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VMware 2V0-31.19 Exam Dumps

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Exam Code 2V0-31.19
Exam Name Professional VMware vRealize Automation 7.6
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VMware 2V0-31.19 Sample Questions

Question # 1

An administrator needs to remove the capability to delete deployments from three blueprints for one business group. How can the administrator accomplish this in one step?

A. Remove the action from the blueprints.
B. Remove the action from the Active Directory group.
C. Remove the action from the business group.
D. Remove the action from the entitlement.

Question # 2

Which authentication platform must be used when setting up "Realize Orchestrator with the following three roles: Admin, Editor and End User?

A. realize Automation
B. Active Directory Authentication
C. Internal Local Users
D. vSphere Authentication

Question # 3

Which two methods can be used to ensure users enter a valid value in custom forms? (Choose two.)

A. Use constraints with predefined values in the form.
B. Use an image field in the form.
C. Use external validation (such as with vRealize Orchestrator) in the form.
D. Use a text field in the form.
E. Use a bind variable in the form.

Question # 4

Which two user roles can create approval policies? (Choose two.)

A. Approval architect
B. Infrastructure architect
C. Approval administrator
D. Fabric administrator
E. Tenant administrator

Question # 5

Which directory type should be created in a tenant if an administrator wants to use multi-domain or multi-forest deployments?

A. Active Directory over LDAP
B. Local User Directory
C. Active Directory over Integrated Windows Authentication (1WA)
D. LDAP Directory

Question # 6

A user needs to lease a machine for 14 days. The request is in approval for three days with his manager before being provisioned.How many days will the machine be active before expiration?

A. 14
B. 17
C. 10
D. 11

Question # 7

Which role is required in vRealize Automation to add a vCenter endpoint to vRealize Business for Cloud?

A. Business group manager
B. Infrastructure administrator
C. Business management controller
D. Business management administrator

Question # 8

Which step must an administrator complete to reduce the number of blueprints to provision machines from different OVF or OVA files?

A. Use the datacenter location drop-down.
B. Create blueprints tied to a reservation policy.
C. Create a software component.
D. Use an image value set for a component profile.

Question # 9

What is the role of the Proxy Agent?

A. Communicate with hypervisor endpoints
B. Communicate with hypervisor and cloud endpoints
C. Communicate with cloud endpoints
D. Communicate with vCenter endpoints

Question # 10

Which Azure-related information is needed during an Azure endpoint configuration in vRealize Automation?

A. Azure license
B. Subscription ID
C. Username and password
D. Azure AD Connect

Question # 11

What is the primary log for the vRealize Automation appliance?

A. vcac-config.log
B. catalina.out
C. catalina.log
D. vami.log

Question # 12

A tenant administrator would like to initiate a reclamation request for underutilized virtual machines in their vRealize Automation environment. The tenant administrator selects the candidate deployment and sends a reclamation request to the owners of the virtual machines.What happens if the virtual machine owners do not respond to the reclamation request in a timely manner?

A. The virtual machine is immediately expired and powered off.
B. The virtual machine gets a new lease as determined by the administrator.
C. The virtual machine continues to run and expires per the lease terms defined in the blueprint.
D. The virtual machine is immediately expired and deleted.

Question # 13

A vRealize Orchestrator administrator is tasked with creating a workflow that processes sensitive information that is subject to auditing. All workflow messages must be stored in the vRealize Orchestrator database.How can the administrator ensure that all log messages generated by the workflow are stored in the database?

A. Configure a DEBUG level for the vRealize Orchestrator server.
B. Use System.log() when printing out messages.
C. Configure SQL plugin to write to the database directly.
D. Use Server.log() when printing out messages.

Question # 14

An administrator is part of multiple business groups. One group is only entitled to power on and power off virtual machines and the other group is only entitled to destroy the virtual machines.Which actions will able to the administrator when a machine is deployed?

A. Power on, power off and destroy
B. Destroy only
C. Power off and destroy only
D. Power off and power off only

Question # 15

A new Windows operating system machine blueprint is created and is ready to be added to a new service catalog.Which step must be performed for the catalog item to be visible to business users?

A. Entitle the blueprint with all appropriate actions.
B. Publish the blueprint.
C. Entitle a business user to add the blueprint to the catalog.
D. Add the catalog item to the business group’s reservation.

Question # 16

In order to use an Active Directory user as a managed item in vRealize Automation, what must be createdfirst?

A. A customer resource that maps to an Active Directory user object (AD:User)
B. A customer resource that maps to an Active Directory domain controller (AD:DC)
C. A resource action to add an Active Directory user object (AD:User)
D. A resource action to add an Active Directory domain controller (AD:DC)

Question # 17

Which two types of entities can be a part of a vRealize Orchestrator package? (Choose two.)

A. Policy templates
B. Inventory
C. Configurations
D. Logs
E. Scripting elements

Question # 18

Which two components require a load balancer? (Choose two.)

A. IaaS Web
B. IaaS Manager
C. Proxy Agent
D. Management Agent
E. DEM Worker

Question # 19

A user in the Dev business group is out of the office and a machine needs to be created from a blueprint in vRealize Automation for the team.Which two roles can create the machine on behalf of the Dev team member? (Choose two.)

A. Approval administrator role
B. Tenant administrator role
C. Business group manager role
D. Support role
E. Shared user access role

Question # 20

What is prerequisite for creating a NAT or routed network profile in vRealize Automation?

A. An existing external network profile
B. A load balancer
C. A predefined DNS server
D. A predefined DHCP range

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