Palo-Alto-Networks PCCSE dumps

Palo-Alto-Networks PCCSE Exam Dumps

Prisma Certified Cloud Security Engineer
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Exam Code PCCSE
Exam Name Prisma Certified Cloud Security Engineer
Questions 197 Questions Answers With Explanation
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Palo-Alto-Networks PCCSE Sample Questions

Question # 1

A customer is reviewing Container audits, and an audit has identified a cryptominer attack. Which three options could have generated this audit? (Choose three.)

A: The value of the mined currency exceeds $100.
B: The value of the mined currency exceeds $100.
C: Common cryptominer process name was found.
D: The mined currency is associated with a user token.
E: Common cryptominer port usage was found.

Question # 2

How often do Defenders share logs with Console?

A: Every 10 minutes
B: Every 30 minutes
C: Every 1 hour
D: Real time

Question # 3

What happens when a role is deleted in Prisma Cloud? 

A:The access key associated with that role is automatically deleted.
B:Any integrations that use the access key to make calls to Prisma Cloud will stop working.
C:The users associated with that role will be deleted. 
D:Any user who uses that key will be deleted.

Question # 4

Which options show the steps required after upgrade of Console?

A:Uninstall Defenders Upgrade Jenkins Plugin Upgrade twistcli where applicable Allow the Console to redeploy the Defender
B:Update the Console image in the Twistlock hosted registry Update the Defender image in the Twistlock hosted registry Uninstall Defenders 
C:Upgrade Defenders Upgrade Jenkins Plugin Upgrade twistcli where applicable 
D:Update the Console image in the Twistlock hosted registry Update the Defender image in the Twistlock hosted registry Redeploy Console 

Question # 5

Which alert deposition severity must be chosen to generate low and high severity alerts in the Anomaly settings when user wants to report on an unknown browser and OS, impossible time travel, or both due to account hijacking attempts?


Question # 6

The security team wants to enable the “block” option under compliance checks on the host. What effect will this option have if it violates the compliance check? 

A:The host will be taken offline
B:Additional hosts will be prevented form starting. 
C:Containers on a host will be stopped. 
D:No containers will be allowed to start on that host. 

Question # 7

Which two attributes are required for a custom config RQL? (Choose two.) 


Question # 8

A DevOps lead reviewed some system logs and notices some odd behavior that could be a data exfiltration attempt. The DevOps lead only has access to vulnerability data in Prisma Cloud Compute, so the DevOps lead passes this information to SecOps.Which pages in Prisma Cloud Compute can the SecOps lead use to investigate the runtime aspects of this attack?

A:The SecOps lead should investigate the attack using Vulnerability Explorer and Runtime Radar. 
B:The SecOps lead should use Incident Explorer and Compliance Explorer.
C:The SecOps lead should use the Incident Explorer page and Monitor > Events > Container Audits.
D:The SecOps lead should review the vulnerability scans in the CI/CD process to determine blame

Question # 9

The attempted bytes count displays? 

A. traffic that is either denied by the security group or firewall rules or traffic that was reset by a host or virtual machine that received the packet and responded with a RST packet.   
B. traffic that is either denied by the security group or firewall rules.   
C.  traffic that is either denied by the firewall rules or traffic that was reset by a host or virtual machine that received the packet and responded with a RST packet.
D. traffic denied by the security group or traffic that was reset by a host or virtual machine that received the packet and responded with a RST packet.

Question # 10

Which type of compliance check is available for rules under Defend > Compliance > Containers and Images > CI?

A.  Host
B.  Container
C.  Functions
D.  Image

Question # 11

An administrator wants to install the Defenders to a Kubernetes cluster. This cluster is running the console on the default service endpoint and will be exporting to YAML.Console Address: $CONSOLE_ADDRESS Websocket Address: $WEBSOCKET_ADDRESS User:$ADMIN_USERWhich command generates the YAML file for Defender install?  

A. /twistcli defender \ --address $CONSOLE_ADDRESS \   --user $ADMIN_USER \--cluster-address $CONSOLE_ADDRESS 
B./twistcli defender export kubernetes \ --address $WEBSOCKET_ADDRESS \ --user $ADMIN_USER \ --cluster-address $CONSOLE_ADDRESS   
C./twistcli defender YAML kubernetes \   --address $CONSOLE_ADDRESS \--user $ADMIN_USER \ --cluster-address $WEBSOCKET_ADDRESS  
D./twistcli defender export kubernetes \ --address $CONSOLE_ADDRESS \ --user $ADMIN_USER \ --cluster-address $WEBSOCKET_ADDRESS   

Question # 12

Which two processes ensure that builds can function after a Console upgrade? (Choose two.) 

A.  allowing Jenkins to automatically update the plugin
B. updating any build environments that have twistcli included to use the latest version
C.  configuring build pipelines to download twistcli at the start of each build
D.  creating a new policy that allows older versions of twistcli to connect the Console

Question # 13

Which container image scan is constructed correctly? 

A. twistcli images scan --docker-address myimage/ latest  
B.  twistcli images scan --address myimage/latest
C.  twistcli images scan --address --container myimage/ latest
D.  twistcli images scan --address --container myimage/ latest --details

Question # 14

A customer does not want alerts to be generated from network traffic that originates from trusted internal networks. Which setting should you use to meet this customer’s request?

A:Trusted Login IP Addresses 
B:Anomaly Trusted List 
C:Trusted Alert IP Addresses
D:Enterprise Alert Disposition

Question # 15

Where are Top Critical CVEs for deployed images found? 

A.  Defend Vulnerabilities Code Repositories
B.  Defend Vulnerabilities Images
C.  Monitor Vulnerabilities Vulnerabilities Explorer
D. Monitor Vulnerabilities Images 

Question # 16

Where can Defender debug logs be viewed? (Choose two.) 

A.  /var/lib/twistlock/defender.log
B. From the Console, Manage > Defenders > Manage > Defenders. Select the Defender from the deployed Defenders list, then click Actions > Logs   
C.  From the Console, Manage > Defenders > Deploy > Defenders. Select the Defender from the deployed Defenders list, then click Actions > Logs
D.  /var/lib/twistlock/log/defender.log

Question # 17

A customer has multiple violations in the environment including: User namespace is enabled An LDAP server is enabled SSH root is enabled Which section of Console should the administrator use to review these findings? 


Question # 18

A Prisma Cloud administrator is onboarding a single GCP project to Prisma Cloud. Which two steps can be performed by the Terraform script? (Choose two.) 

A. enable flow logs for Prisma Cloud.   
B. create the Prisma Cloud role.   
C. enable the required APIs for Prisma Cloud.   
D. publish the flow log to a storage bucket.   

Question # 19

Which two bot categories belong to unknown bots under Web-Application and API Security (WAAS) bot protection? (Choose two.)

A.  News bots
B.  Search engine crawlers
C.  Web scrapers
D.  HTTP libraries

Question # 20

A customer has a development environment with 50 connected Defenders. A maintenance window is set for Monday to upgrade 30 stand-alone Defenders in the development environment, but there is no maintenance window available until Sunday to upgrade the remaining 20 stand-alone Defenders.Which recommended action manages this situation?  

A. Go to Manage > Defender > Manage, then click Defenders, and use the Scheduler to choose which Defenders will be automatically upgraded during the maintenance window.   
B. Find a maintenance window that is suitable to upgrade all stand-alone Defenders in the development environment.   
C. Upgrade a subset of the Defenders by clicking the individual Actions > Upgrade button in the row that corresponds to the Defender that should be upgraded during the maintenance window.  
D. Open a support case with Palo Alto Networks to arrange an automatic upgrade.   

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