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CyberArk CAU302 Exam Dumps

CyberArk Defender + Sentry
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Exam Code CAU302
Exam Name CyberArk Defender + Sentry
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CyberArk CAU302 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which parameter controls how often the Central Policy Manager (CPM) looks for exclusive passwords that need to be changed?

A. HeadStartInterval 
B. Interval 
C. ImmediateInterval 
D. The CPM does not change the password under this circumstance 

Question # 2

A Vault administrator have associated a logon account to one of your UNIX root accounts in the vault. When attempting to change the root account’s password the CPM will…

A. Ignore the logon account and attempt to log in as root. 
B. Prompt the end user with a dialog box asking for the login account to use. 
C. Log in first with the logon account, then run the SU command to log in as root using the password in the Vault. 
D. None of these. 

Question # 3

Which of the following PTA detections require the deployment of a Network Sensor or installing the PTA Agent on the domain controller? 

A. Suspected credential theft 
B. Over-Pass-The-Hash 
C. Golden Ticket 
D. Unmanaged privileged access 

Question # 4

Which user(s) can access all passwords in the Vault?  

A. Administrator 
B. Any member of Vault administrators 
C. Any member of auditors 
D. Master 

Question # 5

Which is the purpose of a linked account? 

A. To ensure that a particular collection of accounts all have the same password 
B. To ensure a particular set of accounts all change at the same time 
C. To connect the CPM to a target system 
D. To allow the use of additional passwords within a password management process 

Question # 6

For versions up to and including 10.6, which is the correct order of installation for PAS components? 

A. Vault, CPM, PVWA, PSM 
B. CPM, Vault, PSM, PVWA 
C. Vault, CPM, PSM, PVWA 
D. PVWA, Vault, CPM, PSM 

Question # 7

The PSM Gateway (also known as the HTML5 Gateway) can be installed on the same server as PSM for SSH (previously known as PSM-SSH Proxy or PSMP)

A. True 
B. False, the PSM Gateway must be installed on a separate Windows machine 

Question # 8

What values are acceptable in the address field on the Account? 

A. It must be a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) 
B. It must be an IP address 
C. It must be NetBIOS name
D. Any name that is resolvable on the Central Policy Manager (CPM) server is acceptable 

Question # 9

For the hardening process to complete successfully, the Vault administrator must ensure that the antivirus software on the Vault server is installed and up to date before running the installation.


Question # 10

Which of the following Privileged Session Management (PSM) solutions support live monitoring of active sessions? 

A. PSM (i.e., launching connections by clicking on the “Connect” button in the Password Vault Web Access (PVWA) 
B. PSM for Windows (previously known as RDP Proxy) 
C. PSM for SSH (previously known as PSM-SSH Proxy) 
D. All of the above 

Question # 11

Which of the following Privileged Session Management (PSM) solutions currently supports PKI authentication? 

A. PSM (i.e., launching connections by clicking on the “Connect” button in the PVWA) 
B. PSM for Windows (previously known as RDP Proxy) 
C. PSM for SSH (previously known as PSM-SSH Proxy) 
D. All of the above 

Question # 12

Which service when failed does not mandate a failover and is considered optional when working the CyberArk High Availability Cluster?

A. PrivateArk Server 
B. PrivateArk Database 
C. Event Notification Engine 
D. Logic Container 

Question # 13

In order to connect to a target device through PSM, the account credentials used for the connection must be stored in the vault. 

A. True. 
B. False. Because the user can also enter credentials manually using Ad-Hoc Access. 
C. False. Because if credentials are not stored in the vault, the PSM will log into the target device as PSM Connect.
D. False. Because if credentials are not stored in the vault, the PSM will prompt for credentials. 

Question # 14

During the process of installing the Central Policy Manager (CPM), the Vault administrator will be asked to provide the credentials for an administrative user in the Vault. For which purpose are these credentials used?

A. The credentials will be used later by the CPM to retrieve passwords from the Vault. 
B. The credentials are used by the installer to register the CPM in the CyberArk database. 
C. The credentials are used by the installer to authenticate to the Vault and create the Central Policy Manager (CPM) environment (Safes, users, etc.). 
D. The credentials will be used later by the CPM to update passwords in the Vault. 

Question # 15

In a Distributed Vaults environment, which of the following components will NOT be communicating with the Satellite Vaults?

A. AAM Credential Provider (previously known as AIM Credential Provider) 
B. ExportVaultData utility 
C. PAReplicate utility 
D. Central Policy Manager 

Question # 16

A Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) integration allows the Vault administrator to forward ITALOG records to a monitoring solution.

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 17

After the Vault server is installed, the Microsoft Windows firewall is now commandeered by the Vault. Can the administrator change these firewall rules?

A. Yes, but the administrator can only modify the firewall rules by editing the dbparm.ini file and the restarting the Vault.
B. Yes, the administrator can still modify firewall rules via the Windows firewall interface. 
C. No, the Vault does not permit any changes to the firewall due to security requirements. 
D. Yes, but the administrator can only modify the firewall rules by editing the FirewallRules.ini file and the restarting the Vault.

Question # 18

What is the process to remove object level access control from a Safe?

A. Uncheck the 'Enable Object Level Access Control' on the Safe Details page in the PVWA. 
B. Uncheck the 'Enable Object Level Access Control' box in the Safe Properties in PrivateArk. 
C. This cannot be done. 
D. Remove all ACLs from the Safe. 

Question # 19

Which of these accounts onboarding methods is considered proactive? 

A. Accounts Discovery 
B. Detecting accounts with PTA 
C. A Rest API integration with account provisioning software 
D. A DNA scan 

Question # 20

What is the purpose of EVD? 

A. To extract vault metadata into an open database platform. 
B. To allow editing of vault metadata. 
C. To create a backup of the MySQL database. 
D. To extract audit data from the vault. 

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