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Salesforce Process Automation Accredited Professional Exam(WI24)
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Exam Code Process-Automation
Exam Name Salesforce Process Automation Accredited Professional Exam(WI24)
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Salesforce Process-Automation Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which Process Builder component determines when a process runs? 

A. Criteria 
B. Trigger 
C. Action 
D. Screen 

Question # 2

Universal Containers (UC) is automatically its employee offboarding process. Payroll information is stored in an external system. What could UC use to make a automatic update to the payroll system when an employee is offboarded? 

A. Salesforce Handler 
B. API Connect 
C. Outbound Message Action 
D. JSON Auto Connector 

Question # 3

The system needs to automatically mention the record owner in the record feed whenever an Opportunity record is Closed-Won. How can an Administrator accomplish this using Flow? 

A. By cresting two flow directives, one for the record and another one for the feed item. 
B. By using the Assignment Element and setting the value to the record owner. 
C. By creating a temporary shadow record with system account as the owner and copying the lead item to original record. 
D. By entering @[reference] in the input Message parameter, where reference is the ID for the record owner. 

Question # 4

What are three basic building blocks of Salesforce Flow? 

A. Element 
B. Resource 
C. Variables 
D. Constants 
E. Connector 

Question # 5

In which three ways can a flow designer distribution flows that involve user interaction? 

A. Field Portal Mobile App 
B. Lightning pages
 C. Flow actions 
D. Custom Lightning web components
 E. Microservice Frame 

Question # 6

Which tools are included with the Lightning Flow product? 

A. Lightning Experience and Flow Builder 
B. Process Builder. Flow Builder, and Approvals 
C. Process Builder and Flow Builder 
D. Lightning App Builder and Process Builder 

Question # 7

What’s the different between the Run and Debug buttons In Flow Builder? 

A. The Run button is available only for active flows. 
B. Only the run tuition the Intent of the flow. 
C. The debug button automatically fix issues in the flow. 
D. The debug button displays details tor debugging the flow. 

Question # 8

Which of the following three statements are correct regarding Flow interviews? 

A. A flow interview always runs n single instance of n flaw. 
B. Any flow interviews that are not in use should be deleted go that user's pending list includes only interviews that they .. 
C. Users can use browser's Back or Forward buttons to navigate through a flow 
D. Only those flow interviews can be deactivated that have been paused at least once. 
E. A single flow can have up to 50 different versions. 

Question # 9

An administrator wants to see which Flows currently have paused interviews or scheduled action. Where should the administrator go to ….? 

A. In Setup, type ‘’Queue’ in the quick search menu and select ‘’Queue’’ 
B. In Setup, go to Flows and select the Recently Viewed List View. 
C. In Setup, go to process Automation and select Paused Flow interviews. 
D. In Setup, go to Process Automation and select Automation Home. 

Question # 10

Which element allow adding branching logic?

 A. Assignment
 B. Loop
 C. Subflow 
D. Decision

Question # 11

Universal Containers (UC) wants to prevent their customer’s assist records from being visible to the sales users of another business groups in …. Can UC accomplish this? 

A. Use Apex Trigger 
B. Use Lightning Flow 
C. Use Process builder 
D. Use Dynamic Form 

Question # 12

Where would a flow designer navigate to add a Screen Flow to a Lightning Page? 

A. Setup > Lightning App builder > Flow Canvas 
B. Setup > Edit Page
C. Setup > App Picker > Flow Builder. 
D. Setup > Lightning App Builder > Page

Question # 13

An administrator wants to add a confirmation screen to a Screen Flow. What type of Screen Component should the administrator? 

A. Text
 B. Display Text 
C. Lookup 
D. Long Text Area

Question # 14

What should be avoided within the loop when working web flows?

 A. Executing actions like creating or updating records
 B. Displaying data to the user 
C. Assignment new values to variables. 
D. Nesting another loop.

Question # 15

An Administrator needs to notify the CEO via email requesting sign-off anytime an opportunity’s discount reaches higher than 40% leave comments. Which tool should the Administrator use to accomplish this? 

A. Process Builder 
B. Flow Builder 
C. Apex Trigger 
D. Approvals 

Question # 16

Which three building blocks are used to create a Flow? 

A. Resources 
B. Screens 
C. Connectors 
D. Elements 
E. Process 

Question # 17

What should you avoid inside a loop?

 A. Assigning new values to variables. 
B. Displaying data to the user. 
C. Executing actions, such as creating or updating records. 
D. Nesting another loop.

Question # 18

A new VP of sales joined TrueGlobal Inc. TrueGlobal uses Salesforce for managing their global sales operations. The VP of sales wants to receive an email alert if a deal stage is changed to Closed Lost and the amount was greater than $1,000,000. What evaluation criteria should the administrator choose while creating this workflow rule?

 A. When a record is created and every time it is edited 
B. When a record is created and any time it's edited to subsequently meet criteria 
C. When a record is created 
D. When a record is edited, and any time it’s edited to subsequently meet criteria 

Question # 19

Which of the following should be used to branch a flow? 

A. Branching Element 
B. Decision Element 
C. If condition 
D. If Elase condition 

Question # 20

Cloud Kicks (CK) is evaluating outbound message actions to send pricing updates to …. 

A. If the endpoint is unavailable, outbound messages are lost after 3 unsuccessful retries.
 B. Outbound messages could potentially be delivered out of order.
 C. Audit trail is not available for outbound messages. 
D. Admin can configure up to 5 outbound message types for guaranteed delivery.

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