Palo-Alto-Networks PSE-Strata dumps

Palo-Alto-Networks PSE-Strata Exam Dumps

Palo Alto Networks System Engineer Professional - Strata
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Exam Code PSE-Strata
Exam Name Palo Alto Networks System Engineer Professional - Strata
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Palo-Alto-Networks PSE-Strata Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which selection must be configured on PAN-OS External Dynamic Lists to supportMineMeld indicators?

A. Prototype 
B. Inputs 
C. Class 
D. Feed Base URL 

Question # 2

Decryption port mirroring is now supported on which platform?

A. all hardware-based and VM-Series firewalls with the exception of VMware NSX. CitrixSDX, or public cloud hypervisors 
B. in hardware only 
C. only one the PA-5000 Series and higher 
D. all hardware-based and VM-Series firewalls regardless of where installed 

Question # 3

Which two steps are required to configure the Decryption Broker? (Choose two.)

A. reboot the firewall to activate the license 
B. activate the Decryption Broker license 
C. enable SSL Forward Proxy decryption 
D. enable a pair of virtual wire interfaces to forward decrypted traffic 

Question # 4

Which two network events are highlighted through correlation objects as potential securityrisks? (Choose two.)

A. Identified vulnerability exploits 
B. Launch of an identified malware executable file 
C. Endpoints access files from a removable drive 
D. Suspicious host behavior 

Question # 5

A customer with a legacy firewall architecture is focused on port and protocol level security,and has heard that next generation firewalls open all ports by default. What is theappropriate rebuttal that positions the value of a NGFW over a legacy firewall?

A. Palo Alto Networks keep ports closed by default, only opening ports after understandingthe application request, and then opening only the application-specified ports. 
B. Palo Alto Networks does not consider port information, instead relying on App-IDsignatures that do not reference ports. 
C. Default policies block all interzone traffic. Palo Alto Networks empowers you to controlapplications by default ports or a configurable list of approved ports on a per-policy basis. 
D. Palo Alto Networks NGFW protects all applications on all ports while leaving all portsopened by default. 

Question # 6

For customers with high bandwidth requirements for Service Connections, what twolimitations exist when onboarding multiple Service Connections to the same Prisma Accesslocation servicing a single Datacenter? (Choose two.)

A. Network segments in the Datacenter need to be advertised to only one ServiceConnection 
B. The customer edge device needs to support policy-based routing with symmetric returnfunctionality 
C. The resources in the Datacenter will only be able to reach remote network resourcesthat share the same region 
D. A maximum of four service connections per Datacenter are supported with this topology 

Question # 7

Which are the three mandatory components needed to run Cortex XDR? (Choose three.)

A. Panorama 
B. NGFW with PANOS 8 0.5 or later 
C. Cortex Data Lake 
D. Traps 
E. Pathfinder 
F. Directory Syn Service 

Question # 8

A customer is concerned about malicious activity occurring directly on their endpoints andwill not be visible to their firewalls.Which three actions does the Traps agent execute during a security event, beyondensuring the prevention of this activity? (Choose three.)

A. Informs WildFire and sends up a signature to the Cloud 
B. Collects forensic information about the event 
C. Communicates the status of the endpoint to the ESM 
D. Notifies the user about the event 
E. Remediates the event by deleting the malicious file 

Question # 9

When log sizing is factored for the Cortex Data Lake on the NGFW, what is the average logsize used in calculation?

A. 8MB 
B. depends on the Cortex Data Lake tier purchased 
C. 18 bytes 
D. 1500 bytes 

Question # 10

XYZ Corporation has a legacy environment with asymmetric routing. The customerunderstands that Palo Alto Networks firewalls can support asymmetric routing withredundancy. Which two features must be enabled to meet the customer's requirements?(Choose two.)

A. Policy-based forwarding 
B. HA active/active 
C. Virtual systems 
D. HA active/passive 

Question # 11

WildFire subscription supports analysis of which three types? (Choose three.)

B. 7-Zip 
C. Flash 

Question # 12

Which three platform components can identify and protect against malicious email links?(Choose three.)

A. WildFire hybrid cloud solution 
B. WildFire public cloud 
C. WF-500 
D. M-200 
E. M-600 

Question # 13

A customer is concerned about zero-day targeted attacks against its intellectual property.Which solution informs a customer whether an attack is specifically targeted at them?

A. Traps TMS 
B. AutoFocus 
C. Panorama Correlation Report 
D. Firewall Botnet Report 

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