-cost SD-WAN solution for VPN traffic
D. Using a cloud provider to create additional VPN concentrators

Question # 10

A company's end users are reporting that they are unable to reach external websites. Afterreviewing the performance data for the DNS severs, the analyst discovers that the CPU,disk, and memory usage are minimal, but the network interface is flooded with inboundtraffic. Network logs show only a small number of DNS queries sent to this server. Which ofthe following best describes what the security analyst is seeing?

A. Concurrent session usage
B. Secure DNS cryptographic downgrade
C. On-path resource consumption
D. Reflected denial of service

Question # 11

Which of the following security concepts is the best reason for permissions on a humanresources fileshare to follow the principle of least privilege?

A. Integrity
B. Availability
C. Confidentiality
D. Non-repudiation

Question # 12

Which of the following is the most common data loss path for an air-gapped network?

A. Bastion host
B. Unsecured Bluetooth
C. Unpatched OS
D. Removable devices

Question # 13

An administrator discovers that some files on a database server were recently encrypted.The administrator sees from the security logs that the data was last accessed by a domainuser. Which of the following best describes the type of attack that occurred?

A. Insider threat
B. Social engineering
C. Watering-hole
D. Unauthorized attacker

Question # 14

An organization is leveraging a VPN between its headquarters and a branch location. Which of the following is the VPN protecting?

A. Data in use
B. Data in transit
C. Geographic restrictions
D. Data sovereignty

Question # 15

A systems administrator wants to prevent users from being able to access data based ontheir responsibilities. The administrator also wants to apply the required access structurevia a simplified format. Which of the following should the administrator apply to the siterecovery resource group?


Question # 16

During the onboarding process, an employee needs to create a password for an intranetaccount. The password must include ten characters, numbers, and letters, and two specialcharacters. Once the password is created, the company will grant the employee access toother company-owned websites based on the intranet profile. Which of the following accessmanagement concepts is the company most likely using to safeguard intranet accounts andgrant access to multiple sites based on a user's intranet account? (Select two).

A. Federation
B. Identity proofing
C. Password complexity
D. Default password changes
E. Password manager
F. Open authentication

Question # 17

A company is discarding a classified storage array and hires an outside vendor to completethe disposal. Which of the following should the company request from the vendor?

A. Certification
B. Inventory list
C. Classification
D. Proof of ownership

Question # 18

Which of the following would be the best way to handle a critical business application thatis running on a legacy server?

A. Segmentation
B. Isolation
C. Hardening
D. Decommissioning

Question # 19

A security administrator is deploying a DLP solution to prevent the exfiltration of sensitivecustomer data. Which of the following should the administrator do first?

A. Block access to cloud storage websites.
B. Create a rule to block outgoing email attachments.
C. Apply classifications to the data.
D. Remove all user permissions from shares on the file server.

Question # 20

A security manager created new documentation to use in response to various types ofsecurity incidents. Which of the following is the next step the manager should take?

A. Set the maximum data retention policy.
B. Securely store the documents on an air-gapped network.
C. Review the documents' data classification policy.
D. Conduct a tabletop exercise with the team.

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