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Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Personalization Exam Dumps

Marketing Cloud Personalization Accredited Professional Exam (SP24)
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Exam Code Marketing-Cloud-Personalization
Exam Name Marketing Cloud Personalization Accredited Professional Exam (SP24)
Questions 111 Questions Answers With Explanation
Update Date July 15,2024
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Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Personalization Sample Questions

Question # 1

A brand wants to view campaign performance of specific groups of users. How would they view this within the platform? 

A. Use a segment to setup a filter, then use the filter in campaign statistics 
B. Use a segment to set a global goal 
C. Use a segment to specify certain actions, which can be set as the goal for a campaign 
D. Use engagement compare functionality to see the differences in key metrics and behaviours 

Question # 2

How many total global goals and filters can you define for your dataset in IS? 

A. 64 total for both filters and goals
B. 25 filers and 25 goals 
C. Unlimited 
D. 300 total between filters and goals

Question # 3

ETL feeds must follow explicit specifications and requires which type of file format? 

C. Binary 
D. TextDocs 

Question # 4

ETL feeds must follow explicit specifications and require which type of file format? 

A. Binary 
D. Text 

Question # 5

Which entry source event type needs to be configured for a journey to be used in the segment join to journey builder feature?

 A. Audience 
B. Salesforce data 
C. API D. Date based 

Question # 6

What two features of interaction studio have functionality to perform an A/B testing?

 A. Templates 
B. Campaigns 
C. Segments 
D. Recipes 

Question # 7

Which ETL Feed is used to bring Campaign tracking data from Marketing Cloud messaging & Journeys or Pardot? 

A. External Email Campaign Events ETL 
B. Transaction ETL 
C. Product ETL 
D. Manual Segment ETL 

Question # 8

How many days after the date of upload will files be deleted from the SFTP? 

A. 180 days 
B. 30 days 
C. 60 days 
D. 90 days 

Question # 9

Which three components of a server side campaign must be coded by a developer? 

A. Campaign Setip 
B. Parsing the JSON Response
 C. Tracking of campaign statisticsd 
D. Content Selection 
E. EVENT API Request 

Question # 10

A business user wants to test the effectiveness of two CTA options, which testing option should the select? 

A. Rule Based Testing 
B. Variation Testing 
C. A/B Testing 
D. Time Based Testing 

Question # 11

Which data feed integrates external system data into a user’s profile levargaing identity attributes? 

A. Identity feed 
B. Catalog Feed 
C. Interaction feed 
D. User Feed 

Question # 12

Which scenario is a valid interaction studio use case? 

A. Recommendations in email which are personalised at send time 
B. Behavioural targeting with 3rd party audience data 
C. Recommendations in email which are personalized at open time 
D. Machine learning driven insights within a customer database

Question # 13

What are the components of an interaction studio web campaign? [check] 

A. Email capture, homepage, and product requisite 
B. Experience, template, and content Zone 
C. Configured recipe, visitor profile, and content window 
D. Affinity, infobard and attribution window 

Question # 14

A brand is testing three campaigns, each one with a control experience. Which segment type can the brand setup to make sure the same group always gets the control experience? 

A. Third party segment 
B. Control group segment 
C. A/B test segment 
D. Location-based segment 

Question # 15

What are the three types of mobile campaigns a business user can create in IS? 

A. JSON Data A 
B. In-App Notification 
C. Browser Notification 
D. SMS Text Message 
E. Push Message 

Question # 16

What three features are used to support mobile web personalization? 

A. SiteMap 
B. Web SDK
 C. Mobile SDK 
D. Mobile Data Campaign 
E. Templates 

Question # 17

A brand’s website is seeing high traffic, but much of the behavior is anonymous. How does Marketing Cloud Personalization identities? 

A. Marketing Cloud Personalization synchronizes anonymous and known profiles once a day based on online traffic and data from offlineb) B. Marketing cloud personalization uses probabilistic matching to determine if two or more profiles represent the same identity 
B. Marketing cloud personalization constantly monitors identifying information, then uses deterministic matching to determine if two same identity 
C. marketing cloud Personalization uses third party software to match anonymous and known identities 

Question # 18

What attribute and value is passed in the event API request for returning server side campaigns? [check] 

A. Source = Server 
B. Server Side messages = 1
 C. Server side are always returned 
D. Server side = true 

Question # 19

A business user wants to deliver different experiences to different segments within the same campaign, which testing option should they select?

 A. A/B testing 
B. Rule based testing 
C. Time based testing 
D. Variation testing 

Question # 20

If a developer needs to test a website where a beacon from a different dataset has been deployed, which feature of the Evergage Launcher needs to be enabled to simulate? 

A. Developer tools 
B. Force SDK URL 
C. Campaign Debugger 
D. Inject SDK 

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