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Nutanix NCSE-Core Exam Dumps

Nutanix Certified Systems Engineer-Core (NCSE-Core)
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Exam Code NCSE-Core
Exam Name Nutanix Certified Systems Engineer-Core (NCSE-Core)
Questions 198 Questions Answers With Explanation
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Nutanix NCSE-Core Sample Questions

Question # 1

A customer is provisioning 1,000 linked clone desktops with View Composer for their callcenter. During a short period between shift changes,desktops must be rebooted.Which Nutanix feature will help to mitigate the desktop boot times?

A. Shadow Clones
B. Performance Tier De-duplication
C. Content Based Read Cache
D. View Acceleration Array Intergration''

Question # 2

An SE is working with a financial institution prospect on a VDI environment refresh. The institution currently has 5000 named VDI users, with a peak of 2800 concurrent users. How many VDI VMs does the SE need to size for, factoring in an additional 10% for growth? 

A. 2880  
B. 3080  
C. 5000  
D. 5500  

Question # 3

A systems engineer is sizing a configuration for a cluster that needs to tolerate up to 2 simultaneous disk failures across different nodes. What is the minimum number of nodes required? 

A. 3  
B. 4  
C. 5  
D. 6  

Question # 4

A prospect provides the following details for sizing active working set based on their existing server virtualization environment: Full backup reports: January: 10TB February:11TB March: 12TB April: 13TB May: 14TB Average Read/Write Ratio - 75/25 When entering a Raw Input in Sizer, what should the SE use as the minimum amount of required SSD Storage?

A. 1.5TB  
B. 3TB  
C. 4.5TB  
D. 6TB  

Question # 5

An administrator has a VM that consumes large amounts of storage and has the followingcharacteristics:• Create large / sequential writes• Data must be kept for years• Data is normally only accessed at the end of the year to run reportThe administrator decides to use Erasure Coding to save space.Which feature should the administrator utilize to save space for this VM?

A. Inline Compression
B. Flash Mode
C. Cache Dedup
D. Post-Process Compression

Question # 6

A customer is provisioning 1,000 linked clone desktops with View Composer for their call center. During a short period between shift changes,desktops must be rebooted. Which Nutanix feature will help to mitigate the desktop boot times?

A. Shadow Clones  
B. Performance Tier De-duplication  
C. Content Based Read Cache  
D. View Acceleration Array Intergration''  

Question # 7

With in RVtools output, which tab provides actual utilization information on thickprovisioned disk?

A. vInfo
B. vPartition
C. vCenter
D. vDisk

Question # 8

A prospect is experiencing disk performance issues in their database environment. The prospect's databases currently run on physical servers and an iSCSI SAN with spinning disks. Which two Nutanix features should an SE discuss with this prospect to address their disk performance issues? (Choose two) 

A. Snapshots  
B. Data Locality  
C. De-duplication  
D. Erasure Coding  
E. All Flash Nodes  

Question # 9

A prospects storage administrator is concerned about deploying Nutanix for their vSphere server virtualization environment due to anticipated increase to the data retention for compliance purpose and associated costs. Which Nutanix feature should an SE discuss to convince the prospect to move forward?

A. Linear scalability by adding more nodes.
B. Acropolis Block Services.
C. Adding storage only nodes.
D. Extending storage container with existing SAN storage.

Question # 10

An existing customer wants to upgrade their non-AHV hypervisor to the most recent version. The customer needs confirm that the hypervisor is supported on their AOS version. Where on the Support Portal is this information located?

A. Compatibility Matrix  
B. EOL, Information  
C. Upgrade© Paths  
D. Field Advisories  

Question # 11

A customer previously purchased a Nutanix solution of nine NX-3060-G7 nodes. Thecustomer asks for help to increase the resiliency of their environment after power outagesto individual racks in their datacenter Their current solution consists of two NX-3460-G7blocks and a single NX-3160-G7 block placed in a single rack. what should the systemsengineer recommend to this customer ?

A. Buy three additional NX-3060 Upgrade nodes and place them into the NX-3160 blockEnable Rack Awareness
B. Move on node from each NX=3460 block over to the NX-3160 blocks. Enable BlockAwareness
C. Move on node from each NX-3460 into the NX-3160 block. Spread the blocks over threeracks and enable Rack Awareness
D. Buy on additional node and place it, into the NX-3160 block. Spread the blocks overthree racks. Enable Rack Awareness.

Question # 12

Which method can be used to migrate a VM configured for UEFI-boot from a Nutanix Hyper-V cluster to AHV? 

A. Live Migration  
B. Storage vMotion  
C. Nutanix Move  
D. Cloud Connect  

Question # 13

A customer is running AHV in their Nutanix cluster and wants to provide their users with theability to restore individual files from snapshots what is the minimum level of licensing thatmust be applied to the Nutanix cluster ?

A. Ultimate
B. Pro with the Advanced Replication SKU
C. Starter
D. Pro

Question # 14

An administrator needs to move a Nutanix host from one cluster to another. Which step should the administrator take after evacuating VMs from the host to be moved?

A. From the Task menu in Prism, select Cluster details, then un-check the host from the list  
B. In Prism, highlight the host in the Hardware pane and select Remove Host  
C. In Prism, highlight the host in the Hardware pane and select Remove from Metadata Ring
D. From the Task menu in Prism, select Licensing hen delete the host license.  

Question # 15

A prospective customer's migration to their new SAN started six months ago and is sill not complete. The VP of IT state the previous migration to the existing SAN took almost eight months to complete. How should the systems engineer describe Nutanix hardware refreshes to this prospective customer

A. New nodes can be added to an existing cluster. and then the old nodes can be removed
B. Manual hardware refreshes take time, and the systems engineer understands the customer's current situation.
C. With AHV, vMotion between cluster occurs faster than on a SAN-based cluster  
D. Setting in AHV node's EVC mode is a very fast process that will shorten the upgrade time

Question # 16

A customer has two mission-critical applications and needs to have them backup up to aremote location. The remote location is connection using a leased line and has an averagelatency of 7 ms. Which Nutanix technology will provide the shortest PRO possible?

A. AsyncDR
B. NearSync
C. Metro Availability
D. Leap

Question # 17

A customer needs to expand an existing cluster to accommodate workloads. Theworkloads require 5TB of storage capacity (1.2TB of working set data), 64GB of memory,and 10 physical CPU cores. Their current cluster is configured as follows:• 4x NX-3060-G5 nodes• Each node is configured with 2x E5-2620v4 processors (8 Cores each), 128GB RAM, 2x960GB SSDs, and 4x 2TB HDDs• The cluster is configured as RF2 and is sized for N+1 availability• Each CVM is configured with 32GB of memoryTo maintain optimal metadata balance and data availability, which configuration should berecommended?

A. 2x NX-3060-G5 - 2x E5-2620v4 processors, 128GB RAM, 2x 960GB SSDs, 4x 2TBHDDs
B. 1x NX-6035C-G5 - 2x E5-2620v4 processors, 128GB RAM, 1x 1920GB SSDs, 5x 4TBHDDs
C. 1x NX-3060-G5 - 2x E5-2620v4 processors, 128GB RAM, 2x 1920GB SSDs, 4x 2TBHDDs
D. 3x NX-1065-G5 - 2x E5-2620v4 processors, 128GB RAM, 1x 1920GB SSDs, 2x 4TBHDDs

Question # 18

Based on their current workload. a customer request the systems engineer to create a solution that does not exceed 80% CPU utilization when a node is placed in maintenance mode (N+0) When creating the Sizer Scenario in Automatic Mode, how can the systems engineer accomplish this? 

A. Customize the CPU threshold in the scenario's sizing options.  
B. Use Customize to increase the CPU Core count until the CPU utilization is 80%  
C. Select a higher-end processor when defining the workload.  
D. Modify the solution by adding compute only nodes to the cluster  

Question # 19

A prospects need to refresh their environment but has a very small budget for the project. Four years after their last infrastructure refresh, the prospect’s datacenter is only running at 40% utilization. In addition, they have 25 satellite offices. Each office has a requirement to run 4 to 6 VM’s locally. Which two Nutanix platform capabilities should the SE highlight to address the prospect’s concerns? (Choose two) 

A. Multi-Site Management.  
B. Pay as you grow.  
C. Automated data storage tiering.  
D. Software only.  
E. Single node backup.  

Question # 20

A Nutanix customer needs to migrate 1000VMs from ACME Public Cloud to a local Nutanixcluster ACME Public Cloud operates on VMware ESXi, Hp ProLiant Servers with 3PARstorage. ACME Public Cloud denies customers access to vCenter or ESXi hosts But theydo replicate a copy of the virtual disks to external storage.Which method should the customer use to migrate the VMs to a local Nutanix Cluster?

A. Use Xtract for VMs to migrate VMs from ACME Public Cloud vCenter to local Nutanixcluster.
B. Deploy Nutanix Community Edition in ACME Public Cloud and replicate VMs to localNutanix cluster.
C. Use Calm to automate and orchestrate deployment on the local Nutanix cluster.
D. Use the latest copy of VMs on external storage to import on the local Nutanix cluster

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