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Salesforce ADM-201 Exam Dumps

Salesforce Certified Administrator (WI24)
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Exam Code ADM-201
Exam Name Salesforce Certified Administrator (WI24)
Questions 248 Questions Answers With Explanation
Update Date April 22,2024
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Salesforce ADM-201 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Theadministrator at Universal Container has created two objects: Containers_c Purchase_c, Management has requested that all container records display on purchase records in Salesforce.Which type of relationship between Containers_c and Purchase_c should satisfy the requirement?

A. Roll-Up Summary field 
B. Formula field 
C. Master-detail field 
D. Lookup field

Question # 2

Asales rep has a list of 300 accounts with contacts that they want to load at one time.Which tool should the administrator utilize to import the records to salesforce?

B. Data Loader 
C. Manual Import
D. Data Import Wizard

Question # 3

An administrator atUniversal Containers has been asked to prevent users from accessingSalesforce from outside of their network.What are two considerations for this configuration?Choose 2 answers

A. IP address restrictions are set on the profile or globally for the org. 
B. Users can change their password to avoid login IP restrictions.
C. Enforce Login IP Ranges on Every Request must be selected to enforce IP restrictions.
D. Single sign-on will allow users to log in from anywhere. 

Question # 4

Anadministrator wants to create a form in Salesforce for users to fill out when they lose a client.Which automation tool supports creating a wizard to accomplish this goal?

A. Process Builder
B. Approval Process
C. Outbound Message
D. Flow Builder

Question # 5

Cloud Kicks (CK) captures whether an opportunity should be reviewed by someone in product engineering with a checkbox field called Needs Review. CK also has a picklist field on the opportunity for Product Type. When a sales rep saves an opportunity, they need to select the Product Type or check the Needs Review box. What should an administrator use to accomplish this? 

A. Before Save flow
B. Validation rule
C. Workflowrule
D. Required fields 

Question # 6

An administrator needs to create aone-to-many relationship between two objects withlimited access to child records.What type of field should the administrator use?

A. Roll-up summary 
B. Master-detail field 
C. Cross Object formula 
D. Lookup field 

Question # 7

The administrator at Cloud Kicks writes an assignment rule to send all cases created via email or the web to the Automated Cases Queue Any manually created cases should be owned by the agent creating them, however, the manually created cases now show the administrator as the owner. What will the administrator find when troubleshooting this issue?

A. An escalation rule is changing the case owner on case creation 
B. The Assignment Rule checkbox is selected by default.
C. Another assignment rule is giving ownership to the administrator 
D. The Owner field is missing on the webform and email template. 

Question # 8

An administrator at Ursa Major Solar just learned about the AppExchange and how helpful it can be to the company’s business.Which two actions can be accomplished via the AppExchange?‘Choose 2 answers

A. Find certified developers andconsultants. 
B. Download the Dataloader data tool.
C. Install industry-specific solution templates.
D. Download standard Lightning components. 

Question # 9

Cloud Kicks (CK) needs a new sales application. The administrator there is an application package on the AppExchange and wants to begin testing it in a sandbox to see If it addresses CK's needs.What are two considerations when installing a managed package in a sandbox?Choose 2 answers.

A. Any metadata changes to the package have to be recreated in production. 
B. The installation link has to be modified to
C. Install for Admins Only will be the only Install option available.
D. The package will be removed any time the sandbox is refreshed. 

Question # 10

New leads need be routed to the correct Sales person based on the lead address.

A. Configure validation rule 
B. Use lead assignment rule 
C. Create a formula field 
D. Assign with an escalation rule 

Question # 11

A team of support users at Cloud Kicks ishelping inside sales reps make follow-up calls to prospectsthat filled out an interest from online. The team currently does not access to the lead object.How should an administrator provide proper access?

A. Create a new profile
B. Configurepermission sets. 
C. Assign a new role. 
D. Set Up Manual Sharing 

Question # 12

An administrator is planning to useData Loader to mass import new records to a custom object from a new API.What will the administrator need to do to use the Data Loader?

A. Add a permission set that allows them to import data. 
B. Append their security token at the end of their password to login. 
C. Use the Data Import Tool to mass import custom object records. 
D. Reset their password and their security token. 

Question # 13

Cloud Kicks generates leads for its different product categories (shoes, apparel, and accessories) through many different sources. While some lead sources are used for all three categories, other lead sources are specific to a single category. The VP of marketing requests that only the proper lead sources be displayed based on the product category chosen.How should the administrator configure Salesforce to meet this requirement?

A. Create a page layout for each category and filter the Lead Source field based on category. 
B. Create a dependency between the Product Category field and Lead Source field. 
C. Create business processes and record types for each of the three product categories.
D. Create a single business process, then create record types for each product category. 

Question # 14

An administrator at Northern Trail Outfitters is creating a validation rule.Which twofunctions should the administrator use when creating a validation rule?Choose 2 answers 

A. Formula return type 
B. Error condition formula 
C. Error message location 
D. Rule active date

Question # 15

DreamHouse Realty requires that house showings be scheduled within the current year to prevent too many future showings from stacking up. How can they make sure Showing Date is only populated with a date this years?

A. Sync the users' Showing Calendar to Salesforce and filter it to only lookat this year. 
B. Create a report that shows any Showing Dates not scheduled in the current year to the updated. 
C. Add Help Text so the user knows to only add a Showing Date within the current year. 
D. Create a validation rule that ensures Showing Date contains a date within the current year.

Question # 16

Customer service accesses articles with the Knowledge Lightning component on the Service Cloud Console. Billing department users would like similar functionality on the case record without using the console.How should the administrator configure this request? 

A. Add the knowledge component to the page layout. 
B. Add the Knowledge component list to the page layout. 
C. Add the Knowledge related list to the page layout. 
D. Add the knowledge related list to the record page 

Question # 17

The administrator at universal containers has ascreen flow that helps users create new leads.When lead source is “Search Engine”, the administrator needs to require the user to choose a specifica search engine from a picklist. If lead source is not “Search Engine”, this picklist should be hidden.How should the administrator complete this requirement?

A. Assign a decision element to direct the user to a second screen to hold specific search engine onlywhen a lead source is “Search Engine”. 
B. Use an assignment element, one for when lead source is “Search Engine” and one for everything else. 
C. Create a picklist for specific search engine, and set conditional visibility so that is only shownwhen lead source is “Search Engine”
D. Configure a picklist for specific search engine, and use a validation rule to conditionally show only when lead source is “Search Engine” 

Question # 18

The administrator has created new users for ten new employees at Northern Trail Outfitters. Why are these users unable to access theaccount object in the Salesforce or?

A. Users’ profile requires a sharing rule for Accounts.
B. Users’ profile requires permission to the Account object.
C. Users’ roles are low on the role hierarchy.
D. Organization-wide defaults are set to private. 

Question # 19

An administrator is building a Lightning app and sees a message that a My Domain must be set up first.What should the administrator take into consideration when enabling My Domain?

A. Single sign-on must be disabled prior to implementing MyDomain.
B. The login for all internal and external users changes to the My Domain login 
C. A deployed My Domain is irreversible and renaming is unavailable. 
D. The URL instance for a My Domain stays the same for every release

Question # 20

An Administrator wants to trigger afollow-up task for the opportunity owner when they close anopportunity as won and another task after 60 days to check in with the customer.which two automation tools should the administrator use?Choose 2 answers 

A. process builder 
B. workflow Rule 
C. Field Update
D. Outbound Message

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