Salesforce ADM-201 dumps

Salesforce ADM-201 Exam Dumps

Salesforce Certified Administrator (WI23)
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Exam Code ADM-201
Exam Name Salesforce Certified Administrator (WI23)
Questions 248
Update Date March 20,2023
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What is Salesforce Administrator exam?

The Salesforce Administrator certification is intended for people with Salesforce experience who are always looking for new ways to help their employers benefit even more from new features and capabilities. The scope of apps, end-user features and functionalities, and administrator configuration and management choices available across the Sales, Service, and Collaboration Clouds are all covered in the test.

The Salesforce Certified Administrator programmed offers two certificates. The first one focuses on the capabilities and functionality required to maintain a Salesforce deployment and is known as the Salesforce Certified Administrator credential.

The Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator credential is the second one offered by the programmed. This credential is intended for the Salesforce Certified Administrator who has mastered Salesforce configuration maintenance, can show that they are aware of best practices for administration, and who is proficient in using the more advanced features and functionality to address a range of business issues.

Exam overview

There are 60 questions on the exam for Salesforce Administrator. In which multiple-choice and select questions on Salesforce administrators are to be expected. There are 5 ungraded questions that ask about exam improvement or other relevant topics. The Salesforce administrator certification exam costs $200 and has a time limit of 105 minutes. The exam's passing mark is only 65%. You have the option of taking the test at a proctored on-site testing facility or online. Although there are no prerequisites for the exam, salesforce advises familiarity with some fundamental ideas.

  • Name of the exam: Salesforce Administrator exam
  • Exam code: ADM-201
  • No. of questions: 60
  • Time allowed: 105 minutes
  • Cost of taking the exam: $200
  • Format of questions: Multiple-choice, multiple select
  • Passing score: 65%
  • Registration platform: Kryterion global testing solution

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ADM-201 Real Exam Questions

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Free Sample Questions

Sample Question: 1

Customer service accesses articles with the KnowledgeLightning component on the Service Cloud Console. Billing department users would like similar functionality on the case record without using the console.

How should the administrator configure this request?

A. Add the knowledge component to the page layout.
B. Add the Knowledge component list to the page layout.
C. Add the Knowledge related list to the page layout.
D. Add the knowledge related list to the record page

Answer: D

Sample Question: 2

The marketing team wants a new picklist value added to the Campaign Member Status field for theupsell promotional campaign.

Which two solutions should the administrator use to modify the picklist field values? (Choose 2 answers)

A. Add the Campaign Member Statuses related list to the Page Layout.
B. Edit the picklist values for the Campaign Status inobject Manager.
C. Mass modify the Campaign Member Statuses related list.
D. Modify the picklist value on the Campaign Member Statuses related list

Answer: A,B

Sample Question: 3

Cloud Kicks need to be able to show different picklist values for sales and marketing users.

Which two options will meet this requirement?(Choose 2 answers)

A. One page layout, two record types, one picklist
B. Two page layouts, one record type, two picklists
C. Two permission sets, one record type, one picklist
D. One record type, two profiles, one picklist

Answer: A,B

Sample Question: 4

The administrator for Cloud Kicks has created a screen flow to help service reps ask the same set of questions when customers call in with issues. This screen should be visible from cases.

How should thescreen flow be distributed?

A. Page Layout
B. Component Filter
C. Lightning page
D. Home page

Answer: C

Sample Question: 5

Users at Universal Containers would like to visually see the sales stages on an Opportunity page. The administrator is configuring path for Opportunities.

Which is an important consideration for path configuration?

A. Kanbanviews for Path must be configured manually.
B. The Owner field can be edited in the key fields Panel.
C. Celebrations are unable to be added to a path.
D. Path can include guidance and key fields for each stage.

Answer: D

Sample Question: 6

Ursa Major Solar has its business hours set from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM for the reps that are on pacific time. The reps on Eastern Time need business hours set to start 3 hours earlier to cover for support.

How should an administrator solve for this issue?

A. Set temporary business hours for each time zone.
B. Adjust the currant business hours to accommodate the Eastern Time Zone.
C. Create one set of business hours per time zone.
D. Allow the reps to set business hours manually.

Answer: C

Sample Question: 7

The administrator at Universal Container has created two objects: Containers_c Purchase_c, Management has requested that all container records display on purchase records in Salesforce.

Which type of relationship between Containers_c and Purchase_c should satisfy the requirement?

A. Roll-Up Summary field
B. Formula field
C. Master-detail field
D. Lookup field

Answer: B

Sample Question: 8

Universal Containers has three separate lines of business. Each line has specific fieldsthat must be displayed to users. However, the fields needed by the sales team are different than the fields needed by the service team.

How should the administrator configure this requirement?

A. Create two record types, each with 3 page layouts.
B. Createone record type with six Page Layouts.
C. Create three record types, each with 2 page layouts.
D. Create six record types, each with 1 page layout.

Answer: C

Sample Question: 9

Universal container has a contact Lightning record Page with a component that shows LinkedIn data. The sales team would like to only show this component tosales users when they are on their mobile phones. (Choose 2 Answers.)

A. Filter the component visibility with User > Profile > name = sales User.
B. Filter the component visibility with Form Factor = phone
C. Filter the component visibility with view = Mobile/Tablet.
D. Filter the component visibility with User > Role > Name = Sales User.

Answer: B,C

Sample Question: 10

Clod Kicks has a screen flow with two questions on the same screen, but only one is necessary at a time. The administrator has been asked to show only the questions that is needed.

How should an administrator complete this?

A. Use a new version of the flow for each scenario
B. Use a decision element and a new screen to show the proper question
C. Use a conditional visibility to hide the unnecessary question
D. Use branching in the flow screen to show the proper scenario

Answer: C

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