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Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant (WI24)
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Exam Name Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant (WI24)
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Salesforce Pardot-Consultant Sample Questions

Question # 1

Lenoxsoft currently has prospect data in another email-sending platform, and they want tomigrate it over to Pardot. The system has a list of mailable prospects and a list ofunmailable prospects who unsubscribed/opted-out that do NOT exist in Salesforce. Themarketing team wants to make sure that they stay complaint with the permission-basedMarketing Policy while maintaining their database of unsubscribed/opted out prospectswhen they migrate this data over to Pardot. How should the data be imported?

A. Import all prospect data and create a suppression list.
B. Import only the list of mailable prospects in Pardot.
C. Import unavailable prospects in Pardot; perform permission pass.
D. Import unmailable prospects in Pardot; mark as global opt-out.

Question # 2

Is it possible to split Dynamic Lists into more than two Static Lists?

A. True
B. False

Question # 3

LenoxSoft is using three Pardot Business Units: United States, South America andCanada. The marketing team for each business unit wants to ensure only certain relevantopportunities sync to their business unit.What should be configured in order to meet this requirement?

A. Marketing data sharing rules on contact roles
B. Marketing data sharing rules on accounts
C. Marketing data sharing rules on opportunities
D. Marketing data sharing rules on prospects

Question # 4

LenoxSoft is introducing a new product this summer, and the VP of Sales wants Marketingto automatically nurture the prospect if they show interest in the new product. There is nonew gated content developed yet, only some blog posts and web pages about it.What approach should the Marketing team use to resolve this?

A. Set up scoring categories > copy the web pages to Pardot landing pages > put landingpages into Pardot folders > create automation rule with criteria "prospect score in scoringcategory greaterthan 1" to send an autoresponder email
B. Set up scoring categories > put the web pages into folders in Pardot > set up customredirects for the web pages > add completion actions to the custom redirects to add to list >set the list as the recipient listof an engagement program
C. Set up scoring categories > create page actions associated with the scoring category >create adynamic list with criteria "prospect score in scoring category greater than 0" > set the list asthe recipient list of an engagementprogram
D. Set up scoring categories > create custom redirects associated with the scoringcategory > setcompletion actions to tag prospect > create an automation rule with criteria "prospect hastag new-product" to send an autoresponder email

Question # 5

What are available Data Formats in Pardot Form Fields

A. Text
B. Number
C. Email
D. Phone
E. Email with valid mail server
F. Email not from ISPs and free email providers
G. Date
H. Password

Question # 6

Recommend a model to route qualified and unqualified leads across the business. Place inorder from mostqualified to least qualified lead. A.Low Grade | Low Score B.High Grade |Low Score C.High Grade | High Score D. Low Grade | High Score


Question # 7

What is true about Pardot tracking?[Choose two answers]

A. The code is generated from a Salesforce campaign
B. Visitor filters can be added to Pardot to restrict tracking (clicks, visits, email notificationsetc) from certain IP addresses
C. Cookies will always expire after 10 years
D. Visitors and prospects that have "do not track" settings enabled on their browser will nothave their activities tracked while on your site.

Question # 8

LenoxSoft wants to notify the US East region and the US West region of the companiesvisiting the LenoxSoft website each day, whether or not a person has ever been identifiedby an email address.How shouldthis be set up?

A. Configure Users > Send daily visitor activity emails by state
B. Configure Users > Send daily prospect activity emails by owner
C. Configure Users > Send Salesforce Engage report emails by team
D. Configure Users > Send starred prospectactivity alerts by owner

Question # 9

The LenoxSoft marketing manager wants to report to the CEO each month the number ofnew leads generated and what types of assets are generating those new leads. Identify thePardot reports andassociated KPIs that would provide these metrics. Choose 2 answers:

A. Form Report: Impressions
B. Lifecycle Report: New Prospects Created
C. Form Report: Conversions
D. Form Report: Submissions

Question # 10

LenoxSoft recently enabled Pardot Campaign Influence Attribution Models in Salesforce.They want to understand which campaigns their prospects are interacting with right beforean opportunity closes.Which Campaign Influence Attribution model should they reference to understand this?

A. First Touch Model
B. Even Attribution Model
C. Last Touch Model
D. Salesforce Model

Question # 11

You have been asked to create a form that gathers information from prospects. Thisinformation should be available in Pardot as well as a custom build community site. Howwould you achieve this?

A. Create a website form that integrates with a Pardot form handler, details are submittedto the community site using Pardot API.
B. Create a website form that submits the details to the community site and integrate it witha Pardot form handler.
C. Create a Pardot form and via an automation rule submit the details to the communitysite.
D. Create a Pardot form and via completion actions submit the details to the communitysite.

Question # 12

When warming a dedicated IP, what would support gooddelivery rates with initial emailsends and build the IP's sending reputation?

A. Segment internal employees with high scores for initial email sends.
B. Segment prospects with free email service providers for initial email sends.
C. Segment the best and most active contacts for initial email sends.
D. Segment cold prospects with a low score to reengage for initial email sends.

Question # 13

How are prospect that have started a wait step impacted when an entire engagementprogram is paused?

A. They will NOT continue to progress through the wait step andonce the engagement program is resumed the wait step will start where it left off.
B. They will continue through the wait step until they hit the end of it and once theengagement program is resumed, the prospect will immediately move on to the next stepeven if the engagement program pause was shorter than the wait step.
C. They will NOT continue to progressthrough the wait step and once the egagementprogram is resumed, they will start the wait step from the beginning.
D. They will continue to progress through the wait step until they hit the end of it and oncethe engagement program resumed, if it has beenbeyond the length of the wait step logic,the prospect will immediately move on to the next step.

Question # 14

You have setup an automation rule to add 50 points to prospects who have had activity inthe last 30 days and have submitted a specific landing page. You decide that you want tochange this up to reflect more recent activity and open it up to all landing pages. You editthe rule criteria to reflect prospect last activity of 10 days or less andsubmission of anylanding page and update the action to add 75 points instead. Which of the followingstatements is true?

A. For all prospects who have already matched, no new actions will be applied.
B. For all prospects who have already matched the rule,they will receive the 75 point completion action instead of the 50 points they already received.
C. For prospects who have already matched but also meet the new criteria, they willreceive the 75 points in addition to the 50 points they already received.
D. For all prospects who have already matched the rule, they will receive the 75 pointcompletion action in addition to the 50 points they already received.

Question # 15

LenoxSoft's marketing team shares a list of company names of all external visitors on theirwebsite with the regional sales managers. The regional managers use this list for coldcalling and for insight on whether any recent opportunities are active on their site. Whichsequence of steps should the Pardot Administrator take to automate this process?

A. Enable Send daily visitor activity emails; Enable Send daily prospect activity emails (formy prospects).
B. Enable Visitor Filters for a specific IP range; Enable Send daily visitor activity emails.
C. Enable Send daily prospect activity emails (for all prospects); Enable Page Actions tonotify managers.
D. Enable Visitor Filters for a specific IP range; Enable Page Actions to notify managers.

Question # 16

When integrating Pardot Ultimate edition with Salesforce custom objects, what are two keyattributes to ensure seamless custom object integration? Select 2

A. Lead, Contact or Account record added as a Related Object to the Salesforce customobject
B. Salesforce Connector User has 'Read' permission to the custom object
C. Campaign or Opportunity record added as a Related Object to the Salesforce customobject
D. Customized 'Display in Table' values when configuring fields

Question # 17

Lenoxsoft wants to continue to use their existing forms. Pardot form handlers cannot beused due to the encryption placed on them. However, Lenoxsoft wants all future leads orcontacts converted via their existing forms to be created as prospects in Pardot with theirPardot campaign set to Salesforce connector. With this restriction outlines, Lenoxsoftwants to build an automated process with the following requirements: - New prospects areadded to the New Lead engagement program and remain until they reach a score of 100 -Once prospects reach a score of 100, they should no longer receive emails from the NewLead engagement program. Based on the above, which processshould the Consultantrecommend?

A. Build a Dynamic List:: Prospect Campaign is :: Salesforce Connector and prospectscore:: is less than:: 100, Action:: add to list.
B. Build a Segmentation rule :: Prospect Campaign is :: Salesforce Connector andProspectScore :: is more than :: 100, Action :: add to list
C. Build an Automation rule :: Prospect Created Date ago is :: 100 :: and prospect score:: isless than :: 10, Action :: add to list
D. Build an Automation rule :: Prospect Campaign is :: Salesforce is::Salesforce Connectorand prospect score :: is less than :: 100, Action :: add to list

Question # 18

The marketing team likes to thoroughly test emails before sending them. This includesbeing able to view the links and variable tags as prospects will see them. What Pardotfeature of email now can be used to run these tests?

A. Create a test list of approved users to use in the testing tab of the email now.
B. Create a dynamic list of approved users to use as the recipient list in the sending tab.
C. Create a one off email test send by entering an email address in the Send to Emailssection of the testing tab
D. Create a static list of approved users to use as the recipient list in the sending tab.

Question # 19

LenoxSoft's IT manager refuses to implement email authentication. The marketing entriesso the company can successfully send emails from their Pardot account.Which two benefits of email authentication should be discussed with the IT managChoose 2 answers

A. Authentication provides legal protection against email abuse complaints.
B. Authentication increases deliverability rates of emails sent through Pardot.
C. Authentication proves Pardot is a legitimate sender of LenoxSoft's emails.
D. Authentication ensures the company's sending IP will not appear on blocklists.

Question # 20

LenoxSoft mentions that they would like to invest in a content strategy but isafraid theydon't have the resources. What do youadvise?

A. Start a company blog and promote a few high-quality pieces of content.
B. Post content from other websites on your own site.
C. Hire an agency to create content.
D. Focus on creating as muchcontent as possible.

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