CompTIA SY0-601 dumps

CompTIA SY0-601 Exam Dumps

CompTIA Security+ Exam 2021
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Exam Code SY0-601
Exam Name CompTIA Security+ Exam 2021
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What Is on the CompTIA Security+ Exam?

CompTIA Security+ is a global certification that authorizes the baseline skills you need to perform fundamental security functions and hunt an IT security career.

CompTIA Security+ is the very first security certification IT professionals should receive. It founds the core knowledge required of any cybersecurity role and delivers a springboard to intermediate-level cybersecurity jobs. Successful applicants will have the following skills:

  • Detect various types of compromise and understand penetration testing and vulnerability scanning concepts
  • Install, configure, and deploy network components while assessing and troubleshooting issues to support organizational security
  • Implement secure network architecture concepts and systems design
  • Install and configure identity and access services, as well as management controls
  • Implement and summarize risk management best practices and the business impact
  • Install and configure wireless security settings and implement public key infrastructure

The CompTIA Security+ exam focuses on today’s best practices for risk management and risk mitigation, plus more importance on the practical and hands-on skill to both identify and address security threats, attacks and weaknesses.

How Many Questions Are on the CompTIA SY0-601 Exam?

The CompTIA Security+ exam has no more than 90 questions. After finishing the exam, you will be requested to fill out some non-compulsory exit survey information about your study practices and why you decided to get certified. This will consist of about 12 multiple-choice questions.

What Types of Questions Are on the CompTIA SY0-601 Exam?

The CompTIA Security+ exam contains a combination of multiple-choice questions, drag and drop happenings, and performance-based items. The multiple-choice questions are single- and multiple- response. Performance-based items test your skills to solve problems in a simulated environment.

Remember to manage your time cleverly when cracking these problems on your exam. Most of these questions will seem at the beginning of the exam and you won’t be able to see a clock when working on the items.

What Are the CompTIA SY0-601 Exam Domains, and What Do They Cover?

The CompTIA Security+ exam includes the following domains and topics:

  • Threats, attacks and vulnerabilities: Analyze indicators of compromise and determine types of malware or compare and contrast types of attacks
  • Identity and Access Management: Implement identity and access management controls or differentiate common account management practices
  • Technologies and Tools: Troubleshoot common security issues or deploy mobile devices securely
  • Risk Management: Explain the importance of policies, plans and procedures related to organizational security
  • Architecture and Design: Summarize secure application development, deployment, cloud and virtualization concepts
  • Cryptography and PKI: Compare and contrast basic concepts of cryptography or implement public key infrastructure

How Long Is the CompTIA SY0-601 Exam?

You will have only one and a half hour (90 minutes) to complete the exam. This does not contain the time necessary to check in at the testing center, so plan to reach early.

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SY0-601 Real Exam Questions

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Free SY0-601 Exam Sample Questions

Sample Question: 1

A new company wants to avoid channel interference when building a WLAN. The company needs to know the radio frequency behavior, identify dead zones, and determine the best place for access points. Which of the following should be done FIRST?

A. Configure heat maps.
B. Utilize captive portals.
C. Conduct a site survey.
D. Install Wi-Fi analyzers.

Answer: A

Sample Question: 2

A security analyst receives an alert from trie company's SIEM that anomalous activity is coming from a local source IP address of The Chief Information Security Officer asks the analyst to block the originating source Several days later, another employee opens an internal ticket stating that vulnerability scans are no longer being performed properly. The IP address the employee provides is 192 168.3426. Which of the following describes this type of alert?

A. True positive
B. True negative
C. False positive
D. False negative

Answer: C

Sample Question: 3

A company wants to restrict emailing of PHI documents. The company is implementing a DLP solution In order to reslnct PHI documents which of the following should be performed FIRST?

A. Retention
B. Governance
C. Classification
D. Change management

Answer: C

Sample Question: 4

During a recent incident an external attacker was able to exploit an SMB vulnerability over the internet. Which of the following action items should a security analyst perform FIRST to prevent this from occurring again?

A. Check for any recent SMB CVEs
B. Install AV on the affected server
C. Block unneeded TCP 445 connections
D. Deploy a NIDS in the affected subnet

Answer: C

Sample Question: 5

After gaining access to a dual-homed (i.e.. wired and wireless) multifunction device by exploiting a vulnerability in the device's firmware, a penetration tester then gains shell access on another networked asset This technique is an example of:

A. privilege escalation
B. footprinting
C. persistence
D. pivoting.

Answer: A

Sample Question: 6

A company recently experienced a significant data loss when proprietary Information was leaked to a competitor. The company took special precautions by using proper labels; however, email filter logs do not have any record of the incident. An Investigation confirmed the corporate network was not breached, but documents were downloaded from an employee's COPE tablet and passed to the competitor via cloud storage. Which of the following is the BEST remediation for this data leak?

A. User training

Answer: D

Sample Question: 7

An organization is planning lo open other data centers to sustain operations in the event of a natural disaster. Which of the following considerations would BEST support the organization's resiliency?

A. Geographic dispersal
B. Generator power
C. Fire suppression
D. Facility automation

Answer: A

Sample Question: 8

An organization has activated an incident response plan due to a malware outbreak on its network The organization has brought in a forensics team that has identified an internetfacing Windows server as the likely point of initial compromise The malware family that was detected is known to be distributed by manually logging on to servers and running the malicious code Which of the following actions would be BEST to prevent reinfection from the initial infection vector?

A. Prevent connections over TFTP from the internal network
B. Create a firewall rule that blocks port 22 from the internet to the server
C. Disable file shanng over port 445 to the server
D. Block port 3389 inbound from untrusted networks

Answer: A

Sample Question: 9

A company suspects that some corporate accounts were compromised. The number of suspicious logins from locations not recognized by the users is increasing Employees who travel need their accounts protected without the nsk of blocking legitimate login requests that may be made over new sign-in properties. Which of the following security controls can be implemented?

A. Enforce MFA when an account request reaches a nsk threshold
B. Implement geofencing to only allow access from headquarters
C. Enforce time-based login requests that align with business hours
D. Shift the access control scheme to a discretionary access control

Answer: B

Sample Question: 10

Which of the following will increase cryptographic security?

A. High data entropy
B. Algorithms that require less computing power
C. Longer key longevity
D. Hashing

Answer: C

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