Cisco 350-501 dumps

Cisco 350-501 Exam Dumps

Implementing and Operating Cisco Service Provider Network Core Technologies (350-501 SPCOR)
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Exam Code 350-501
Exam Name Implementing and Operating Cisco Service Provider Network Core Technologies (350-501 SPCOR)
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Update Date March 20,2023
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Exam Description

The Implementing and Operating Cisco Service Provider Network Core Technologies v1.0 (SPCOR 350-501) exam is a 120-minute exam connected with the CCNP Service Provider, CCIE Service Provider, and Cisco Certified Specialist - Service Provider Core certifications. This exam tests a applicant's knowledge of implementing core service provider network technologies plus core architecture, services, networking, automation, class of services, security, and network assurance. The course, Implementing and Operating Cisco Service Provider Network Core Technologies, helps candidates to prepare for this exam.

Exam Overview

This exam tests your knowledge of implementing core service provider network technologies, including:

  • Core architecture
  • Services
  • Networking
  • Automation
  • Quality of services
  • Security
  • Network assurance

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Cisco 350-501 Real Exam Questions

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Free Cisco 350-501 Exam Sample Questions

Sample Question: 1

What is a characteristic of prefix segment identifier?

A. It contains a router to a neighbor
B. It contains the interface address of the device per each link
C. It is globally unique.
D. It is locally unique.

Answer: C

Sample Question: 2

After implement MPLS protocol for multiple VRFs on a single Cisco device, the engineer notices all VRFs on the router still do to not LDP session protection feature enabled. Which configuration must the engineer apply to enable the LDP session protection feature FOR LDP neighbors within each VRF?

A. Configure LDP session protection globally on the device only.
B. Configure LDP session protection globally on the device and on each neighbor that requires session protection.
C. Configure LDP session authentication on the device to enable LDP session protection on each VRF automatically.
D. Configure LDP session protection within the individual VRFs.

Answer: D

Sample Question: 3

What do Ansible and Salt Stack have in common?

A. They both use DSL configuration language
B. They both use YAML configuration language
C. They both have agents running on the client machine
D. They both can be designed with more than one master server

Answer: D

Sample Question: 4

Which three OSPF parameters must match before two devices can establish an OSPF adjacency? (Choose three.)

A. IP address
B. interface cost
C. subnet mask
D. process ID
E. hello timer setting
F. area number

Answer: C,E,F

Sample Question: 5

An engineer must extend Layer 2 Between two campus sites connected through an MPLS backbone that encapsulates Layer 2 and Layer 3 data Which action must the engineer perform on the routers to accomplish this task?

A. Configure a EtherChannel for E-LAN.
B. Configure a pseudowire for E-LINE.
C. Configure Cisco MPLS TE for use with E-TREE.
D. Configure QoS for MPLS and E-ACCESS

Answer: B

Sample Question: 6

Which two tasks must you perform when you implement LDP NSF on your network? (Choose two.)

A. Enable NSF for EIGRP
B. Enable NSF for the link-state routing protocol that is in use on the network.
C. Disable Cisco Express Forwarding
D. Implement direct connections for LDP peers
E. Enable NSF for BGP

Answer: B,E

Sample Question: 7

While implementing TTL security, an engineer issues the PE(config-router-af)#neighbor ttl-security hops 2 command. After issuing this command, which BGP packets does the PE accept?

A. from, with a TTL of less than 2
B. to, with a TTL of less than 253
C. from, with a TTL of 253 or more
D. to, with a TTL of 2 or more

Answer: C

Sample Question: 8

You are creating new Cisco MPLS TE tunnels. Which type of RSVP message does the headend router send to reserve bandwidth on the path to the tunnel’s router?

A. error
B. reservation
C. path
D. tear

Answer: C

Sample Question: 9

Why do packet loops occur during the configuration of BlDlR-PIM?

A. The network does not support BIDIR-PIM
B. The network is partially upgraded to support BIDlR-PIM
C. No interface for carrying traffic for multicast groups has been configured
D. The router has not been configured to advertise itself

Answer: B

Sample Question: 10

Which component is similar to an EVPN instance?

A. MPLS label
B. IGP router ID
D. router distinguisher

Answer: C

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