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Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator (WI23)
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Salesforce Advanced-Administrator Real Exam Questions

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Free Advanced-Administrator Exam Sample Questions

Sample Question: 1

An administrator has created a flow that sends platform events whenever an opportunity is updated. An Apex developer has been tasked to write code that listens for these events. When reviewing the debug logs for a user, the developer can see that the flow ran, but the debug Information is missing.

What should the administrator recommend to assist with debugging?

A. Select the Debug Enabled checkbox on platform events.
B. Platform events are unavailable for debugging.
C. Set a debug log on the Automated Process entity.
D. Search the AppExchange to And a tool that assists with debugging.

Answer: C

Sample Question: 2

An administrator is asked to create a report to calculate the year-over—year changed in the dollar amount of a company’s opportunities.

What reporting tool should be used to complete this request?

A. A row-level formula to compare amounts grouped by year.
B. A joined report with two report blocks for each year
C. A custom summary formula with PARENTGROUPVAL function
D. A custom summary formula with the PREVGROUPVAL function.

Answer: D

Sample Question: 3

Universal containers wants a summary report that displays the percemtage growth of revenue year over year.

What function should an administrator use to calculate this information?


Answer: A

Sample Question: 4

A user changes roles from an EMEA sales representative to a US sales representative.

How will this impact the ownership-based sharing rules for the user's records?

A. This will affect the ownership of records for standard objects but not custom objects.
B. All of the ownership-based sharing rules are recalculated.
C. None of the ownership-based sharing rules are recalculated.
D. This will only affect ownership-based sharing rules if the user moves up in the role hierarchy.

Answer: B

Sample Question: 5

Universal Containers wants to allow community visitors to submit support cases without logging into the community.

Which two features are required to implement this request?(Choose 2 answers)

A. Case assignment rules
B. Case feed actions
C. web-to-case
D. New case quick action

Answer: C,D

Sample Question: 6

Which two requirements must be met for a user to view knowledge Articles within a Salesforce organization? (Check 2 answers)

A. The user must be assigned a Salesforce Knowledge license.
B. The user must have access to the articles tab.
C. The user must have the manage articles permission on the profile.
D. The user's profile must have the read permission for the at lease one article type.

Answer: B,D

Sample Question: 7

An auto-response rule sends en email using Template when the field Case Source Is 'email' and Template when Case Source is blank. A Process Builder updates Case Source to 'email' when a case is created using Email-to-Case and to web' when a case Is created using Web-to-Case. Otherwise, Case Source Is blank.

What will occur when a case is created from an Incoming email?

A. Case Source updates to 'email' and an email is sent out using Template2.
B. An email is sent out using Template and then Case Source updates to email'.
C. An email la sent out using Template and then Case Source updates to 'email'.
D. Case Source updates to email and an email Is sent out using Template1.

Answer: C

Sample Question: 8

Cloud Kicks has two record-triggered flows on the same object. One flow creates a child record when criteria are met. The second record-triggered flow is based on criteria to check if the child record exists and updates a field. The field on the child record that needs to be updated Is still null after the second record trigger.

What should the administrator do to resolve this issue?

A. Make a new record-triggered flow on the child object to update the field on the parent record.
B. Have the record-triggered flows fire on create or edit to update the field.
C. Combine the two flows into one with checks to see which part of the flow needs to be run.
D. flows into schedule flows and have them update the field.

Answer: C

Sample Question: 9

Which feature should the administrator consider that allows for this?

A. A permission set containing the modify all data permission for the Position object.
B. Delegated administration for the Position object
C. Screen Flow using custom metadata types
D. Field accessibility set to editable for the picklists for the Position object.

Answer: B

Sample Question: 10

Universal Containers uses Territory Management to manage its sales territories. Territory managers and sales representatives are at the same role level in the role hierarchy. Account and Opportunity objects are set to private.

Which three permissions should be granted to territory managers. (Choose 3 answers)

A. Transfer All opportunities associated with accounts in the territory, regardless of who owns the opportunities.
B. View, Edit, Transfer, and Delete accounts assigned to the territory, regardless of who owns the accounts.
C. Transfer and Delete opportunity assigned to the territory, regardless of who owns the opportunities.
D. View All opportunities associated with accounts in the territory, regardless of who owns the opportunities.
E. Edit All opportunities associated with accounts in the territory, regardless of who owns the opportunities.

Answer: C,D,E

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