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Salesforce Experience-Cloud-Consultant Exam Dumps

Salesforce Certified Experience Cloud Consultant (WI24)
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Exam Code Experience-Cloud-Consultant
Exam Name Salesforce Certified Experience Cloud Consultant (WI24)
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Salesforce Experience-Cloud-Consultant Sample Questions

Question # 1

Ursa Major Solar (UMS) would like to render a header and footer from an external contentmanagement system into its customer portal.Which feature should UMS use to accomplish this?

A. Developer Console 
B. Compact Header Properties 
C. Rich Content Editor 
D. CMS Connect 

Question # 2

Northern Trail outfitters (NTO) aims to provide personalization by encouraging its individualcustomers to self-register in its B2C Experience site. NTO is not looking to createaplaceholder account.NTO Experience consultant has set up self-registration in its Login and Registration pages.NTO’s site manager has configured the Allow external users to self-register’’ option. NTOuses Customer Community Plus Licenses.Which two steps are needed to complete self-registration in NTO’s Experience site?Choose 2 answers

A. Ensure that the Account field is empty in the registration section. 
B. Contact Salesforce Customer Support to enable Communities Self RegistrationController. 
C. Ensure that the Contact field is empty in the registration section. 
D. Contact Sales customer Support to enable Person Accounts. 

Question # 3

Universal Containers is planning to build a community where customers will be able to viewKnowledge articles and chat live with a support agent.What should the administrator use to configure the chat functionality?

A. Experience Builder and Chatter 
B. Service Console and Service Channel 
C. Chat Agent Guided Setup Flow and Service Console 
D. Service Channel and Chatter 

Question # 4

Universal Containers is looking to onboard three new partners to the community.* Each partner have a branded experience containing their colors and logo.* Goldand silver partners should have access to the Leads inbox component, but Bronzepartners should not.* Bronze partners should not have access to the Leas tab.How should an administrator solve for these requirements?

A. Create branding sets, audience targeting, and navigation menu targeting. 
B. Create branding sets, audience targeting and a custom Navigation menu component. 
C. Create a separate community for each partner with audience targeting. 
D. Create branding sets, a separate page variation for each partner, and a customNavigation Menu component.

Question # 5

Ursa Major Solar would like its Experience Cloud site’s guest users to benefit from thesuggestions that comefrom autocomplete on search terms.How should the administrator configure this?

A. Use the Developer Console to add code to allow for autocomplete functionality. 
B. In Salesforce Setup, type "support settings” in the quick find box. Under theAutocompleteheader, select the objects to appear in autocomplete for guest users. 
C. In the Search component property editor, open the Autocomplete section and clickdesired objects to appear in autocomplete. Select "publicly available". 
D. In the Hero component property editor, open the Search Results section and clickdesired objects to appear in autocomplete. Select "publicly available”. 

Question # 6

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is evaluating Experience Cloud for creatingan onboardingapp for new hires. Which two things should NTO consider when creating the onboardingapp? CalculatorChoose 2 answers

A. Experience Cloud cannot be used for employee apps. 
B. Not all Chatter posts inside Chatter groups within the employee appwill be available inthe main org. 
C. Employee apps are only available in Unlimited Edition. 
D. Chatter posts related to a record will be available in the employee app as well as themain org. 

Question # 7

Which three fields are required creating Experience Cloud users using Data Loader?Choose 3 answers

A. Profile Id 
B. First Name 
C. Role Id 
D. Profile Name 
E. Currency 

Question # 8

Which component inform support agents working in the Service Console what actions acustomer has taken on an Experience site?

A. Experience Tracker 
B. Customer Insights 
C. Community View 
D. Einstein Customer 

Question # 9

What is a prerequisite for creating a user that has a Partner Community license?

A. Select ‘’Enable as Partner’’ in the Experience Workspace. 
B. Ensure that the partner user has the‘’ Enabled as partner’’ permission set. 
C. The ‘’Enable as Partner’’ action must be present on the Account page layout. 
D. The Enable as Partner’’ action must be present on the User page layout. 

Question # 10

An administrator for Cloud Kicks wants to create a new partner user for an existing site.Which step does the administrator need to perform right before providing user details andsaving the user record?

A. Click "Manage Partner User” on the Contact detail page, then click “Enable CustomerUser”. 
B. Click "Manage Partner User” on the Account detail page, then click “Enable PartnerUser”. 
C. Click "New" on the User Setup page in Lightning Experience. 
D. Click "Manage External User" on the Contact detail page, then click “Enable PartnerUser”. 

Question # 11

Ursa Major Solar (UMS) will be creating a partner portal to distributing leads to partners.Partners will also be able to create their own leads in theportal UMS has decided to usePartner Central template.Which three should UMS take at a minimum In order to meet the requirement?

A. Create a Lead Process for Lead Distribution 
B. Create a Lead Queue for Lead Distribution. 
C. Enable Allow External Creation’’ in Digital Experience settings 
D. Configure Lead creation Leadon low Distribution inside PRM Workspace. 

Question # 12

Which three considerations should bemade when using Criteria-Based Audiences? Choose3 answers

A. Components in the template header and footer sections cannot be assigned to anaudience. 
B. Salesforce must be contacted if you need to use the domain criteria in sandbox orDeveloper Edition orgs. 
C. Up to 2,000 audiences can be created. 
D. Domain criteria are not available in sandbox or Developer Edition orgs. 
E. Record Type criteria cannot be assigned to a component. 

Question # 13

By defining roles, permission sets, or profiles, Knowledge article visibility can be controlledby using which functionality?

A. Data Category Visibility 
B. Content Management 
C. Automatic Topic Assignment 
D. Org-Wide Defaults 

Question # 14

A consultant is setting up an experience for a client in a new org. The client insists on usingstandard profiles for external users.Which stepis required in order to use standard profiles in an experience?

A. Allow using standard external profiles for self-registration, user creation, and logging’’must be enabled. 
B. Create a permission set with ‘’ Allow standard external profiles’ check assign to allexternal users. 
C. Ensure the standard profile have Allow using standard external profiles for selfregistration, user creation, and login’ set to True. 
D. Customer Community Plus Login Experience license need to be used. 

Question # 15

Cloud Kicks wants to allow site users to tag site content with custom tags or membercreated topics.Which two permissions must be enabled for site users in Setup to accomplish this?Choose 2 answers

A. Create Topics 
B. Assign Topics 
C. Tags Allowed 
D. Member Can Access Topics 

Question # 16

DreamHouse Reality (DR) is switching to a franchise-based business model in order togrow its market share. Franchises as well as properly appraised at DR, will immediateaccess to a real estate opportunity in their area as soon, as it crosses a threshold.What should the Experience Cloud consultant recommend for record sharing?

A. Apex sharing 
B. Sharing Set 
C. Account Hierarchy 
D. Sharing Rule 

Question # 17

Northern Trail Outfitters (NIO) is considering how to manage its accounts for the B2Bportion of its business. NIO uses person accounts for its B2C business, and businessaccounts with related contacts for its B2B business. NTO has several B2B customeraccounts that are very large. These accounts have child accounts that representdepartments and opportunities at the department level that will need to be visibleto users atthe parent account level. NIO has Customer Community Plus licenses.How should NTO manage its accounts in its Partner Community?

A. Extend the Standard Role Hierarchy setting departments as child accounts. 
B. Enable the External Account Hierarchy setting departments as child accounts. 
C. Use the Business Accounts and Contacts with Sharing Sets to grant additional recordaccess as needed. 
D. Since NTO has person accounts, it cannot use the External Account Hierarchy and willneed to use groupsand sharing rules to grant the required record access. 

Question # 18

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is building a digital experience for its independentresearchers who willbe collaborating with NTO’s staff on their research-related submissions.Which user visibility setting needs to be enabled at a minimum?

A. None 
B. Site User Visibility 
C. Guest User Visibility 
D. Portal User Visibility 

Question # 19

No More Homelessness (NMH) and DreamHouse Realty (DR) are working to provide freehousing to low-income seniors. Social workers at NMH need to access records ownedbyrealtors at DR.What should the Experience Cloud consultant recommend for record sharing?

A. Role Hierarchy 
B. Sharing Set 
C. Sharing Rule 
D. Super User 

Question # 20

Universal Containers (UC) has a B2C customer department that uses person accounts totrack and manage all B?C customers. UC has set up a B2C site using SalesforceExperience Cloud. The VP of B?C business wants to enable self-registration on the portalso customers can create their own user accounts.What should the Experience Cloud consultant at UC recommend so that the new usersself-registering on the B2C site are captured as person accounts In Salesforce?

A. Create a custom self-registration page and Apex handler that creates a person accountfor each user self-registering on the portal. 
B. Use the standard self registration configuration under Experience Workspace and leavethe default Account field empty. 
C. Use the standard self-registration configuration under Experience Workspace thatassigns users to a default business account, and then build a trigger on Account to createperson accounts for each user. 
D. A Restrict the Account record type access to Person Account record type only for theSiteGuest User, so any account created is by default a person account. 

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