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CompTIA CS0-001 Exam Dumps

CompTIA CSA+ Certification Exam
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Exam Code CS0-001
Exam Name CompTIA CSA+ Certification Exam
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CompTIA CS0-001 Sample Questions

Question # 1

An employee at an insurance company is processing claims that include patient addresses,clinic visits, diagnosis information, and prescription. While forwarding documentation to thesupervisor, the employee accidentally sends the data to a personal email address outsideof the company due to a typo. Which of the following types of data has been compromised?

B. Proprietary information
C. Intellectual property

Question # 2

When performing reverse engineering, which of the following file types would be MOSTeasily decompiled Into source code?

A. so
B. .exe
C. .Jar
D. a

Question # 3

Ransomware is identified on a company's network that affects both Windows and MAC hosts. The command and control channel for encryption for this variant uses TCP ports from 11000 to 65000. The channel goes to good1., which resolves to IP address Which of the following is the MOST effective way to prevent any newly infected systems from actually encrypting the data on connected network drives while causing the least disruption to normal Internet traffic?

A. Block all outbound traffic to web host good1 at the border gateway.  
B. Block all outbound TCP connections to IP host address at the border gateway.
C. Block all outbound traffic on TCP ports 11000 to 65000 at the border gateway.  
D. Block all outbound traffic on TCP ports 11000 to 65000 to IP host address at the border gateway. 

Question # 4

Which of the following organizations would have to remediate embedded controllervulnerabilities?

A. Banking institutions
B. Public universities
C. Regulatory agencies
D. Hydroelectric facilities

Question # 5

A worm was detected on multiple PCs within the remote office. The security analystrecommended that the remote office be blocked from the corporate network during theincident response. Which of the following processes BEST describes thisrecommendation?

A. Logical isolation of the remote office
B. Sanitization of the network environment
C. Segmentation of the network
D. Secure disposal of affected systems

Question # 6

After a review of user account activity. It appears certain user accounts were being used to access critical systems that are unrelated to the users' roles and responsibilities. The user accounts in question were disabled, but then other user accounts were used to perform the same activity soon after. Which of the following Is the BEST remediation to stop this violation?

A. Reconfigure RADIUS.
B. Implement MFA.
C. Upgrade to the latest TLS.
D. Salt password hashes.

Question # 7

An organization wants to remediate vulnerabilities associated with its web servers. An initialvulnerability scan has been performed, and analysts are reviewing the results. Beforestarting any remediation, the analysts want to remove false positives to avoid spendingtime on issues that are not actual vulnerabilities. Which of the following would be anindicator of a likely false positive?

A. Reports indicate that findings are informational.
B. Any items labeled ‘low’ are considered informational only.
C. The scan result version is different from the automated asset inventory.
D. ‘HTTPS’ entries indicate the web page is encrypted securely.

Question # 8

A security analyst has performed various scans and found vulnerabilities in several applications that affect production data. Remediation of all exploits may cause certain applications to no longer work. Which of the following activities would need to be conducted BEFORE remediation?

A. Fuzzing
B. Input validation
C. Change control
D. Sandboxing

Question # 9

A security analyst, who is working for a company that utilizes Linux servers, receives the following results from a vulnerability scan: Which of the following is MOST likely a false positive?

A. ICMP timestamp request remote date disclosure
B. Windows SMB service enumeration via \srvsvc
C. Anonymous FTP enabled
D. Unsupported web server detection

Question # 10

A security analyst discovers a network intrusion and quickly solves the problem by closingan unused port. Which of the following should be completed?

A. Vulnerability report
B. Memorandum of agreement
C. Reverse-engineering incident report
D. Lessons learned report

Question # 11

A security analyst is reviewing output from a CVE-based vulnerability scanner. Before conducting the scan, the analyst was careful to select only Windows-based servers in a specific datacenter. The scan revealed that the datacenter includes 27 machines running Windows 2003 Server Edition (Win2003SE). In 2015, there were 36 new vulnerabilities discovered in the Win2003SE environment. Which of the following statements are MOST likely applicable? (Choose two.) 

A. Remediation is likely to require some form of compensating control.  
B. Microsoft’s published schedule for updates and patches for Win2003SE have continued uninterrupted.
C. Third-party vendors have addressed all of the necessary updates and patches required by Win2003SE. 
D. The resulting report on the vulnerability scan should include some reference that the scan of the datacenter included 27 Win2003SE machines that should be scheduled for replacement and deactivation.
E. Remediation of all Win2003SE machines requires changes to configuration settings and compensating controls to be made through Microsoft Security Center’s Win2003SE Advanced Configuration Toolkit. 

Question # 12

Given the following code:  Which of the following types of attacks is occurring in the example above?

B. Session hijacking
D. Privilege escalation
E. SQL injection

Question # 13

A company has a large number of users who need to access corporate resources ornetworks from various locations. Many users have VPN access to the network, as well aswireless internet access from BYOD approved systems tablets and smartphones. Theusers can also access corporate resources from an internal-facing web portal now ever allof these services require a separate set of credentials. Which of the following should thecybersecurity analyst recommend to aggregate and audit on logins while allowing thecorporate directory services credentials to be shared across all of the services?

B. Kerberos

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