Citrix 1Y0-230 dumps

Citrix 1Y0-230 Exam Dumps

Deploy and Manage Citrix ADC 13 with Citrix Gateway
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Exam Code 1Y0-230
Exam Name Deploy and Manage Citrix ADC 13 with Citrix Gateway
Questions 70 Questions Answers With Explanation
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Citrix 1Y0-230 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which two options would provide an end-to-end encryption data, while allowing the NetScaler to optimize the responses? (Choose two.)

A. HTTP protocol for the virtual server
B. SSL Bridge protocol for the virtual server
C. HTTP protocol for the services
D. SSL protocol for the virtual server
E. SSL protocol for the services
F. SSL Bridge protocol for the services

Question # 2

Which two options should a Citrix Administrator configure to stop the First-Time wizard from automatically popping up? (Choose two.)

A. Host Name is NOT configured on the appliance
B. The appliance is configured with the default IP address (
C. the default Admin Password has NOT been changed
D. Licenses are NOT present on the appliance

Question # 3

Which three statements are true when comparing a Simple Access Control List (ACL) to an Extended ACL? (Choose thre

A. Extended ACLs have priorities
B. Simple ACLs can be modified
C. Extended ACLs apply first
D. Simple ACLs can be based on the Source and Destination IP address
E. Simple ACLs can bridge traffic
F. Simple ACLs are based on the Source IP address only
G. Simple ACLs apply first

Question # 4

Scenario: A Cirtix Administrator is configuring a new Authentication, Authorization and Auditing (AAA) virtual server, and the status is DOWN. The administrator has made the following configurations:Add lbvserver lb_vsrv_www HTTP persistenceType NONOE–cltTimeout 180- authn401 ON –authnVsName SAML_SPBind vserver lb_vsrv_www_ssl Red_srvBind lb vserver lb_vsrv_www_ssl Blue_srvAdd authentication vserver SAML_SP SSL AuthenticationDomain citrix.labHow can the administrator finish the installation to change the status of the virtual server to UP?

A. Bind the Certificate to the virtual server SAML_SP.
B. The LDAP server is NOT bound to the virtual server SAML_SP.
C. Services are NOT bound to the virtual server SAML_SP.
D. An AAA policy is NOT bound to the virtual server SAML_SP.

Question # 5

Which option is needed to configure the NetScaler Gateway to provide users with multiple logon options after successful authentication, if the users are connected through clientless access?

A. Client choices without using Endpoint Analysis
B. Configuration of Endpoint Analysis
C. Configuration of Quarantine Group
D. Client choices options with mandatory Endpoint Analysis

Question # 6

What does a Citrix Administrator need to do on NetScaler Gateway to ensure that users accept the terms and conditions before they can log on using NetScaler Gateway?

A. Configure a Responder policy.
B. Upload an HTML file to the NetScaler appliance.
C. Create an end user license agreement (EULA).
D. Configure a Rewrite policy.

Question # 7

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator manages an environment that has multiple websites running through a NetScaler MPX 5550. The NetScaler meets the needs of the environment throughout the year, except in December, when the capacity doubles. The administrator needs to handle this increased web traffic with a temporary, cost-effective solution.Which action should the administrator recommend in order to handle the increased web traffic?

A. Purchase a BurstPack License
B. Purchase NetScaler Gateway Platform License
C. Purchase a license to upgrade the MPX 5550 to a MPX 5650
D. Purchase Universal License

Question # 8

Which two options should a Citrix Administrator consider when adding a secondary device in a high availability (HA) pair? (Choose two.)

A. The Independent Network Configuration (INC) mode should be enabled.
B. Both the devices should have different SNIP addresses.
C. The nsroot password should be the same on both nodes.
D. HA Monitoring should be disabled on all the unused interfaces.
E. Configure the HA status of the Primary Node as STAYPRIMARY.

Question # 9

Which NetScaler feature can be utilized to reuse existing TCP connections?

A. Content Switching
B. TCP Buffering
C. Keep Alives
D. Connection Multiplexing

Question # 10

In which two ways can a Citrix Administrator configure SmartAccess? (Choose two.)

A. Enable Workspace Control within StoreFront.
B. Update XML Service Trust to set-BrokerSite-TrustRequestsSentToTheXMLServicePort $True
C. Update the XML Service trust in the XenDesktop database manually.
D. Ensure that the SmartAccess filter name on the Delivery Group matches the NetScaler Gateway policies.

Question # 11

Scenario: A NetScaler Gateway provides ICA Proxy to an internal XenDesktop site in an environment. The security team wants the Citrix Administrator to configure the NetScaler to block client drives if the client device fails a security scan.Which NetScaler feature allows the administrator to satisfy the security team’s requirements without making changes to the XenDesktop configuration?

A. Traffic Policy
B. Smart Access
C. SmartControl
D. Authorization Policy

Question # 12

A Citrix Administrator needs to create a customized blacklist of IP addresses to supplement the Webroot reputation check, and in order to have stricter access through NetScaler.How can the administrator create this blacklist?

A. Create several extended Access Control List policies.
B. Create a data set for IPv4 address matching.
C. Enable MAC-based Forwarding.
D. Create several simple Access Control List policies.

Question # 13

Scenario: A company has three departments with proprietary applications that need to be load-balanced on the NetScaler. The three department managers would like to use the same IP address to access their individual application, which would mean configuring three load-balanced virtual servers all using the same IP address.How can a Citrix Administrator configure this on the NetScaler?

A. Configure three different lad-balanced virtual servers with three different IP addresses on the NetScaler
B. Configure three SNIPs with the same IP address on the NetScaler
C. Configure three different NetScalers that use the same IP address
D. Configure three different admin partitions that allow the use of the same IP address for each load-balanced virtual server

Question # 14

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator configured a new NetScaler Unified Gateway. The administrator would like to see what Endpoint Analysis and Single Sign-on failures have occurred since implementing the new Gateway.Which tool can the administrator use to see this data?

A. NetScaler Dashboard
B. MAS Gateway Insight
C. aaad.debug
D. MAS Security Insight

Question # 15

How can a Citrix Administrator provide two-factor authentication with tokens in a XenDesktop with NetScaler Gateway environment?

A. Create a SAML IDP policy and bind it to the existing virtual server.
B. Configure a TACACS authentication policy and bind it to the existing virtual server.
C. Configure a RADIUS authentication policy and bind it to the existing virtual server. 
D. Create an authorization policy and bind it to the existing virtual server.

Question # 16

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator manages an environment that has an externally accessible website. The administrator would like to provide end-to-end encryption and use features such as caching and compression on the NetScaler.Which setting in SSL offload should the administrator configure to meet this requirement?

A. SSL_TCP front-end, TCP back-end
B. SSL front-end, HTTP back-end
C. SSL_TCP front-end, SSL_TCP back-end
D. SSL front-end, SSL back-end

Question # 17

Scenario: User authentication is failing through the NetScaler. A Citrix Administrator checked the Authentication, Authorization and Auditing (AAA) policy, action and virtual server and verified that the correct configuration was in place. The administrator bypassed the NetScaler and the authentication worked.Which NetScaler utility can the administrator use to troubleshoot the access issue?

A. nslog file
B. aaad.debug
C. nscon message
D. Dashboard

Question # 18

Which three steps can a Citrix Administrator take to integrate an existing CERT-based authentication policy on an existing NetScaler Gateway platform? (Choose three.)

A. Create a CERT authentication policy and bind it to the NetScaler Gateway virtual server
B. Enable client authentication on the SSL parameters of the virtual server
C. Bind the existing CERT authentication policy to the NetScaler Gateway virtual server
D. Enable the two-factor option on the existing CERT authentication profile
E. Change the client certificate to Mandatory on the SSL parameters of the virtual server

Question # 19

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator suspects an attack on a load-balancing virtual server. The administrator needs to restrict access to the load-balancing virtual server ( for 10 minutes.Which Access Control List (ACL) will help to accomplish this requirement?

A. add ns acl rule1 DENY –destIP TTL 600000
B. add simpleacl rule1 DENY- srcIP TTL 600
C. add ns acl rule1 DENY –destIP TTL 600
D. add simpleacl rule1 DENY- srcIP TTL 600000

Question # 20

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to add 10 new servers to an existing server farm.The new servers are configured to serve the same applications and connections and are twice the capacity of the existing servers. The administrator wants to ensure that they are being fully utilized. Currently in the environment, the default load-balancing method is beingused.To ensure that only the 10 new servers are receiving twice the connections of the old servers without changing the load balancing to the rest of the environment, the administrator needs to add a weight of _________ to the services attached to the ________ servers. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A. 2; new
B. 2; old
C. 50; old
D. 50; new

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