Cisco 300-810 dumps

Cisco 300-810 Exam Dumps

Implementing Cisco Collaboration Applications (CLICA)
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Exam Code 300-810
Exam Name Implementing Cisco Collaboration Applications (CLICA)
Questions 160 Questions Answers With Explanation
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Cisco 300-810 Sample Questions

Question # 1

An engineer is configuring Cisco Unity Connection to provide messaging services and needs to designate a set of phone numbers to be used for transferring calls within the organization to prevent toll fraud. Which mechanism in Cisco Unity Connection should be modified to accomplish this goal?

A. restriction tables
B. calling search spaces
C. transfer rules
D. fraud tables

Question # 2

Which authentication method allows a user to log in to an SSO-enabled Cisco Unified Communications application by utilizing a Microsoft Windows login, thereby not requiring any credentials to be entered? 

A. Smart Card
B. OAuth
C. form-based
D. Kerberos

Question # 3

An engineer is working on a cisco unity Express system and notices that users that exist on the integrated cisco UCME are missing from Cisco Unity Express. Which two actions using the GUI resolve this discrepancy? (Choose two) 

A. Use the Synchronize task under the User ID field.
B. Use the Synchronize System under MWI
C. Use the Synchronize Information under Administration
D. Import the users using a CSV file.
E. Add the missing users manually to Cisco Unity Express

Question # 4

Cisco Unity connection ports on cisco UCM are not registering. An engineer receives a packet capture of the link between the two servers to troubleshoot. In which port will this problem be resolved? 

A. TCP 1720
B. TCP 2000
C. TCP 5060
D. TCP 2427

Question # 5

Which Cisco IM and Presence service must be activated and running for IM Presence to successfully integrate with Cisco Unified Communications Manager? 

A. Cisco DHCP Monitor Service  
B. Cisco AXL Web Service  
C. Self-Provisioning IVR  
D. Cisco XCP Authentication Service  

Question # 6

Which Cisco IM and Presence service must be activated and running for IM Presence to successfully integrate with Cisco Unified Communications Manager? 

A. Cisco DHCP Monitor Service  
B. Cisco AXL Web Service  
C. Self-Provisioning IVR  
D. Cisco XCP Authentication Service  

Question # 7

Which two command line arguments can you specify when installing Cisco Jabber for windows? (Choose two.) 


Question # 8

An engineer is configuring a Cisco Voicemail organization. How many links be configured between two Cisco unity connection Clusters?

A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four

Question # 9

Which SAML component specifies the mapping of SAML assertion protocol message exchanges with standard messaging formats or communication protocols such as SOAP exchanges

A. SAML binding  
B. SAML assertion  
C. SAML profiles  
D. SAML protocol  

Question # 10

In Digital Network Cisco Unity Connection clusters, each site transmits and receives messages for the recipients based on which protocol? 

C. SIP  

Question # 11

An engineer is configuring a customer’s environment for Jabber user over mobile and remote access. The customer’s internal domain. Which Jabber parameter defines the external service discovery domain statistically?

A. UPN discovery enabled  
B. exclude services  
C. services domain  
C. services domain  

Question # 12

An administrator must configure a system distribution list for the IT staff that must be reachable via voice recognition using either the phrases “service desk” or “Help desk”. Which advanced distribute list feature should be used to accomplish this task? 

A. Alternate Greeting  
B. Alternate Extension  
C. Alternate Name  
D. Alternate Diction  

Question # 13

AN administrator must configure a federation between company A and company B using the SIP/simple protocol. What are the configuration items that are available? 

A. Port 5061; TLS encryption; Instant Messaging, Presence, and VoIP support
B. no encryption; Instant Messaging, Presence, and VoIP support
C. port 5222; TLS encryption; Instant Messaging, Presence, and VoIP support
D. no encryption; Instant Messaging support

Question # 14

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer assists a user who reports that the voicemall notifications show correctly on the desk phone are not available in the jabber client. Which action resolves this issue? 

A. Reset the Jabber client and have the user sign in again  
B. Set the voicemail profile on the user’s line on the CSF device.  
C. Configure the voicemail profile on the user’s service profile  
D. Ensure that the voicemail server is listed in the user’s CTI profile  

Question # 15

Which two protocols does the Cisco IM Presence service use to federate with external domains? (Choose two.)

C. SIP  

Question # 16

A collaboration engineer restored a failed primary node of an active/standby IM and presence subcluster with the server Recovery manager set to defaults. The engineer notices that the user is still assigned to the secondary server. Which action resolves this issue? 

A. Select the Fallback button under Presence Redundancy Group Configuration  
B. Wait for 30 minutes for automatic fallback to occur  
C. Modify the DNS SRV records to point back to the primary server  
D. Restart the services on the primary server  

Question # 17

A customer is using Cisco Unified IM and Presence with high availability and has reported that their primary node is not providing any IM and Presence services. What is causing this issue? 

A. The presence redundancy group node state of the primary node is 'idle".
B. The presence redundancy group node state of the peer node is "normal".
C. The presence redundancy group node state of the primary node is 'initializing".
D. The presence redundancy group node state of the peer node is 'running in backupmode".

Question # 18

When Cisco IM and Presence is configured to use automatic fallback, how long does the Server Recovery Manager service wait for a failed service/server to remain active before an automatic fallback is initiated?

A. 10 minutes
B. 20 minutes
C. 30 minutes
D. 1 hour

Question # 19

Which service must be activated on Cisco Unity Connection to utilize LDAP synchronization?

A. Cisco Tomcat  
B. Cisco Sync Agent  
C. Cisco DirSync  
D. Cisco RIS Data Collector  

Question # 20

What is the maximum number of Cisco Unity Connection locations connected in a HTTPS network?

A. 50  
B. 25  
C. 200  

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