Citrix 1Y0-204 dumps

Citrix 1Y0-204 Exam Dumps

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 Administration exam
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Exam Code 1Y0-204
Exam Name Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 Administration exam
Questions 181 Questions Answers With Explanation
Update Date July 15,2024
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Citrix 1Y0-204 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Scenario: A user is working on a document in an HDX session and saves data on the desktop. The Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) session abruptly crashes, causing the saved data to be lost. Which Citrix Profile Management policy can a Citrix Administrator enable to prevent data loss? 

A. Active Write Back 
B. Profile Streaming 
C. Delay Cached Profile Deletion 
D. Profile Caching 

Question # 2

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator previously configured a Citrix Virtual Desktops Site to use evaluation licenses. The administrator then installed valid advanced licenses on the Citrix License Server and confirmed that licenses show correctly in the licensing console. However, a user reports an issue about logging on to the published desktop. The user receives an error message stating that the evaluation license is about to expire. What should the administrator do to fix this issue?

A. Restart the License service. 
B. Verify the host name entry in the license file. 
C. Remove the evaluation license. 
D. Change the product edition in Citrix Studio. 

Question # 3

A user calls the help desk to report that when launching any application from within their published desktop session, it takes a long time and the overall performance is poor. Which Citrix Director report can a Citrix Administrator use to initiate the investigation of the issue?

A. Machine Utilization in Machine Details 
B. Launch Failures in Trends 
C. Load Evaluator in Trends 
D. Session Data in Filters 

Question # 4

A Citrix Administrator is in the process of installing Citrix Cloud Connector, but theinstallation fails.What could be causing the Citrix Cloud Connector installation to fail on the machine?

A. It is in sync with UTC time instead of local time. 
B. Enhanced Security Configuration (ESC) is set to 'off'. 
C. It cannot run on a machine template cloned across multiple machines. 
D. It is NOT joined to the domain. 

Question # 5

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to deploy 300 virtual Windows 10 desktops in an environment. The deployment should have a low impact on the existing network infrastructure. The environment also requires user-installed applications and persistency.Which Citrix technology can the administrator use to provision the desktops? 

A. Citrix Provisioning 
B. Existing Machines 
C. Machine Creation Services 
D. Manual Provisioning 

Question # 6

According to Citrix leading practices, what is the minimum number of Delivery Controllers required to deploy Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops for 500 users?

A. 1 
B. 2 
C. 3 
D. 4 

Question # 7

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is investigating an issue in which a user’s session does NOT successfully end after closing the last published application. The administrator used Task Manager to inspect the hanging session but could NOT find any relevant information.Which tool could the administrator use to get further details on orphaned processes in the session? 

A. Procmon 
B. Process Explorer 
C. Regmon 
D. Handle 

Question # 8

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to configure persistence on a Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) virtual server to which a service is bound, so that the service continues to serve requests from the client event after it is disabled manually, accepting new requests or connections only to honor persistence. After a configured period of time, no new requests or connections are directed to the service and all of the existing connections are closed.Which parameter can the administrator configure while disabling the service to achieve this requirement?

A. Request Threshold 
B. Persistence Time-Out 
C. Persistence Threshold 
D. Wait Time 

Question # 9

Which type of certificate should a Citrix Administrator request so that a client endpoint can communicate with StoreFront over an encrypted connection? 

A. Server
B. Client
C. Intermediate
D. Root

Question # 10

What information does a Citrix Administrator need when creating a silent installation of the Cloud Connector? 

A. Citrix.CloudServices.AgentHub.Api 
B. Machine Catalog Name
C. Resource Location ID 
D. Active Directory Schema 

Question # 11

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to configure StoreFront to allow external users access to internal resources. The external users will authenticate on StoreFront.Which StoreFront authentication method can the administrator configure? 

A. Smart card 
B. Pass-through from NetScaler Gateway 
C. HTTP Basic
D. Username and password

Question # 12

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator has made changes to the Citrix ADC, deleting parts of the configuration, and then saved the new configurations. The changes caused an outage which needs to be resolved as quickly as possible. There is no Citrix ADC backup. What does the administrator need to do to recover the configuration quickly? 

A. Restore from revision history. 
B. Restart the Citrix ADC. 
C. Run HA file synchronization. 
D. Run Save v/s Running configuration. 

Question # 13

What are three daily steps a Citrix Administrator should take to monitor a Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops infrastructure? (Choose three.) 

A. Review Citrix policies. 
B. Perform a capacity assessment. 
C. Test environment access. 
D. Check virtual machine power states. 
E. Review available Citrix software upgrades. 
F. Check for warnings or alerts with Citrix Director. 

Question # 14

By default, what is the printing behavior when no printing policy is configured? 

A. Direct connections to print servers are prohibited. 
B. All client printers are auto-created. 
C. The generic universal printer is automatically created. 
D. The Universal Print Server is enabled. 

Question # 15

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator has a configured a Citrix policy using Citrix Studio.However, when the administrator restarted a Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) machine and launched an HDX session hosted on that machine, the policy settings were NOT being applied. Which three statements are possible reasons for this behavior? (Choose three.) 

A. The VDA machine is NOT registered with the Site where the Citrix policy was configured. 
B. The policy settings were overridden by the default settings in the Unfiltered policy. 
C. A policy filter has been applied that excludes the VDA machine that was tested. 
D. The VDA machine is NOT able to communicate with the Site database. 
E. Conflicting Citrix policy settings have been configured using a Microsoft Group Policy Object (GPO).

Question # 16

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is working on a published application. The network connection remains active for 240 seconds but is interrupted and applications become unusable. The session then prompts for authentication. After the administrator successfully authenticates, the session is reconnected.Which policy makes this possible? 

A. Load Management 
B. Auto Client Reconnect 
C. Session Reliability 
D. ICA Keep Alive 

Question # 17

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator maintains a Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Site with a number of network print servers being used for all users. Currently, the print serves use native Windows drivers. No client printers are being used. New company guidelines require a reduction in the number of native drivers being used within the Site infrastructure. Which step can the administrator take to meet the new company guidelines?

A. Enable the Citrix Universal Print Driver (EMF) driver and leave the default Universal printer driver usage policy setting.
B. Install the Universal Print Server on all print servers in the Site and leave the default Universal printer driver usage policy setting.
C. Configure the Citrix Universal Generic Printer and update the Auto-create generic universal printer policy setting. 
D. Install the Universal Print Server on all print servers in the Site and update the Universal printer usage policy setting. 

Question # 18

Which layer contains the Site database in a Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Architecture model? 

A. Access 
B. User 
C. Control 
D. Resource

Question # 19

Scenario: A StoreFront store supports 150 users who have full access to all enterprise resources. A Citrix Administrator needs to create a new StoreFront store for contractors who will work onsite for two months. The contractors need access to specific resources but will NOT be Active Directory users. Which option should the administrator select while creating the store for contractors?

A. HTTP Basic 
B. Unauthenticated 
C. Smart card
D. Pass-through

Question # 20

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator received reports from users regarding published applications freezing and crashing randomly within their Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) machine sessions. The administrator would like to review the history of applications that have crashed recently.Which step can the administrator take to gather the necessary information from within Citrix Director?

A. Review Failed Server OS Machines under Dashboard. 
B. Configure Application Faults under Trends. 
C. Configure Application Errors under Trends.
D. Review Citrix Alerts under Alerts. 

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