MuleSoft MCD-Level1-Delta dumps

MuleSoft MCD-Level1-Delta Exam Dumps

MuleSoft Certified Developer - Level 1 (Mule 4) DELTA
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Exam Code MCD-Level1-Delta
Exam Name MuleSoft Certified Developer - Level 1 (Mule 4) DELTA
Questions 101 Questions Answers With Explanation
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MuleSoft MCD-Level1-Delta Sample Questions

Question # 1

Refer to the exhibits.A web client sends sale data in a POST request to the Mule application. The Transform Message component then enrich the payload by prepending a vendor name to the sale data.What is written to the sales.csv file when the flow executes?

A. The enriched payload in JSON format
B. The enriched payload in XML format
C. The enriched payload in CSV format
D. An error message

Question # 2

Refer to the exhibit.What expression correctly specifies input parameters to pass the city and state values to the SQL query?

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Question # 3

Refer to the exhibit.What DataWeave expression transforms the conductorlds array to the XML output?

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Question # 4

An On Table Row Database listener retrieves data from a table that contains record_id, an increasing numerical column.How should the listener be configured so it retrieves new rows at most one time?

A. Set the target to store the last retrieved record_id value
B. Set the ObjectStore to store the last retrieved record_id value
C. Set the target to the record_id column
D. Set the watermark column to the record id column

Question # 5

Refer to the exhibit.What is the output payload in the On Complete phase

A. summary statistics with NO record data
B. The records processed by the last batch step: [StepTwol, StepTwo2, StepTwo3]
C. The records processed by all batch steps: [StepTwostepOnel, stepTwostepOne2, StepTwoStepOne3]
D. The original payload: [1,2,31

Question # 6

To avoid hard-coding values, a flow uses some property placeholders and the corresponding values are stored in a configuration file.Where does the configuration file's location need to be specified in the Mule application?

A. The pom.xml file
B. A global element
C. The mule-art if act .json file
D. a flow attribute

Question # 7

What module and operation will throw an error if a Mule event's payload is not a number?

A. Validation module's Is number operation
B. Filter module's Is number operation
C. None of these
D. Validation module's Is not a number operation

Question # 8

Refer to the exhibit.What is the correct syntax to add an employee ID as a URI parameter in an HTTP Listener path?

A. (employeelD)
B. ${emp!oyeelD}
C. {employeelD}
D. # [employeelD]

Question # 9

What is the minimum required configuration in a flow for a Mule application to compile?

A. An event source
B. RAML file
C. An event processor
D. Logger Component

Question # 10

An API specification is designed using RAML. What is the next step to create a REST Connector from this API specification?

A. Download the API specification and build the interface using APIkit
B. Publish the API specification to Any point Exchange
C. Implement the API specification using flow designer in Design Center
D. Add the specification to a Mule project's src/main/resources/api folder

Question # 11

Refer to the exhibit.The main flow is configured with their error handlers. A web client submit a request to the HTTP Listener and the HTTP Request throws an HTTP:NOT_FOUND error.What response message is returned?’’What response message is returned?

C. other error
D. success - main flow

Question # 12

Refer to the exhibits.The main flow contains an HTTP Request. The HTTP Listeners and HTTP Request use default configurations.What values are accessible in the child flow after a web client submits a request to http://localhost:8081/order? col or = red?

A. payload
B. payloadquantity var
C. payloadcolor query param
D. payloadquantity var color query param

Question # 13

Refer to the exhibit.This RAML specification includes a resource and method to retrieve accounts by account_type and industry.What is the correct URI to get all retail finance accounts?

A. /accounts/retail/finance
B. /accounts?account_type=retail&industry=finance
C. /accounts/account_type=retail/industry=finance
D. /accounts?account_type:retail&industry:finance

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