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PMI PMI-ACP Sample Questions

Question # 1

An experienced product owner presents the epics and corresponding stones during a release planning session with the established team The executive sponsor asks the team when the features will he delivered What should the agile team do?

A. Evaluate how much can be delivered based on the Scrum Master's estimation
B. identify a set of user stored based on the team's velocity
C. initiate an estimation session
D. Consult historical data for project completion

Question # 2

During a review session an agile team presented done requirements to a group of stakeholders Stakeholder feedback indicated that the done requirements failed to meet the most pressing needs and provide value What should the team have done to prevent this?

A. Reprioritized requirements prior to committing to iteration work
B. Ensured that requirements remained stable during the iteration cycle
C. Had stakeholders focus on items created after the product backlog was initially built
D. Worked on features rather than a set of components

Question # 3

On what should an agile team work to achieve predictable flow?

A. Small user stories
B. Simple acceptance criteria
C. Lean features
D. Lean backlogs

Question # 4

The team is in the middle of an iteration and there is an urgent request for a small change to be introduced to the committed scope Unless this change is accepted there is no value to the customers during this iteration What must the agile practitioner do? 

A. Add the new change request as a new user story in the product backlog for the upcoming iteration
B. Evaluate the impact of the change request and let the team and product owner decide and re-prioritize based on value
C. Recommend cancelling the current iteration and plan the change request into the next iteration 
D. Recommend that the product owner add this change request as a user story to me backlog tor the current aeration 

Question # 5

During the iteration planning of a newly onboarded agile team, the product owner adds a set of high priority user stones into the iteration backlog What should the team do first to define the tasks needed to implement the user stories?

A. Self-organize
B. Assign tasks to each team member
C. Meet with me customer
D. Identify the Scrum Master

Question # 6

A senior team member feels underutilized. What should the agile practitioner do?

A. Transfer the senior member to another team that will more fully utilize their skill set.  
B. Conduct a performance evaluation to determine whether or not this member is a team player. 
C. Encourage the project team to involve the senior member in more project activities.  
D. Ask the functional manager to determine the best course of action.  

Question # 7

A learn using Kanban identifies mat their cycle time has significant variation After brainstorming, the team determines that the root cause is the stones' varying sizes and risks What should the team do?

A. Reduce work in progress (W1P) limits to accommodate slack for riskier stories
B. Create a triage step on the Kanban board to pre-identify risky stones
C. Set a policy lo break down stories larger than a specified complexity, then adjust the WIP
D. Create a dedicated overflow swimlane on the Kanban board for stones that are loo large

Question # 8

A project team identifies a number of technical challenges with features in the next sprint. What should they do?

A. Request direction from the technical manager.
B. Encourage the product owner to reallocate the features to another sprint.
C. Determine who is best qualified to address the challenges.
D. Ask the product owner to assign the tasks to the most appropriately skilled resources.

Question # 9

What should an agile practitioner do to ensure that the end product meets business requirements? 

A. Invite the team to iteration review meetings  
B. Obtain agreement from the product owner on business requirements
C. Request that regular reports are sent to stakeholders
D. Confirm managers and stakeholders are invited to product review meetings.

Question # 10

A scrum team has eight developers, but only two are database engineers. During the last few retrospectives, the team identified that most sprint stories are dependent upon database engineers. This has created a bottleneck in completing stories.What should be proposed to the team? 

A. Have other team developers attend training to learn database skills.
B. Monitor the retrospectives of two additional sprints before taking action.
C. Plan fewer stories for the sprint to reduce the database engineers' workload.
D. Ask the scrum master to work with the product owner to remove backlog stories that have database dependency.

Question # 11

During backlog refinement meeting, the new developer on the team asks the product owner to discuss a new performance threshold requirement and how it impacts the stories in the backlog. What should the team do? 

A. Add this threshold requirement request as acceptance criteria in all impacted stories  
B. Create a spike story to analyze the impact of the threshold requirement on current stories 
C. Conduct design planning session to review the performance threshold requirement  
D. Identify the tasks for the new performance threshold requirement  

Question # 12

A project is starling and the type of wont is complex and suitable for agile in assessing the learn members it appears that co-location would be a challenge.What should the agile practitioner do? 

A. Select and implement collaboration tools to augment team interactions  
B. Provide each geographical area with their own product owner and divide the work between the teams 
C. increase the number of requirements documents and ensure they are dearly communicated 
 D. After several sprints calcuate velocity based on primary learn location and use secondary team as reserve

Question # 13

During a Kanban team's daily stand up, an agile coach observes that the team seems disinterested in the work status. While it appears that there are no issues with flow, there is a marked lack of attention to team effort. When the agile coach queries the team for reasons, members explain that work continues to be scheduled with no end in sight.What should the agile coach do?

A. Work with the team to determine points at which to celebrate its work.
B. Provide the team with a break by scheduling a team event.
C. Have the team increase work in progress (WIP) levels to more quickly complete the flow.
D. Rejuvenate the team by temporarily reducing WIP levels.

Question # 14

How can an agile practitioner ensure that all key stakeholders are properly engaged in planning?

A. Collect stakeholder requirements.
B. Conduct an iteration planning meeting.
C. Communicate product backlog items to the stakeholders.
D. Facilitate a product development roadmap workshop.

Question # 15

A mature agile team welcomes a new member. Due to poor experiences with a previous team, the new member is reluctant to communicate.What should the agile project leader do?  

A. Bring up the new member's impediments at the next meeting to demonstrate team support of input. 
B. Assure the new member that inputs on impediments are valued, and demonstrate this at the next meeting. 
C. Have a senior lead work with the new member to avoid a negative impact on team productivity
D. Privately work with the new member to address any impediments. 

Question # 16

A learn member 15 stressed due to a heavy workload, while other team members have some slack in their schedules How should the learn lead address this?

A. inform management, and suggest that additional resources may be required 
B. Discuss me issue with the learn m me daily stand up meetings  
C. Meet personally with the stressed learn member to brainstorm ways to better manage their lime 
D. Begin tracking the stressed learn member's tastes in a separate backlog for additional analysis and reporting 

Question # 17

A company is considering developing a new, complex application that will require a large initial investment. However, if successful, the profit potential is high. When preparing an analysis, what should be used to encourage stakeholders who are concerned about project failure to authorize the initial investment? 

A. Calculated planned percent complete (PPC)
B. Many small minimally marketable features (MMFs)
C. Story points rather than cost estimates
D. Calculated earned value (EV)

Question # 18

A company president is concerned about the impact of a natural disaster on the company. How should management identify areas to apply its resources and mitigate potential impacts?

A. Establish and keep an active risk register that includes mitigation strategies and a costbenefit analysis. 
B. Establish and keep an active risk register based on qualitative risk analysis and expected losses. 
C. Have each development team post the highest risk development items on the information radiator. 
D. Avoid risk by splitting development teams into two locations to ensure knowledge continuity. 

Question # 19

An agile coach realizes that a team responsible for a major release is a few months behind schedule The marketing department is unaware of this delay and is planning to start the marketing campaign and announce the release What should the agile coach do?

A. Meet with the agile team lead to discuss ways to improve team velocity and get back on track. 
B. Use this as a learning opportunity and allow the team to hand* the situation when the marketing campaign begins. 
C. In the upcoming retrospective, discuss ways to improve sharing protect status information. 
D. Meet with the marketing stakeholders to explain that the team will miss the planned release date. 

Question # 20

What can an agile team use to prioritize stones?

A. Planning poke' technique
B. Weighted average calculation
C. Risk-value quadrant
D. INVEST scale

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