MuleSoft MCD-Level1-Delta dumps

MuleSoft MCD-Level1-Delta Exam Dumps

MuleSoft Certified Developer - Level 1 (Mule 4) DELTA
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Exam Code MCD-Level1-Delta
Exam Name MuleSoft Certified Developer - Level 1 (Mule 4) DELTA
Questions 101 Questions Answers With Explanation
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MuleSoft MCD-Level1-Delta Sample Questions

Question # 1

An On Table Row Database listener retrieves data from a table that contains record_id, an increasing numerical column.How should the listener be configured so it retrieves new rows at most one time?

A. Set the target to store the last retrieved record_id value
B. Set the ObjectStore to store the last retrieved record_id value
C. Set the target to the record_id column
D. Set the watermark column to the record id column

Question # 2

To avoid hard-coding values, a flow uses some property placeholders and the corresponding values are stored in a configuration file.Where does the configuration file's location need to be specified in the Mule application?

A. The pom.xml file
B. A global element
C. The mule-art if act .json file
D. a flow attribute

Question # 3

What module and operation will throw an error if a Mule event's payload is not a number?

A. Validation module's Is number operation
B. Filter module's Is number operation
C. None of these
D. Validation module's Is not a number operation

Question # 4

What is the minimum required configuration in a flow for a Mule application to compile?

A. An event source
B. RAML file
C. An event processor
D. Logger Component

Question # 5

An API specification is designed using RAML. What is the next step to create a REST Connector from this API specification?

A. Download the API specification and build the interface using APIkit
B. Publish the API specification to Any point Exchange
C. Implement the API specification using flow designer in Design Center
D. Add the specification to a Mule project's src/main/resources/api folder

Question # 6

A Mule application contains an ActiveMQ JMS dependency. The Mule application was developed in Anypoint Studio and runs successfully in Anypoint Studio.The Mule application must now be exported from Anypoint Studio and shared with another developer.What export options create the smallest JAR file that can be imported into the other developer's Anypoint Studio and run successfully?

A. Attach project sourcesInclude project modules and dependencies
B. Attach project sourcesInclude project modules and dependencies
C. Attach project sourcesInclude project modules and dependencies
D. Attach project sourcesInclude project modules and dependencies

Question # 7

What is the correct syntax for a Logger component to output a message with the contents of a 3SON Object payload?

A. The payload is: $(payload)
B. #["The payload is: " ++ payload]
C. The payload is: #[payload]
D. #["The payload is: " + payload]

Question # 8

In an application network. If the implementation but not the interface of a product API changes, what needs to be done to the other APIs that consume the product API?

A. The applications associated with the other APIs must be restarted
B. The applications associated with the other APIs must be recoded
C. The other APIs must be updated to consume the updated product API
D. Nothing needs to be changed in the other APIs or their associated applications

Question # 9

A function named newProdCode needs to be defined that accepts two input parameters, an integer value for itemID and a string value for productCategory, and returns a new product code.What is the correct DataWeave code to define the newProdCode function?

A. fun newProdCode{itemID: Number, productCategory: String) —> "PC-" ++ productCategory ++ (itemID as String)
B. fun newProdCode(itemID: Number, productCategory: String) = "PC-" ++ productCategory ++ (itemID as String)
C. function newProdCode(itemID: Number, productCategory: String) ="PC-" ++ productCategory ++ (itemID as String)
D. var newProdCode(itemID: Number, productCategory: String) ->"PC-" ++ productCategory ++ (itemID as String)

Question # 10

A flow needs to combine and return data from two different data sources. It contains a Database SELECT operation followed by an HTTP Request operation.What is the method to capture both payloads so the payload from the second request does not overwrite that from the first?

A. Put the Database SELECT operation inside a Cache scope
B. Put the Database SELECT operation inside a Message Enricher scope
C. Nothing, previous payloads are combined into the next payload
D. Save the payload from the Database SELECT operation to a variable

Question # 11

What is the output type of the DataWeave map operator?

A. String
B. Array
C. Map
D. Object

Question # 12

A RAML specification is defined to manage customers with a unique identifier for each customer record. What URI does MuleSoft recommend to uniquely access the customer identified with the unique ID 1234?

A. /customers?custid=true&custid=1234
B. /customers/1234
C. /customers/custid=1234
D. /customers?operation=get&custid=1234

Question # 13

Why would a Mule application use the ${http.port} property placeholder for its HTTP Listener port when it is deployed to CloudHub?

A. Allows CloudHub to automatically change the HTTP port to allow external clients to connect to the HTTP Listener
B. Allows CloudHub to automatically register the application with API Manager
C. Allows MuleSoft Support to troubleshoot the application by connecting directly to the HTTP Listener
D. Allows clients to VPN directly to the application at the Mule application's configured HTTP port

Question # 14

An SLA based policy has been enabled in API Manager. What is the next step to configure the API proxy to enforce the new SLA policy?

A. Add new property placeholders and redeploy the API proxy
B. Add new environment variables and restart the API proxy
C. Restart the API proxy to clear the API policy cache
D. Add required headers to the RAML specification and redeploy the new API proxy

Question # 15

A Mule application contains a global error handler configured to catch any errors.Where must the global error handler be specified so that the global error handler catches all errors from flows without their own error handlers?

A. A configuration properties file
B. Nowhere, the global error handler is automatically used
C. A global element
D. The pom.xml file

Question # 16

A web client sends a request to http;//localhost:8081?dept=sales. What is the correct DataWeave expression to access the value of dept?

A. attributes.queryParams.dept
B. attributes.dept
C. message.queryParams.dept
D. vars.dept

Question # 17

A Mule application contains two HTTP Listeners, each configured for different API endpoints: and http: //acme .com/a pis/customers.What base path value should be set in an HTT? Listener config element so that it can be used to configure both HTTP Listeners?

A. /apis/?
B. /apis/
C. /apis/orders|customers
D. /apis/*

Question # 18

A Mule flow has three Set Variable transformers. What global data structure can be used to access the variables?

A. Mule event attributes
B. Mule event message
C. Mule application properties
D. Mule event

Question # 19

A web client submits a request to http://localhost:8081?flrstName=john. What is the correct DataWeave expression to access the firstName parameter?

A. #[attributes.queryParams.firstName]
B. #[message.queryParams.hrstName]
C. #[message.inboundProperties.'http.query.params'.firstName]
D. #[attributes.'http.query.params'.firstName]

Question # 20

What payload is returned by a Database SELECT operation that does not match any rows in the database?

A. false
B. null
C. Exception
D. Empty Array

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