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Platform Developer I (WI24)
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Salesforce PDI Sample Questions

Question # 1

Universal Containers implemented a private sharing model for the Account object. Acustom Account search tool was developed with Apex to help sales representatives findaccounts that match multiple criteria they specify. Since its release, users of the tool reportthey can see Accounts they do not own. What should the developer use to enforce sharingpermission for the currently logged-in user while using the custom search tool?

A. Use the schema describe calls to determine if the logged-in users has access to theAccount object. 
B. Use the without sharing keyword on the class declaration. 
C. Use the UserInfo Apex class to filter all SOQL queries to returned records owned by thelogged-in user. 
D. Use the with sharing keyword on the class declaration.

Question # 2

How many accounts will be inserted by the following block ofcode? for(Integer i = 0 ; i < 500; i++) { Account a = new Account(Name='New Account ' + i); insert a; } 087. Boolean odk; Integer x; if(abok=false;integer=x;){ X=1; }elseif(abok=true;integer=x;){ X=2; }elseif(abok!=null;integer=x;){ X=3; )elseif{ X=4;}

A. X=4 
B. X=8 
C. X=9 
D. X=10 

Question # 3

Application Events follow the traditional publish-subscribe model. Which method is used tofire an event?

A. Fire() 
B. Emit() 
C. RegisterEvent() 
D. FireEvent() 

Question # 4

How should a custom user interface be provided when a user edits an Account in LightningExperience?

A. Override the Account's Edit button with Lightning Flow 
B. Override the Account's Edit button with Lightning Action 
C. Override the Account's Edit button with Lightning page. 
D. Override the Account's Edit button with Lightning component. 

Question # 5

Universal Containers (UC) uses a custom object called Vendor. The Vendor custom objecthas a Master-Detail relationship with the standard Account object. Based on some internaldiscussion, the UC administrator tried to change the Master-Detail relationship to a Lookuprelationship but was not able to do so. What is a possible reason that this change was notpermitted?

A. The Account records contain Vendor roll-up summary fields. 
B. The Vendor object must use a Master-Detail field for reporting. 
C. The Vendor records have existing values in the Account object. 
D. The Account object is included on a workflow on the Vendor object. 

Question # 6

Which Salesforce feature allows a developer to see when a user last logged in toSalesforce if real-time notification is not required?

A. Asynchronous Data Capture Events 
B. Developer Log 
C. Event Monitoring Log 
D. Calendar Events 

Question # 7

An Apex method, getAccounts, that returns a List of Accounts given a search Term, isavailable for Lighting Web components to use. What is the correct definition of a LightingWeb component property that uses the getAccounts method?

A. @AuraEnabled(getAccounts, ‘$searchTerm’) accountList; 
B. @wire(getAccounts, ‘$searchTerm’) accountList; 
C. @AuraEnabled(getAccounts, {searchTerm: ‘$searchTerm’}) accountList; 
D. @wire(getAccounts, {searchTerm: ‘$searchTerm’}) accountList; 

Question # 8

Refer to the following code snippet for an environment has more than 200 Accountsbelonging to the Technology' industry: When the code execution, which two events occur as a result of the Apex transaction?When the code executes, which two events occur as a result of the Apex transaction?Choose 2 answers

A. If executed in an asynchronous context, the apex transaction is likely to fall byexceeding the DML governor limit 
B. The Apex transaction succeeds regardless of any uncaught exception and all processedaccounts are updated. 
C. The Apex transaction fails with the following message. "SObject row was retrieved viaSOQL without querying the requested field Account.Is.Tech__c''. 
D. If executed In a synchronous context, the apex transaction is likely to fall by exceedingthe DHL governor limit. 

Question # 9

Which salesforce org has a complete duplicate copy of the production org including dataand configuration?

A. Developer Pro Sandbox 
B. Partial Copy Sandbox 
C. Production 
D. Full Sandbox 

Question # 10

A developer must create a ShippingCalculator class that cannot be instantiated and mustinclude a working default implementation of a calculate method, that sub-classes canoverride. What is the correct implementation of the ShippingCalculator class?

A. Public abstract class ShippingCalculator { public override calculate() { /*implementation*/ } } 
B. Public abstract class ShippingCalculator { public virtual void calculate() { /*implementation*/ } } 
C. Public abstract class ShippingCalculator { public abstract calculate() { /*implementation*/ } } 
D. Public abstract class ShippingCalculator { public void calculate() { /*implementation*/ } }

Question # 11

A developer has an integer variable called maxAttempts. The developer meeds to ensurethat once maxAttempts is initialized, it preserves its value for the lenght of the Apextransaction; while being able to share the variable's state between trigger executions. Howshould the developer declare maxAttempts to meet these requirements?

A. Declare maxattempts as a member variable on the trigger definition. 
B. Declare maxattempts as a private static variable on a helper class 
C. Declare maxattempts as a constant using the static and final keywords 
D. Declare maxattempts as a variable on a helper class 

Question # 12

A developer must provide custom user interfaces when users edit a Contact in eitherSalesforce Classic or Lightning Experience.What should the developer use to override the Contact's Edit button and provide thisfunctionality?

A. A Visualforce page in Salesforce Classic and a Lightning component in LightningExperience 
B. A Lightning component in 5alesforce Classic and a Lightning component in lightningExperience 
C. A Visualforce page in Salesforce Classic and a Lightning page in Lightning Experience 
D. A Lightning page in Salesforce Classic and a Visualforce page in Lightning Experience 

Question # 13

Universal Containers has an order system that uses an Order Number to identify an orderfor customers and service agents. Order will be imported into Salesforce.

A. Lookup 
B. Direct Lookup 
C. Number with External ID 
D. Indirect Lookup 

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