Cisco 300-610 dumps

Cisco 300-610 Exam Dumps

Designing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure (DCID)
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Exam Code 300-610
Exam Name Designing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure (DCID)
Questions 170 Questions Answers With Explanation
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Cisco 300-610 Sample Questions

Question # 1

An engineer must build a VXLAN flood-and-learned network. The customer requires the solution to be based on the IETF documented practice in RFC 7348. The solution must use broadcast, unknown unicast, and multicast (BUM) and include the efficient BUM and short BUM replication modes that use only shared trees. Which technology meets these requirements?

B. Bidirectional PIM
D. PIM sparse mode

Question # 2

Which two automation requirements can be met by using Puppet? (Choose two.) 

A. Push configuration updates immediately to servers.
B. Enable clients to pull changes to configuration files.
C. Enable clients to pull changes without installing an agent.
D. Provide support for writing new modules in Python.
E. Enable one-off infrastructure changes to be performed manually.

Question # 3

An engineer must design a secondary site to prevent a catastrophic primary site failure.The applications must communicate across sites via the data link layer of the OSI model.The Layer 3 transport that is available for this solution consists of 10-Gb connections overLayer 3.Which two solutions meet these requirements? (Choose two.)

B. vPC

Question # 4

A network consultant must design a high availability interconnection of a clustered CiscoUCS Fabric Interconnect toward two upstream Layer 2 switches. The Ethernetinterconnection must use all redundant links and have no impact on the STP domain size.Which connectivity solution must be used?

A. Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect in switch mode with dual uplinks distributed evenly to theupstream switches
B. Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect in switch mode with a single uplink toward eachupstream switch to eliminate any change to the STP domain size
C. Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect in end host mode with a single uplink toward eachupstream switch to eliminate any change to the STP domain size
D. Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect in end host mode with dual uplinks distributed evenly tothe upstream switches

Question # 5

A engineer wants to eliminate the manual process of checking the system hardware and firmware against a specified hardware compatibility tool. The tool must be able to manage an extensive list of devices including cisco HyperFlex, MDS, and Nexus switches. The tool must manage hardware in multiple data centers so it should be deployed on public cloud infrastructure. Which tool meets these requirements? 

A. Cisco intersight 
B. Cisco UCS director
C. Cisco data center network manager
D. Cisco tetration

Question # 6

An engineer is building a data center network with VXLAN EVPN. The requirement is touse multicast for the broadcast, unknown unicast, and multicast replication.Which two VNI to multicast group mapping methods must be used to meet theserequirements? (Choose two.)

A. many NVE to one multicast group
B. one VNI to one multicast group
C. many VNI to one multicast group
D. one NVE to many multicast groups
E. many VNI to many multicast groups

Question # 7

An engineer must connect a Cisco UCS B-Series based system to an existing largestorage area network fabric. The deployment must support hardware-based load balancing,prevent Fibre Channel domain ID exhaustion, and enable all blade servers to be in thesame VSAN. Which set of actions meets the requirements?

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Question # 8

Which type fields can an engineer use to identify an iSCSI participant? (Choose two.) 

A. type
B. preshared key
C. port number
D. identifying tag
E. hostname

Question # 9

An engineer must logically partition two Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches into twoenvironments called Test_39919596 and Production_59423879. The environments mustuse only F2-Series line cards and be limited to a maximum of 265 port-channels. WhichCisco Nexus feature must be used?

A. vPC
C. vFC

Question # 10

What is the disadvantage of asynchronous storage replication as compared to synchronous storage replication in a disaster recovery design? 

A. reduction in application performance
B. distance limitations
C. specific backup requirements
D. potential data loss

Question # 11

A network engineer must design a data center network with four Cisco Nexus 7706switches. The switches will be installed in primary and secondary data centers in vPCdomains. The two data centers must be connected via Layer 2 links and provide themaximum throughput, redundancy, and avoid port-blocking spanning-tree design.Which deployment model meets these requirements?

A. dual-sided single vPC
B. single-sided dual vPC
C. dual-sided dual vPC
D. single-sided single vPC

Question # 12

A company must introduce a scalable network automation tool to deploy, configure, andmanage thousands of network device and service. The company servers already havebeen security-hardened and must not have any additional software installed on team. Thesecurity policy mandates the use of a secure communication protocol that supportauthentication and encryption for managing the servers. Which two automation tools mustbe used to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)

A. CFEngine
B. Ansible
C. Chef
D. Puppet
E. Saltstack

Question # 13

A customer must install a new Hyperflex Stretched cluster in two sites. Low latency and predictable high performance are the top priorities for this setup due to the extensive usage of data-intensive applications across the cluster. Which HyperFlex storage solution is recommended to meet these requirements?

A. All-HDD
B. Hybrid
C. All-SAN
D. All-Flash

Question # 14

An engineer must configure an interface for managing and orchestrating a Cisco Nexus device. The interface must be operational if the data and control planes crash, support IPv4 and IPv6 addressing, and have been access to its own VRF instance. Which interface should be used to meet these requirements? 

A. management interface
B. lookup
C. interface VLAN
D. Physical interface

Question # 15

An engineer is implementing a storage area network where an NPV is used. The engineernotices that the servers in a storage farm are experiencing heavy traffic contention. Theengineer needs to migrate traffic from heavily loaded server interfaces to interfaces withless load. When the new links are deployed, the existing traffic is not rebalanced asexpected. Which feature must be used to meet these requirements?

B. multiple VSAN support
D. disruptive load balancing

Question # 16

An engineer must secure the payload traversing across the DCI. The solution must supportconfidentially and integrity and it must be open standard. The solution must encryptEthernet frames regardless of the upper layer protocol used. Which technology must beused to support these requirements?

B. MACsec
C. IPsec

Question # 17

Which Ethernet to Cisco Fabric Interconnect connectivity configuration is supported when FCoE is implemented?

A. VSS that has unified uplinks
B. Ethernet and unified ports on the same port channel
C. vPC that has unified uplinks
D. cross-connections with pinning

Question # 18

A network engineer must select a high availability feature for their data center. The solution must ensure network resilience, reduce network instability for Layer 3 routing protocols, and meet these requirements:? The device must notify its neighbors when the control plane is undergoing arestart.? The solution must suppress routing flaps in case of stateful switchovers.Which solution must be implemented?  


Question # 19

The user traffic destined to all web servers located in the data center must pass firstthrough a set of firewalls for deep packet inspection. A network architect must design theCisco Intelligent Traffic Director (ITD) deployment that meets these requirements:. The firewalls are connected to a set of two Cisco Nexus switches to providestateful handling of traffic.. The ITD service is provided for inside and outside segments of the firewall.Which ITD deployment mode must be implemented to meet these requirements?

A. server load-balancing deployment mode
B. server vPC deployment mode
C. one-arm deployment mode
D. sandwich deployment mode

Question # 20

An engineer is implementing a Cisco UCS environment The requirements for the solutionare for the MAC addresses to be learned only on the server-facing ports. The use of theSpanning Tree Protocol must be avoided. Also, the engineer must have deterministic traffichandling from blades to uplink ports.Which two settings must be selected to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)

A. end-host mode 
B. dynamic pinning
C. NPIV mode
D. static pinning
E. switching mode

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