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Salesforce PDII Exam Dumps

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II (WI24)
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Exam Code PDII
Exam Name Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II (WI24)
Questions 175 Questions Answers With Explanation
Update Date April 22,2024
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Salesforce PDII Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which three Visualforce components can be used to initiate Ajax behavior to perform partial page updates? Choose 3 answers

A. <apex:actionSupport>
B. <apex:commandButton>
C. <apex:form>
D. <apex:actionStatus>

Question # 2

The test method above calls an @future method that increments the Number_of_Times_Viewed__c value. The assertion is failing because the Number_of_Times_Viewed__c equals 0. What is the optimal way to fix this?

A. Change the initialization to acct.Number_Of_Times_Viewed__c = 1.
B. Change the assertion to System.assertEquals(0, acctAfter.Number_Of_Times_Viewed__c).
C. Add Test.startTest() before and Test.stopTest() after AuditUtil.incrementViewed.
D. Add Test.startTest() before and Test.stopTest() after insert acct

Question # 3

A company wants to build a custom Lightning Component that will display a specified Account Field Set and that can only be added to the Account record page. Which design resource configuration should be used?

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Question # 4

A developer is writing code that requires making callouts to an external web service. Which scenario necessitates that the callout be made in an @future method?

A. The callouts will be made in an Apex Test class.
B. The callouts will be made in an Apex Trigger.
C. The callout could take longer than 60 seconds to complete.
D. over 10 callouts will be made in a single transaction.

Question # 5

For compliance purposes, a company is required to track long-term product usage in their org. The information that they need to log will be collected from more than one object and. over time, they predict they will have hundreds of millions of records.What should a developer use to implement this?

A. Field Audit Trail
B. Setup Audit Trail
C. Field History Tracking
D. Bin objects

Question # 6

How can a developer efficiently incorporate multiple JavaScript libraries, such as JQuery and MomenUS, in a Lightning Component?

A. Implement the libraries in separate helper files.
B. Use CONs with script attributes
C. Use JavaScript remoting and script tags.
D. Join multiple assets from a static resource.

Question # 7

A company has a custom object, Order__c, that has a required, unique, external ID field called Order_Number__c. Which statement should be used to perform the DML necessary to insert new records and update existing records in a List of Order__c records?

A. upsert orders;
B. merge orders;
C. merge orders Order_Number__c;
D. upsert orders Order_Number__c;

Question # 8

There are user complaints about slow render times of a custom data table within a visualforce page that loads thousands of Account records at once.What can a developer do to help alleviate such issues?

A. Use the standard Account List controller and implement pagination.
B. Use JavaScript remoting to query the accounts.
C. Use the transient keyword in the Apex code when querying the Account records.
D. Upload a third-party data table library as a static resource.

Question # 9

A company has reference data stored in multiple Custom Metadata records that represent default information for certain.When a Contact is inserted, the default information should be set on the Contact from the Custom Metadata records .. Address information.What is the optimal way to automate this?

A. Process Builder
B. Apex Trigger
C. Workflow Rule
D. Visual Flow

Question # 10

A company processes Orders within their Salesforce instance. When an Order's status changes to 'Paid' it must notify the company's order management system (OMS). The OMS exposes SOAP web service endpoints to listen for when to retrieve the data from Salesforce. What is the optimal method to implement this?

A. Create an Apex trigger and make a callout to the OMS from the trigger.
B. Generate the Partner WSDL and use it to make a callout to the OMS.
C. Create an Outbound Message that contains the session ID and send it to the OMS.
D. Generate the Enterprise WSDL and use it to make a callout to the OMS.

Question # 11

A developer receives an error when trying to call a global server-side method using the @remoteAction decorator. How can the developer resolve the error?

A. Add static to the server-side method signature.
B. Decorate the server-side method with (static=true).
C. Change the function signature to be private static.
D. Decorate the server-side method with (static=false)

Question # 12

A developer receives the exception 'SOQL query not selective enough' when performing a query on an object with a large amount of data. Which step should be taken to resolve the issue?

A. Use an ID in the WHERE clause of the SOQL query.
B. Perform the SOQL query as part of a FOR loop.
C. Perform the SOQL query via a call to the REST API.
D. Move the SOQL query to within an asynchronous process.

Question # 13

A large company uses Salesforce across several departments. Each department has its own Salesforce Administrator. It was agreed that each Administrator would have their own sandbox in which to test changes. Recently, users notice that fields that were recently added for one department suddenly disappear without warning. Also, Workflows that once sent emails and created tasks no longer do so. Which two statements are true regarding these issues and resolution? Choose 2 answers

A. A sandbox should be created to use as a unified testing environment instead of deploying Change Sets directly to production.
B. Page Layouts should never be deployed via Change Sets, as this causes Workflows and Field-level Security to be reset and fields to disappear.
C. The administrators are deploying their own Change Sets, thus deleting each other's fields from the objects in production.
D. The administrators are deploying their own Change Sets over each other, thus replacing entire Page Layouts and Workflows in Production

Question # 14

A developer notices the execution of all the test methods in a class takes a long time to run, due to the initial setup of ail the test data that is needed to perform the tests.What should the developer do to speed up test execution''

A. Define a method that creates test data and annotate with @testSetup.
B. Define a method that creates test data and annotate with @createData
C. Reduce the amount of test methods in the class.
D. Ensure proper usage of test data factory In all test methods.

Question # 15

A company has a web page that needs to get Account record information, given its Salesforce record ID, from JavaScript on the page and then display it. Which method of integration is optimal?

B. Apex REST Web Service
C. Apex SOAP Web Service

Question # 16

A developer needs to store variables to control the style and behavior of a Lightning Web Component. Which feature should be used to ensure that the variables are testable in both Production and all Sandboxes?

A. Custom Metadata
B. Custom Object
C. Custom Setting
D. Custom Variable

Question # 17

After a Platform Event is defined in a Salesforce org, events can be published via which two mechanisms? Choose 2 answers

A. internal Apps can use Outbound Messages
B. Internal Apps can use Process Builder.
C. External Apps require a custom Apex web service.
D. External Apps can use the standard Streaming API.

Question # 18

An org has a requirement that the Shipping Address on the Account must be validated by a third-party web service, before the Account is allowed to be inserted.What is the optimal way to meet this requirement?

A. Make a callout to the web service from a custom Visualforce controller.
B. Make a callout to the web service from a standard Visualforce controller.
C. Make a callout to the web service from an after insert trigger.
D. Make a callout to the web service from a before insert trigger.

Question # 19

A developer sees test failures in the sandbox but not in production. No code or metadata changes have been actively made to either environment since the sandbox was created.Which consideration should be checked to resolve the issue?

A. Ensure the Apex Classes are on the same API version.
B. Ensure Process Builder processes are inactive.
C. Ensure the sandbox is on the same release as production.
D. Ensure Workflow Rules are inactive.

Question # 20

Which annotation exposes an Apex class as a RESTful neb service?

A. @RemoteAction
B. @RestRtsoorct
C. @AuraEnaWed
D. @HttpInvocabte

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