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Exam Code CLF-C02
Exam Name AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
Questions 612 Questions Answers With Explanation
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Amazon CLF-C02 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A company is running an Amazon EC2 instance in a VPC.An ecommerce company is using Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling groups to manage a fleet ofweb servers running on Amazon EC2.This architecture follows which AWS Well-Architected Framework best practice?

A. Secure the workload
B. Decouple infrastructure components
C. Design for failure
D. Think parallel

Question # 2

Which AWS service can a company use to find security and compliance reports, includingInternational Organization for Standardization (ISO) reports?

A. AWS Artifact
B. Amazon CloudWatch
C. AWS Config
D. AWS Audit Manager

Question # 3

Which perspective in the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF) includes acapability for well-designed data and analytics architecture?

A. Security
B. Governance
C. Operations
D. Platform

Question # 4

A company has set up a VPC on AWS. The company needs a dedicated connectionbetween the VPC and the company’s on-premises network.Which action should the company take to meet this requirement?

A. Establish a VPN connection between the VPC and the company's on-premises network.
B. Establish an AWS Direct Connect connection between the VPC and the company's onpremisesnetwork.
C. Attach an internet gateway to the VPC. Use the AWS public endpoints for connectivity.
D. Configure Amazon Connect to provide connectivity between the VPC and thecompany's on-premisesnetwork.

Question # 5

Which AWS service is an in-memory data store service?

A. Amazon Aurora
B. Amazon RDS
C. Amazon DynamoDB
D. Amazon ElastiCache

Question # 6

Which option is the default pricing model for Amazon EC2 instances?

A. On-Demand Instances
B. Savings Plans
C. Spot Instances
D. Reserved Instances

Question # 7

Which AWS service will allow a user to set custom cost and usage limits, and will alertwhen the thresholds are exceeded?

A. AWS Organizations
B. AWS Budgets
C. Cost Explorer
D. AWS Trusted Advisor

Question # 8

A company's headquarters is located on a different continent from where the majority of thecompany's customers live. The company wants an AWS Cloud environment setup that willprovide the lowest latency to the customers.A company wants to automate the creation of new AWS accounts and automaticallyprevent all users from creating Amazon EC2instances.Which AWS service provides this functionality?

A. AWS Service Catalog
B. AWS Organizations
C. EC2 Image Builder
D. AWS Systems Manager

Question # 9

A company is moving to the AWS Cloud to reduce operational overhead for its applicationinfrastructure.Which IT operation will the company still be responsible for after the migration to AWS?

A. Security patching of AWS Elastic Beanstalk
B. Backups of data that is stored in Amazon Aurora
C. Termination of Amazon EC2 instances that are managed by AWS Auto Scaling
D. Configuration of 1AM access controls

Question # 10

Which AWS Cloud benefit describes the ability to acquire resources as they are neededand release resources when they are no longer needed?

A. Economies of scale
B. Elasticity
C. Agility
D. Security

Question # 11

Which AWS service provides storage that can be mounted across multiple Amazon EC2instances?

A. Amazon Workspaces
B. Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS)
C. AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS)
D. AWS Snowball Edge

Question # 12

Which AWS service or storage class provides low-cost, long-term data storage?

A. Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive
B. AWS Snowball
C. Amazon MQ
D. AWS Storage Gateway

Question # 13

A company is planning to migrate to the AWS Cloud. The company is conductingorganizational transformation and wants to become more responsive to customer inquiriesand feedback.Which tasks should the company perform to meet these requirements, according to theAWS Cloud AdoptionFramework (AWS CAF)? (Select TWO.)

A. Realign teams to focus on products and value streams.
B. Create new value propositions with new products and services.
C. Use agile methods to rapidly iterate and evolve.
D. Use a new data and analytics platform to create actionable insights.
E. Migrate and modernize legacy infrastructure.

Question # 14

A company is assessing its AWS Business Support plan to determine if the plan still meetsthe company's needs. The company is considering switching to AWS Enterprise Support.Which additional benefit will the company receive with AWS Enterprise Support?

A. A full set of AWS Trusted Advisor checks
B. Phone, email, and chat access to cloud support engineers 24 hours a day, 7 days aweek
C. A designated technical account manager (TAM) to assist in monitoring and optimization
D. A consultative review and architecture guidance for the company's applications

Question # 15

A company needs to implement identity management for a fleet of mobile apps that arerunning in the AWS Cloud.Which AWS service will meet this requirement?

A. Amazon Cognito
B. AWS Security Hub
C. AWS Shield

Question # 16

A company is running a workload in the AWS Cloud.Which AWS best practice ensures the MOST cost-effective architecture for the workload?

A. Loose coupling
B. Rightsizing
C. Caching
D. Redundancy

Question # 17

A company is building an application on AWS. The application needs to comply with creditcard regulatory requirements. The company needs proof that the AWS services anddeployment are in compliance.Which actions should the company take to meet these requirements? (Select TWO.)

A. Use Amazon Inspector to submit the application for certification.
B. Ensure that the application's underlying hardware components comply withrequirements.
C. Use AWS Artifact to access AWS documents about the compliance of the services.
D. Get the compliance of the application certified by a company assessor.
E. Use AWS Security Hub to certify the compliance of the application.

Question # 18

Which Amazon S3 storage class is the MOST cost-effective for long-term storage?

A. S3 Glacier Deep Archive
B. S3 Standard
C. S3 Standard-Infrequent Access (S3 Standard-IA)
D. S3 One Zone-Infrequent Access (S3 One Zone-IA)

Question # 19

A company deployed an application on an Amazon EC2 instance. The application ran asexpected for 6 months. In the past week, usershave reported latency issues. A system administrator found that the CPU utilization was at100% during business hours. The companywants a scalable solution to meet demand.Which AWS service or feature should the company use to handle the load for itsapplication during periods of high demand?

A. Auto Scaling groups
B. AWS Global Accelerator
C. Amazon Route 53
D. An Elastic IP address

Question # 20

A company wants a list of all users in its AWS account, the status of all of the users' accesskeys, and if multi-factor authentication (MFA) has been configured.Which AWS service or feature will meet these requirements?

A. AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS)
B. IAM Access Analyzer
C. IAM credential report
D. Amazon CloudWatch

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