VMware 2V0-51.19 dumps

VMware 2V0-51.19 Exam Dumps

VMware Professional Horizon 7.7 Exam 2019
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Exam Code 2V0-51.19
Exam Name VMware Professional Horizon 7.7 Exam 2019
Questions 65 Questions Answers With Explanation
Update Date April 22,2024
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VMware 2V0-51.19 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which two databases are supported by App Volumes 2.x? (Choose two.)

A. Microsoft SQL Server 2012 SP3
B. Microsoft SQL Server Express 2008
C. Oracle 11g
D. vPostgres

Question # 2

When integrating a Citrix deployment in VMware Identity Manager, what can be done in the Administration Console with Citrix resources?

A. Entitle users to those Citrix resources
B. View the Citrix resources and their entitlements
C. Modify the settings of the Citrix resources
D. Manage Citrix-published applications and Citrix-published desktops

Question # 3

An administrator is configuring a rule for an Access Policy in VMware Identity Manager.Which three settings can be configured to manage user access to their apps portal as a whole, or to specified Web application? (Choose three.)

A. Network Range
B. Application category
C. Device Type
D. Rule Schedule
E. Authentication Type

Question # 4

What is the recommended relationship between View Composer servers and vCenter servers?

A. Many View Composer servers to many vCenter servers
B. One View Composer server to one vCenter server
C. One View Composer server to many vCenter servers
D. Many View Composer servers to one vCenter server

Question # 5

Within VMware User Environment Manager management console, which are correct Triggers for Triggered Tasks?

A. Lock workstation, Unlock workstation, Disconnect session, and Reconnect session
B. Disconnect workstation, Reconnect workstation, Lock session, and Unlock session
C. Lock workstation, Unlock workstation, Logoff User, and Login User
D. Restart workstation, Shutdown workstation, Disconnect session, and Reconnect session

Question # 6

What are two RDS Desktop pool settings? (Choose two.)

A. Allow users to choose protocol
B. Connection Server restrictions
C. Adobe Flash quality
D. Allow users to reset their machines

Question # 7

Which two guest virtual machine components provide the best performance in a View virtual desktop? (Choose two.)

A. vmxnet3
B. BusLogic
D. e1000

Question # 8

Which type of virtual machines can an existing pool contain when cloning an Automated Desktop Pool from an existing pool?

A. RDS desktops
B. Manual desktops
C. Linked clones
D. Instant clones

Question # 9

Which three actions does the User Environment Manager Helpdesk Support Tool allow a desktop support engineer to perform? (Choose three.)

A. Backing up a profile archive
B. Searching and select users
C. Resetting and restoring profile archives
D. Restarting the (VMware UEM Service) FlexEngine service
E. Viewing FlexEngine logs

Question # 10

Which are two custom setup options when installing VMware Horizon Agent on a master image? (Choose two.)

A. USB Redirection
B. Windows Media Multimedia Redirection
C. VMWare Horizon Instant Clone Agent
D. Unity Touch

Question # 11

Writable Volumes can be assigned to which three choices? (Choose three.)

A. VDI Desktops
B. Groups
C. RDS Session Hosts
D. AppStacks
E. Users

Question # 12

Which three Microsoft Windows desktop versions are supported by VMware User Environment Manager? (Choose three.)

A. Microsoft Windows 8.1
B. Microsoft Windows 8
C. Microsoft Windows XP
D. Microsoft Windows 10
E. Microsoft Windows 7

Question # 13

Within User Environment Manager, which is the correct option to Turn Off the FlexEngine Config File Processing at logon and logoff for a particular application or setting?

A. Uncheck the Enable DirectFlex for this config file option in the DirectFlex settings tab
B. Disable the DirectFlex – advanced settings within the VMware UEM GPO
C. Disable by right-clicking the application or setting in the tree view
D. Uncheck the Process during logon and logoff option in the Advanced settings tab

Question # 14

How does User Environment Manager use the Profile Archive file share?

A. It stores Flex configuration files
B. It stores the FlexEngine executable files for distribution
C. It stores the user personalization settings
D. It stores backups of the user personalization settings

Question # 15

Where does VMware Identity Manager administrator access the Join Domain command?

A. Identity & Access Management > Manage > Identity Providers
B. Identity & Access Management > Manage > Appliance Settings
C. Identity & Access Management > Setup > Connectors
D. Identity & Access Management > Setup > AirWatch

Question # 16

VMware User Environment Manager Application Profiler allows for what two supported capabilities? (Choose two.)

A. Application Profiler allows for the individual user Personalization of applications
B. Application Profiler analyzes registry and file system location settings for a particular application
C. Application Profiler allows for the creation of application-specific Predefined Settings
D. Application Profiler analyzes for the creation of Application Templates

Question # 17

View Composer supports which database version?

A. Microsoft SQL Server 2012
B. vPostgres
C. Oracle 11g
D. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 SP1

Question # 18

What is the minimum version of vSphere required to deploy instant clones?

A. vSphere 5.5
B. vSphere 6.0 Update 1
C. vSphere 5.5 Update 3b
D. vSphere 6.0 Update 2

Question # 19

The vRealize Operations Manager for VMware Horizon dashboards are all blank except for the Horizon Adapter Self Health dashboard.What two actions will resolve the issue? (Choose two.)

A. Add a vRealize Operations for Horizon License Key
B. Associate Horizon objects with the vRealize Operations for Horizon License Key
C. Create an instance of the Horizon Adapter
D. Configure the vRealize Operations for Horizon Broker Agent

Question # 20

One of the datastores containing a linked clone desktop pool is running out of disk space and an administrator adds a second datastore.Which operation should the administrator perform to resolve the issue?

A. Refresh
B. Storage vMotion
C. Recompose
D. Rebalance

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