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HashiCorp TA-002-P Exam Dumps

HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate
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Exam Code TA-002-P
Exam Name HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate
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HashiCorp TA-002-P Sample Questions

Question # 1

In the following code snippet, the block type is identified by which string?

A. "aws_instance" 
B. resource 
C. "db" 
D. instance_type 

Question # 2

Which statements best describes what the local variable assignment is doing in thefollowing code snippet:

A. Create a distinct list of route table name objects 
B. Create a map of route table names to subnet names 
C. Create a map of route table names from a list of subnet names 
D. Create a list of route table names eliminating duplicates 

Question # 3

While Terraform is generally written using the HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL),what other syntax can Terraform are expressed in?

C. TypeScript 

Question # 4

Complete the following sentence:The terraform state command can be used to ____

A. modify state 
B. view state 
C. refresh state 
D. There is no such command 

Question # 5

Which Terraform command will check and report errors within modules, attribute names,and value types to make sure they are syntactically valid and internally consistent?

A. terraform validate 
B. terraform format 
C. terraform fmt 
D. terraform show 

Question # 6

A user creates three workspaces from the command line - prod, dev, and test. Which of thefollowing commands will the user run to switch to the dev workspace?

A. terraform workspace dev 
B. terraform workspace select dev 
C. terraform workspace -switch dev 
D. terraform workspace switch dev 

Question # 7

Which of the following is an invalid variable name?

A. count 
B. web 
C. var1 
D. instance_name 

Question # 8

True or False: Workspaces provide identical functionality in the open-source, TerraformCloud, and Enterprise versions of Terraform.

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 9

Given the below resource configuration -resource "aws_instance" "web" { # ... count = 4 }What does the terraform resource address aws_instance.web refer to?

A. It refers to all 4 web instances , together , for further individual segregation , indexing isrequired , with a 0 based index. 
B. It refers to the last web EC2 instance , as by default , if no index is provided , the last /N-1 index is used. 
C. It refers to the first web EC2 instance out of the 4 ,as by default , if no index is provided ,the first / 0th index is used. 
D. The above will result in a syntax error , as it is not syntactically correct . Resourcesdefined using count , can only be referenced using indexes. 

Question # 10

A user has created a module called "my_test_module" and committed it to GitHub. Overtime, several commits have been made with updates to the module, each tagged in GitHubwith an incremental version number. Which of the following lines would be required in amodule configuration block in terraform to select tagged version v1.0.4?

A. source = "git::https://example.com/my_test_module.git@tag=v1.0.4" 
B. source = "git::https://example.com/my_test_module.git&ref=v1.0.4" 
C. source = "git::https://example.com/my_test_module.git#tag=v1.0.4" 
D. source = "git::https://example.com/my_test_module.git?ref=v1.0.4" 

Question # 11

Which of the following connection types are supported by the remote-exec provisioner?(select two)

A. WinRM 
E. ssh 

Question # 12

Select all features which are exclusive to Terraform Enterprise. (Select Three)

A. Sentinel 
B. Cost Estimation 
C. Audit Logs 
D. Clustering 

Question # 13

What are some of the features of Terraform state? (select three)

A. inspection of cloud resources 
B. determining the correct order to destroy resources 
C. mapping configuration to real-world resources 
D. increased performance 

Question # 14

By default, where does Terraform store its state file?

A. Amazon S3 bucket 
B. shared directory 
C. remotely using Terraform Cloud 
D. current working directory 

Question # 15

What is the result of the following terraform function call?

A. hello 
B. what? 
C. goodbye 

Question # 16

Select all Operating Systems that Terraform is available for. (select five)

A. Linux 
B. macOS 
C. Unix 
D. Solaris 
E. Windows 
F. FreeBSD 

Question # 17

A "backend" in Terraform determines how state is loaded and how an operation such asapply is executed. Which of the following is not a supported backend type?

A. Terraform enterprise 
B. Consul 
C. Github 
D. S3 
E. Artifactory 

Question # 18

When writing Terraform code, HashiCorp recommends that you use how many spacesbetween each nesting level?

A. 0 
B. 1 
C. 2 
D. 4 

Question # 19

What is the best and easiest way for Terraform to read and write secrets from HashiCorpVault?

A. Vault provider 
B. API access using the AppRole auth method 
C. integration with a tool like Jenkins 
D. CLI access from the same machine running Terraform 

Question # 20

Which one is the right way to import a local module names consul?

A. module "consul" { source = "consul"} 
B. module "consul" { source = "./consul"} 
C. module "consul" { source = "../consul"} 
D. module "consul" { source = "module/consul"} 

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