Salesforce Mobile-Solutions-Architecture-Designer dumps

Salesforce Mobile-Solutions-Architecture-Designer Exam Dumps

Salesforce Certified Mobile Solutions Architecture Designer (SP24)
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Exam Code Mobile-Solutions-Architecture-Designer
Exam Name Salesforce Certified Mobile Solutions Architecture Designer (SP24)
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Salesforce Mobile-Solutions-Architecture-Designer Sample Questions

Question # 1

Universal Containers has a trigger on the Order object to update the parentAcount with the date and time of the last closed Opportunity. An integration that inserts orders for the highvolume customers is failing periodically, with no obvious pattern to the timing of failures. What could be the cause of this issue?

A. The trigger is failing Unit Tests that access the new data.
B. API limits being limited.
C. Data skew is causing record locking issues on the Oder Share object.
D. Record locking contention on the parent Account.

Question # 2

Universal Containers has two integrations to Salesforce; System A requires read-only accessto all Opportunity data while System B requires read-write access to all Accounts.Which approach ensures compliance with the principal of least priviledge? 

A. Utilize a single "Integration User" with the "Modify All data" profile setting enabled so thatall integrations always have access to all data.
B. Utilize separate credentials and profiles for each integration, one having "view All" to ties and the other having "Modify All" to Accounts.
C. Use a single "Integration User" with profile settings restricted to "view All" for opportunity and "Modify All" for Accounts.
D. Utilize separate credentials for each system with both credentials having the "modify all data" permission on the profile.

Question # 3

Universal containers decided to use Salesforce sales cloud for their sales processes won Opportunities must be sent to external ERP system for order fulfillment. All the line items must alsobe sent along with Opportunities. The ERP system supports only SOAP- based messages for receiving orders. What limitation of outbound messages might present a problem in this scenario?

A. Outbound messaging does not support multiple objects
B. Outbound messaging does not support SOAP
C. Outbound messaging cannot be made secure
D. Outbound messaging does not offer any reliability.

Question # 4

In which three ways can production data be moved into a sandbox for testing purpose?

A. Refresh a Full Sandbox.
B. Use the metadata API.
C. Request a Snapshot from Support
D. Refresh a Copy Sandbox.
E. use the Apex Data Loader.

Question # 5

Universal Containers would like to display data from an external system inside of Salesforce, and has chosen not to enable lightning Experience. They do not need the data for any other purposes within Salesforce. Which approach should an Integration Architect recommend that matches the Salesforce UI? Choose 2 answers

A. An iFrame embedding a custom .Net application that displays data from the other systems.
B. Acustom visualforce page with a controller thats calls-out to the other systems.
C. A custom Visualforce page with client- side calls out to the other systems.
D. A middleware orchestration to continuously persist data from other systems into Salesforce.

Question # 6

What are two scenarios that utilize the chatter REST API? Choose 2 answers

A. When integrating chatter into custom mobile apps.
B. When migrating Opportunity data.
C. When uploading large files.
D. When posting status updates to social media.

Question # 7

Universal containers is migrating to Salesforce from a legacy system with existing SMTPbased integrations. What Salesforce platform capability should an Integration Architect consider?

A. Custom Apex class with webservice methods that implement the SMTP protocol.
B. Custom InboundEmailHandler to process the messages.
C. Lightning connect with an oData/SMTP interchange.
D. Custom Apex batch job to check for SMTP messages.

Question # 8

Universal containers utilizes the REST API to update the multiple Salesforce objects in real time based upon changes from their ERP system. They recently started encountering APILimits and have consulted the Integration Architect on possible solutions. What two possible strategies should the architect consider? Choose 2 answers 

A. Migrate the integration to the partner WSDL to support 200 DML operations in a single API call.
B. Migrate the integration to the Bulk API which does not count towards the API limits.
C. Utilize the REST API batch URI to consolidate 100 DML operations into single API call.
D. Utilize workflow outbound messaging which does not count towards the API limits.

Question # 9

Universal Containers has chosen Salesforce Wave as their Analytics Platform. There is a requirement to join data from multiple systems(including Salesforce) tobe displayed in a single Wave Lens. What should the Architect recommend?

A. Use an ETL tool to load the data into Salesforce, upserts to ensure that the data in properly joined.
B. Use Data flow to load Salesforce data, and an ETL tool to load other data sets.
C. Use an ETL tool to join multiple sources and load them into a single data set.
D. Use data flow to load Salesforce data,and lightning connect to access the other data sets in real time.

Question # 10

When making an Apex callout, what approach should an Integration Architect recommend for securely transporting sensitive data from Salesforce over an unsecure network connection?

A. Base64 encode the data before performing the call out from Apex.
B. Encrypt the data with a shared key before performing the Apex callout.
C. Use platform Encryption to secure the data before transporting.
D. Salesforce automatically secures all data transmissions to external systems.

Question # 11

Universal containers has an ERP application where all customer orders are stored. There are millions of customer orders stored in the ERP application and a longtime customer may have thousands of individual orders. Additionally, some order informationmay house personally identifiable information that, due to company policy, can only be stored in ERP. Universal Containers would like the five most recent orders displayed on the account page in Salesforce. How should an architect design this requirement considering both security and scalability?

A. Leverage the REST API to receive orders from the ERP system as they are created.
B. Leverage Salesforce Lightning Connect to display order information in Salesforce.
C. write an outboundmessage to receive orders from ERP system as they are created.
D. Build a scheduled ETL job to sync all customer order history in the orders object.

Question # 12

Universal Containers has multiple Salesforce orgs as a result of a number of acquisitions over time. They decide to let the subsidiaries continue using their own orgs but would like to streamline their lead processing. They identified one org that would act as a gateway to receiveall the leads for the group and then distribute them to subsidiary orgs based on lead type. Changes to lead status in subsidiary orgs must be reflected in the gateway org They decide to use Salesforce-to-Salesforce for lead distribution. What limitation ofSalesforce-toSalesforce must be considered to ensure searchless two-way integration? 

A. Salesforce-to-Salesforce has no built-in support bi-directional(two-way) integrations. 
B. Salesforce-to-Salesforce has a limit on number of records shared between systems. 
C. salesforce-to-Salesforce does not support linking/sharing with existing records in a receiving org. 
D. salesforce-to-Salesforce has no built-in support for objects with Parent-child relationships. 

Question # 13

What are three capabilities of Salesforce to Salesforce(S2S)? Choose 3 answers

A. Share reports and dashboards between Salesforceorgs.
B. Automatically publish data from the publisher org.
C. Manually consume data into the consumer org.
D. Integrate data between Salesforce orgs via pre-built web service adapters.
E. Publish data from the publisher's Account object to the consumer'sCustomer__c object.

Question # 14

Universal containers has built an integration module to pull customer support tickets out of various systems and push them to salesforce ascases. The integration was implemented using Salesforce SOAP API with batch size 200, and the jobs are scheduled to run every 30 minutes to make sure a job completes before the next job starts. After going Live, they found that jobs are failing occasionally due to a "Max CPU time exceeded" error thrown from a trigger on the case. Reducing the batch size to 100 would resolve the issue, but the jobs would then take an average of 35 minutes to run. Which two options should be considered to resolve the issue and make sure a job completes before the next one starts? Choose 2 answers 

A. No change to API options, and move the trigger code into a future method. 
B. No change to API options, and move the trigger code into a Queuetable apex 
C. Bulk API with serial option and batch size 100, and no code changes 
D. Bulk API with parallel option and batch size 100, and no code changes. 

Question # 15

Universal Containers would like to integrate Salesforce to their Accounting system. Salesforce must notify the accounting system for every new account that has been created. The security team will not allow Salesforce to integrate directly to the accounting system due to potential security issues. Which three stages should the Architect consider to reduce the security concerns for this Integration use case? Choose 3 answers 

A. Terminate the SSL connection at a reverse proxy in the DMZ whichestablishes trust in the connection using mutual SSL. 
B. Enable WS-security for the web services made between Salesforce and the accounting system. 
C. Whitelist the Salesforce IP range on the firewall to ensure only Salesforce- originated traffic can penetrate the network. 
D. Utilize an Enterprise Service Bus to ensure Accounting system credentials are not stores within Salesforce. 
E. Enable platform encryption in the Salesforce org to ensure network communication to the Accounting system is encrypted. 

Question # 16

Universal Containers has a customer setup process that relies on external database to send customers welcome & registration emails. When a customer contacts Universal containers via phone they need to receive the welcome emailshortly following the conversation with the UC representative. Universal containers representatives work exclusively in Salesforce and any new customer contacts are created in Salesforce by the representative. The external database exposes a SOAP API for integration with other applications. What Salesforce technology best fulfills this requirement? 

A. Write a nightly batch synchronization to send customer information to the external database. 
B. Write an outbound message to send customer Information to an ESB. 
C. Write an outbound message to send customer Information to the external database. 
D. Write a trigger with an @future method to send customer Information to the external database

Question # 17

Universal containers has a simple co -premise web app that is unauthenticated. What capability should an integration Architect recommend to make the app accessible from within Salesforce?

A. Apex callout
B. Visualforce
C. Custom Web tab
D. Lightning connect

Question # 18

What capability should an Integration Architect consider if there is a need to synchronize data changed in Salesforce to a 3rd party with a JSON-based API endpoint?

A. Use an outbound Message with the record's data.
B. Use lightning connect to save the data to an external object.
C. Use an Apex class to perform the REST callout asynchronously.
D. use the REST API with the content-Type headerset to "JSON."

Question # 19

Universal containers has an integration that runs nightly to update the product(product2) object in Salesforce with updated product availability for over 500,000 products. Occasionally(less than 1 time per month) a product record fails to update due to a data validation issue that cannot be predicted in advance. How should universal Containers monitor this nightly batch import of data into Salesforce so that any error can be corrected promptly? 

A. Configure an Enterprise Server Monitoring tool to process ETL success and failure logs. 
B. Configure Salesforce to email an administrator when Bulk API batches fail. 
C. Monitor the Bulk Data Load Jobs page daily for failed batches 
D. Configure the ETLmiddleware to notify an administrator via email when a record update fails. 

Question # 20

Universal containers merges with planetary shipping both companies use Salesforce for order processing and they decide to consolidate for processes. universal containers has well-established channels for receiving orders, so they decide to use Universal containers org for receiving and pre-processing of orders and Planetary Shipping's org for processing and fulfillment of orders. What is the best way to integrate the business processes of the companies? 

A. Use Apex callout to push orders from universal Containers to Planetary Shipping 
B. Use salesforce-to-Salesforce integration between Universal containers and Planetary shipping 
C. Use Outbound messages to send orders from Universal Containers to Planetary shipping. 
D. Use a Middleware tool to pull orders from Universal Containers and push to Planetary Shipping. 

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