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Oracle 1z0-1003-22 Exam Dumps

Oracle Field Service 2022 Implementation Professional
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Exam Code 1z0-1003-22
Exam Name Oracle Field Service 2022 Implementation Professional
Questions 132 Questions Answers With Explanation
Update Date November 27,2023
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Oracle 1z0-1003-22 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which two are correct statements regarding Daily Extract file data configuration? 

A. Separate Daily Extract files must be set up for data to be used in BICS and DBaaS. 
B. Customized data sets can be created for individual instances of OFSC. 
C. Data from a single data set can be configured to be extracted in any numberof Daily Extract files
D. All data sets can be configured to include custom properties and fields. 
E. Daily Extract files cannot be set up to extract data from multiple data sets 

Question # 2

Which two statements are true regarding filter functionality within OFSC? 

A. Filters can be created where only certain User Types can see and interact with them. 
B. Filters can be used in conjunction with activities, resources, and inventory. 
C. If an activity filterhas two conditions, then an activity must meet at least one of the conditions in order to be filtered. 
D. After a filter has been created and saved, you cannot change the entity to which it is associated.

Question # 3

Which three Launch Conditions include configurable trigger thresholds? 

A. 'Route is activated' 
B. 'Route is not activated' 
C. 'Next activity is about to start' 
D. 'Estimated time of arrival has changed' 
E. 'Service request is created' 
F. 'Activity is not started after the ETA' 

Question # 4

Which three Resource Type Roles can share work skills, inventory, and geolocation in teamwork?

A. Tool 
B. Bucket 
C. Organization Unit 
D. Field Resource 
E. Vehicle 

Question # 5

Which two problems related to time slot-based quota can you overcome when using the based booking approach with customized booking Intervals? 

A. quota for extended activities being consumed from a single, shorter time slot 
B. managing quota and capacity for service windows 
C. average quota and capacity calculation for time slots 
D. overlapping time slots stranding quota 

Question # 6

Which three options are valid 'Units of measure' in a Resource Type's[ 'LoadThreshold' section, that are used to determine how the icons are displayed in the Dispatch Console based on the resource's current load?

A. Overtime cost 
B. Number of activities 
C. Travel time cost 
D. Working hours cost 
E. Hours 
F. Time percent 

Question # 7

Your customer has technicians in the field and at times they need to move an activity to another technician using Collaboration. How do you enable this functionality for your customer?

A. Enable the 'Allow activity move via chat" for the"Technician" User Type. 
B. Enable the "Allow activity move from non-scheduled pool to scheduled one" for the "Technician" User Type.
C. Enable the "Allow activity reschedule / move to non-scheduled pool" for the "Technician" User Type.
D. Enable the "Allow inventory move via chat" for the "Technician" User Type. 

Question # 8

Identify three examples of how filters are utilized within Oracle Field Service Cloud. 

A. Define activity and/or resource assignment preferences within Routing Plans. 
B. Display only certain users within the Users screen. 
C. Restrict the number of activities that appear on resources' routes. 
D. Display only certain resources within the Daily view.
E. Display only certain activities or resources within the List View. 

Question # 9

Your customer wants routing to estimate accurate travel times from their resources' home locations to their first activities of the daywhen making automated assignments. What two configurations are required to be in place to support this requirement?

A. Resource's "Start location" must be assigned for each weekday that routing should assign resource work.
B. Resource's Home Zone Centermust be assigned for each weekday routing should assign that resource work.
C. Resource's "Start location" must be configured as a shared location at the resource's parent level in the resource tree.
D. The resource type setting "Working time includes travel to first activity" must be selected. 

Question # 10

Which two Resource Type roles offer the ability for routing to assign activities? 

A. Vehicle 
B. Field Resource 
C. Tool 
D. Bucket 
E. Organization Unit 

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