CompTIA CAS-003 dumps

CompTIA CAS-003 Exam Dumps

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)
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Exam Code CAS-003
Exam Name CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)
Questions 683 Questions Answers With Explanation
Update Date November 27,2023
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CompTIA CAS-003 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A security consultant is improving the physical security of a sensitive site and takespictures of the unbranded building to include in the report. Two weeks later, the securityconsultant misplaces the phone, which only has one hour of charge left on it. The personwho finds the phone removes the MicroSD card in an attempt to discover the owner to return it.The person extracts the following data from the phone and EXIF data from some files:DCIM Images folderAudio books folderTorrentzMy TAX.xlsConsultancy HR Manual.docCamera: SM-G950FExposure time: 1/60sLocation: 3500 Lacey Road USAWhich of the following BEST describes the security problem?

A. MicroSD in not encrypted and also contains personal data.
B. MicroSD contains a mixture of personal and work data.
C. MicroSD in not encrypted and contains geotagging information.
D. MicroSD contains pirated software and is not encrypted.

Question # 2

A large, public university has recently been experiencing an increase in ransomwareattacks against computers connected to its network. Security engineers have discoveredvarious staff members receiving seemingly innocuous files in their email that are being run.Which of the following would BEST mitigate this attack method?

A. Improving organizations email filtering
B. Conducting user awareness training
C. Upgrading endpoint anti-malware software
D. Enabling application whitelisting

Question # 3

To prepare for an upcoming audit, the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) asks for all1200 vulnerabilities on production servers to be remediated. The security engineer mustdetermine which vulnerabilities represent real threats that can be exploited so resourcescan be prioritized to migrate the most dangerous risks. The CISO wants the securityengineer to act in the same manner as would an external threat, while using vulnerabilityscan results to prioritize any actions.Which of the following approaches is described?

A. Blue team
B. Red team
C. Black box
D. White team

Question # 4

A user workstation was infected with a new malware variant as a result of a drive-by download. The security administrator reviews key controls on the infected workstation and discovers the following: Which of the following would BEST prevent the problem from reoccurring in the future? (Choose two.)

A. Install HIPS
B. Enable DLP
C. Install EDR
D. Install HIDS
E. Enable application blacklisting
F. Improve patch management processes

Question # 5 has requested a black-box security assessment be performed on key cyberterrain. On area of concern is the company’s SMTP services. The security assessor wantsto run reconnaissance before taking any additional action and wishes to determine whichSMTP server is Internet-facing.Which of the following commands should the assessor use to determine this information?

A. dnsrecon –d –t SOA
B. dig mx
C. nc –v
D. whois

Question # 6

A recent penetration test identified that a web server has a major vulnerability. The webserver hosts a critical shipping application for the company and requires 99.99%availability. Attempts to fix the vulnerability would likely break the application. The shippingapplication is due to be replaced in the next three months. Which of the following wouldBEST secure the web server until the replacement web server is ready?

A. Patch management
B. Antivirus
C. Application firewall
D. Spam filters

Question # 7

A company that has been breached multiple times is looking to protect cardholder data.The previous undetected attacks all mimicked normal administrative-type behavior. Thecompany must deploy a host solution to meet the following requirements:Detect administrative actionsBlock unwanted MD5 hashesProvide alertsStop exfiltration of cardholder dataWhich of the following solutions would BEST meet these requirements? (Choose two.)


Question # 8

A company relies on an ICS to perform equipment monitoring functions that are federallymandated for operation of the facility. Fines for non-compliance could be costly. The ICShas known vulnerabilities and can no longer be patched or updated. Cyber-liabilityinsurance cannot be obtained because insurance companies will not insure this equipment.Which of the following would be the BEST option to manage this risk to the company'sproduction environment?

A. Avoid the risk by removing the ICS from production
B. Transfer the risk associated with the ICS vulnerabilities
C. Mitigate the risk by restricting access to the ICS
D. Accept the risk and upgrade the ICS when possible

Question # 9

Given the following:     Which of the following vulnerabilities is present in the above code snippet?

A. Disclosure of database credential
B. SQL-based string concatenation
C. DOM-based injection
D. Information disclosure in comments

Question # 10

A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) requests the following external hosted servicesbe scanned for malware, unsecured PII, and healthcare data:Corporate intranet siteOnline storage applicationEmail and collaboration suiteSecurity policy also is updated to allow the security team to scan and detect any bulkdownloads of corporate data from the company’s intranet and online storage site. Which ofthe following is needed to comply with the corporate security policy and the CISO’s request?

A. Port scanner
C. DLP agent
D. Application sandbox
E. SCAP scanner

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