RedHat EX200 dumps

RedHat EX200 Exam Dumps

Red Hat Certified System Administrator - RHCSA (8.2)
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Exam Code EX200
Exam Name Red Hat Certified System Administrator - RHCSA (8.2)
Questions 136 Questions Answers With Explanation
Update Date April 16,2024
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RedHat EX200 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Part 2 (on Node2 Server) Task 8 [Tuning System Performance] Set your server to use the recommended tuned profile

Question # 2

Part 2 (on Node2 Server) Task 2 [Installing and Updating Software Packages] Configure your system to use this location as a default repository: Also configure your GPG key to use this location

Question # 3

A YUM source has been provided in the Configure your system and can be used normally.

Question # 4

Part 1 (on Node1 Server) Task 15 [Running Containers] Create a container named logserver with the image rhel8/rsyslog found from the registry The container should run as the root less user shangrila. use redhat as password [sudo user] Configure the container with systemd services as the shangrila user using the service name, “container-logserver” so that it can be persistent across reboot. Use admin as the username and admin123 as the credentials for the image registry.

Question # 5

There is a server having and Your System lies on172.24.0.0/16. Make successfully ping to by Assigning following IP:172.24.0.x where x is your station number.

Question # 6

Part 2 (on Node2 Server) Task 5 [Managing Logical Volumes] Add an additional swap partition of 656 MiB to your system. The swap partition should automatically mount when your system boots Do not remove or otherwise alter any existing swap partition on your system

Question # 7

Part 1 (on Node1 Server) Task 2 [Installing and Updating Software Packages] Configure your system to use this location as a default repository: Also configure your GPG key to use this location

Question # 8

Some users home directory is shared from your system. Using showmount -e localhost command, the shared directory is not shown. Make access the shared users home directory.

Question # 9

Part 1 (on Node1 Server) Task 4 [Controlling Access to Files] Create collaborative directory /mnt/shares with the following characteristics: Group ownership of /mnt/shares should be sharegrp. The directory should be readable, writable and accessible to member of sharegrp but not to any other user. (It is understood that root has access to all files and directories on the system) Files created in /mnt/shares automatically have group ownership set to the sharegrp group.

Question # 10

Please open the ip_forward, and take effect permanently.

Question # 11

Part 1 (on Node1 Server) Task 8 [Managing Local Users and Groups] Create a user fred with a user ID 3945. Give the password as iamredhatman

Question # 12

Part 1 (on Node1 Server)Task 7 [Accessing Linux File Systems]Find all the files owned by user natasha and redirect the output to /home/alex/files.Find all files that are larger than 5MiB in the /etc directory and copy them to /find/largefiles.

Question # 13

Part 1 (on Node1 Server) Task 14 [Managing SELinux Security] You will configure a web server running on your system serving content using a nonstandard port (82)

Question # 14

Part 1 (on Node1 Server) Task 9 [Managing Files from the Command Line] Search the string nologin in the /etc/passwd file and save the output in /root/strings

Question # 15

Part 1 (on Node1 Server) Task 5 [Controlling Access to Files with ACLs] Copy the file /etc/fstab to /var/tmp. Configure the following permissions on /var/tmp/fstab. The file /var/tmp/fstab is owned by root user The file /var/tmp/fstab is belongs to the root group The file /var/tmp/fstab should be executable by anyone The user harry is able to read and write on /var/tmp/fstab The user natasha can neither read or write on /var/tmp/fstab All other users (Current or future) have the ability to read /var/tmp/fstab

Question # 16

Add 3 users: harry, natasha, tom. The requirements: The Additional group of the two users: harry, Natasha is the admin group. The user: tom's login shell should be non-interactive.

Question # 17

Part 1 (on Node1 Server) Task 12 [Accessing Network-Attached Storage] Configure autofs to automount the home directories of user remoteuserX. Note the following:, NFS-exports /netdir to your system, where user is remoteuserX where X is your domain number remoteuserX home directory is remoteuserX home directory should be auto mounted locally at /netdir as /netdir/remoteuserX Home directories must be writable by their users while you are able to login as any of the remoteuserX only home directory that is accessible from your system

Question # 18

Part 1 (on Node1 Server) Task 3 [Managing Local Users and Groups] Create the following users, groups and group memberships: A group named sharegrp A user harry who belongs to sharegrp as a secondary group A user natasha who also belongs to sharegrp as a secondary group A user copper who does not have access to an interactive shell on the system and who is not a member of sharegrp. harry, natasha and copper should have the password redhat

Question # 19

Part 1 (on Node1 Server) Task 1 [Managing Networking] Please create new network connection with existing interface (enp1s0) using provided values: IPv4: 172.25.X.10/ (where X is your domain number: Domain15) Gateway: 172.25.X.2 DNS server: 172.25.X.2 Add the following secondary IP addresses statically to your current running connection. Do this in a way that does not compromise your existing settings: IPv4: and set the hostname

Question # 20

Create a Shared Directory.Create a shared directory /home/admins, make it has the following characteristics:/home/admins belongs to group adminuserThis directory can be read and written by members of group adminuser Any files created in/home/ admin, group automatically set as adminuser.

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