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ACE Fitness ACE-Personal-Trainer Exam Dumps

ACE Personal Trainer Certification Exam
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Exam Code ACE-Personal-Trainer
Exam Name ACE Personal Trainer Certification Exam
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Why health & fitness professionals choose an ACE-Personal-Trainer Certification

As an ACE Certified Pro, you are commonly valued as being the most qualified professional to train clients. You hold the most known certification in the industry that can lead to the most sought-after breaks. And with ongoing support and guidance from ACE throughout your career, you will have access to the limited tools and resources you need to thrive as a health and fitness pro.

ACE Certifications are NCCA-Accredited

The health and fitness industry is mainly unregulated and unfortunately anybody can claim to be a workout professional or health coach. To support the integrity of our industry and in keeping with values of practice among other healthcare professionals, all our primary certification programs hold authorization by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).

The nation's most appreciated thinkers in health and fitness agree that NCCA accreditation is the gold standard when it comes to accreditation of programs that certify specialists working in healthcare, fitness, wellness and other occupations.

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Sample Question 1:

A client does interval training with an ACE certified Personal Trainer twice each week to improve overall running performance After 12 weeks of training, the client has been able to run the same distance in less time and has a lower exercise heart rate during interval training. What explains this conditioning response?

A. Increased type ll fibers B. Decreased cardiac output C. Increased mitochondrial density D. Decreased stroke volume

Answer: D

Sample Question 2:

Following four weeks of free-weight instruction and demonstrations, a client is not improving and frequently makes the same mistakes even after repeated corrections. The ACE certified Personal Trainer is currently using verbal cues to instruct him through the exercise. Which of the following teaching methods would be MOST effective to help the client gain a better understanding of what the trainer wants him to do?

A. Continue to demonstrate proper strength-training techniques to the client. B. Incorporate a kinesthetic method to guide the client through effective execution. C. Use the same words and methods every time for consistency and to reduce confusion. D. Continue to praise the client for progress even when the execution is not correct.

Answer: D

Sample Question 3:

During the performance of the squat in the video, which muscle group is dominant in both the eccentric and concentric phases of the exercise?

A. Gluteals B. Quadriceps C. Hamstrings D. Anterior tibialis

Answer: D

Sample Question 4:

A 20-year-old client Is getting married in two months The client would like to lose 30 lb (13 6 kg) before the wedding day and would like a daily nutrition plan to follow. The client wants this diet plan to provide enough energy to allow the client to exercise at a higher intensity and lose weight at the same time. What should be the ACE certified Personal Trainer's NEXT step?

A. Refer the client to a registered dietitian. B. Provide the client with documents outlining the U S Department of Agriculture (USDA) Dietary Guidelines so that the client can assemble a dietary plan. C. Refer the client to another trainer who has a nutrition certification. D. Create a daily nutritional plan, taking into account the client's weight, metabolism, and activity level.

Answer: A

Sample Question 5:

A client has been exercising for years at the fitness center and would like to begin weight lifting but cannot afford personal training right now. The client asks one of the centers ACE certified Personal Trainers for advice. Which response below would be MOST suitable for the client?

A. Offer to train the client at home for a cheaper price than the club charge because it is evident that the client needs personal training. B. Suggest that the client attend one of the center's resistance-training classes, explaining that the support from others may really motivate the client to strength train. C. Suggest doing resistance training with the client for free during the week at the club. D. Suggest that if the client saves up money, perhaps in a few months they may be able to hire a personal trainer to help with weight training.

Answer: B

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