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Cisco 200-901 Exam Dumps

DevNet Associate (DEVASC)
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Exam Code 200-901
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Cisco 200-901 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Developer is working on a new feature and made changes on a branch named ‘branch-413667549a-new’. When merging the branch to production, conflicts occurred. Which Git command must the developer use to recreate the pre-merge state? 

git merge -no-edit
git merge -commit 
git merge -revert 
git merge -abort 

Question # 2

Which TCP port is used to connect to a network device by using Telnet? 


Question # 3

Drag and drop the code from the bottom onto the box where the code is missing to construct a Python script that calls a REST API request. The Python script retrieves a list of tasks from a to-do list for effective project management purposes. Not all options are used.     Answer:   

Question # 4

 Refer to the exhibit. Drag and drop the code from the bottom onto the box where the code is missing to construct a request that generates a security token and gets a list of network devices. Not all options are used.     Answer:   

Question # 5

What is a comparison of YAML and JSON? 

YAML has a more consistent approach to representing data compared to JSON.
JSON does not support comments and YAML does. 
YAML is a more verbose data structure compared to JSON. 
JSON has more common usage in configuration management tools compared to YAML. 

Question # 6

Which IP service is used to monitor the performance of network devices? 


Question # 7

 Refer to the exhibit. An engineer must authorize a REST API call. The API password is "Cisco123!". Which Bash command must be placed in the code to authorize the call?

mkdir API_PASSWORD=Cisco123! 
set API_PASSWORD=Cisco123! 
cp API_PASSWORD=Cisco123! 
export API_PASSWORD=Cisco123! 

Question # 8

A developer pushes an application to production. The application receives a webhook over HTTPS without a secret. The webhook information contains credentials to service in cleartext. When the information is received, it is stored in the database with an SHA-256 hash. Credentials to the database are accessed at runtime through the use of a vault service. While troubleshooting, the developer sets the logging to debug to view the message from the webhook. What is the security issue in this scenario?

Database credentials should be accessed by using environment variables defined at runtime. 
During the transport of webhook messages, the credentials could be unencrypted and leaked. 
During logging, debugging should be disabled for the webhook message. 
Hashing the credentials in the database is not secure enough; the credentials should be encrypted. 

Question # 9

 Refer to the exhibit. Drag and drop the code from the bottom onto the box where the code is missing to return the number of interfaces on a network device by using the Cisco DNA Center SDK. Not all options are used.   

Question # 10

A file in a local Git repository has been updated and issued the git add . command. The git diff command has been run to compare the changes to the previous commit, but nothing shows. Which action identifies the problem?

Run the git add . command again in the correct subdirectory to ensure changes added to the staging area. 
Run the git commit command before the differences are compared to receive the end state of the code. 
Run the git status command to see the differences between current and previous code review stages. 
Run the git diff --staged command to compare the code added to the staging area.

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