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CompTIA CV0-002 Exam Dumps

CompTIA Cloud+ Certification Exam
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Exam Code CV0-002
Exam Name CompTIA Cloud+ Certification Exam
Questions 234 Questions Answers With Explanation
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CompTIA CV0-002 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A cloud-based web proxy is blocking key sites that a business requires for operation. After validation, the sites are legitimate, and access is required for end users to complete their work.Which of the following is the BEST solution to allow access to the sites?

A. Instruct users to bypass the cloud-based web proxy.
B. Whitelist the URLs.
C. Blacklist the URLs.
D. Create a security group for those users and enforce MFA.

Question # 2

A cloud administrator wants to apply patches in an isolated copy of the production virtual server to assess the impact. Which of the following activities would BEST achieve this objective? 

A. Clustering
B. Snapshot
C. Image backup
D. Cloning

Question # 3

A customer recently provisioned a new server on the IaaS. The IP address assigned from the pool resolves to another hostname. Some user traffic is being dumped or is causing slowness because of this issue. Which of the following maintenance activities does the provider need to perform to prevent this issue?

A. Use cloud provider tools to remove orphaned resources. 
B. Initiate resource reclamation. 
C. Run a script to remove stale DNS entries. 
D. Update outdated security firewall configurations.

Question # 4

A cloud administrator needs to give a new developer access to contents in a directory stored in a public cloud provider. Which of the following is the BEST way to do this?

A. Add the developer to the role that has access to the directory contents.
B. Create a folder for the developer in the public cloud and copy the content to this folder.
C. Copy the contents of the folder to the developer’s local computer.
D. Temporarily give the administrator’s credentials and reset the password.

Question # 5

A customer wants to schedule a backup job that compares and saves changes from the last full backup. Which of the following backup types should be used?

A. Differential
B. Full 
C. Clone 
D. Incremental

Question # 6

A cloud engineer needs to deploy a new virtual firewall in a private cloud. Which of the following should the engineer do as a FIRST step? 

A. Document the deployment in a knowledge base.
B. Create a change for deploying the firewall.
C. Put the hypervisor in maintenance mode.
D. Inform users that the cloud will be momentarily unavailable.

Question # 7

Several state and local law enforcement agencies have decided to share information about traffic violations within their state by using a new search application. The state has policies around limiting the exposure of PII, and each local agency must comply with these policies. Which of the following cloud architecture models would be the BEST approach?

A. Deploy the application to a public cloud and establish connections for each local agencies’ private cloud and use federation. 
B. Have each local agency publish its data to an account that has been set up in a public cloud provider and deploy the application there. 
C. Deploy the application in each local agency’s private cloud and create accounts for everyone to allow access to publish and search the data. 
D. Deploy the application in the state’s shared cloud environment and create federation between the local agencies.

Question # 8

Upon discovery several SaaS applications are being utilized by users, and the InfoSec team needs to update a configuration file on all client machines.Which of the following file types is used to redirect users through a web proxy?

A. .dat
B. .tmp
C. .log
D. .pac

Question # 9

A cloud deployment engineer is modifying versions of the existing template image to instantiate new VMs. The engineer accomplishes this through the cloud self-service portal.After the version is changed and a new VM is successfully started, it does not have any connectivity, and all ping tests to other VMs fail. Which of the following would be the BEST approach to solve the problem?

A. Start the console session to the VM; check network static routes; test the ping to default gateway and next hop; and reconfigure the gateway IP. 
B. Delete the VM; create a new flavor; turn on network service; add the new image to the template manager; and reinstantiate the VM using this new image. 
C. Delete the VM; check the IP assignment and planning; modify configuration in the deployment template; and instantiate the VM again using the new template. 
D. Assign new IPs to the newly created VMs by changing and running the deployment template; and check the connectivity on the cloud self-service portal afterward.

Question # 10

An upgrade to a web application, which supports 400 users at four sites, is being tested. The application runs on four servers behind a load balancer.The following test plan is proposed:Have 50 users from site A connect to server 1 Have 50 users from site B connect to server 2 Have 50 users from site C connect to server 3 Have 50 users from site D connect to server 4Which of the following parameters is being properly tested by this plan? 

A. Sizing
B. Connectivity
C. High availability
D. Performance

Question # 11

A company is implementing a SaaS solution with a large user base. SaaS solution licensing is user based, and user management is critical to keep the cost in check. Which of the following is the MOST efficient way to meet this requirement?

A. Have the administrator of the SaaS solution keep track of user activities. 
B. Have a nightly upload to the SaaS provider of the current user base based on API call. 
C. Have users remove their SaaS accounts when they no longer need the service. 
D. Have a weekly user management script maintain the SaaS user base.

Question # 12

A cloud administrator is tasked with ensuring redundancy and high availability of an IaaS cloud platform environment. The administrator is given the following requirements:Two web servers must share the same configurations and service client connections evenly. Two database servers must share data and configurations, with only one being used at a time.Given the above, which of the following should the administrator propose to BEST meet these requirements? (Select TWO).  

A. The web server should be configured with a round-robin DNS with a CNAME record.
B. The web server should be configured with a load balancer with a virtual IP address.
C. The database server should be configured as an active-active cluster.
D. The database server should be configured as an active-passive cluster.
E. The availability aspect of the request does not currently exist in the IaaS cloud platform.
F. The redundancy aspect of the request does not currently exist in the IaaS cloud platform. 

Question # 13

A company’s cloud administrator receives an advisory notice from the CSP. The CSP runs quarterly tests on its platform and customer’s environments. The cloud administrator reads the notice and sees the company’s environment is at risk of buffer over-read exploits. Which of the following tests is the CSP MOST likely running on a quarterly basis?

A. Load testing 
B. Data integrity testing 
C. Vulnerability testing 
D. Performance testing

Question # 14

A software development company is building cloud-ready applications and needs to determine the best approach for releasing software. Which of the following approaches should be used?

A. Perform QA, develop, test, and release to production 
B. Test, perform QA, develop, and release to production 
C. Develop, perform QA, test, and release to production 
D. Develop, test, perform QA, and release to production

Question # 15

A company needs to extend its on-premises private cloud to an external cloud provider to meet the needs of additional storage and database services. The cloud architect also needs to implement a technique to meet data-in-transit requirements. Which of the following is the BEST design to meet the company’s needs?

A. Analyze and implement a network ACL policy.
B. Analyze the requirements and implement an MPLS.
C. Analyze and implement a TLS tunnel.
D. Analyze and implement site-to-site VPN.

Question # 16

All the virtual server instances within an organization’s private cloud environment are having trouble logging into the Kerberos realm. Upon investigation, the CSA notices the time stamps are different on the server virtual instances. Which of the following should be the CSA’s NEXT step to resolve this issue?

A. Check the Kerberos token time stamp. 
B. Check the NTP server to see when it last rebooted. 
C. Check the NTP server synchronization. 
D. Check the virtual server time display format.

Question # 17

A company is consuming a SaaS solution with a large user base and wants to minimize user management, but also ensure access is as secure as possible. Which of the following should the cloud administrator select to help meet these requirements? (Choose two.)


Question # 18

A newly established CSP allows for drive shipping to upload new data into the environment. Sensitive data on 40TB of storage needs to be transferred within one week. Which of the following is the MOST efficient and secure method for shipment of the data to the CSP with minimal downtime?

A. Create a VPN between the sites and schedule data transfer during non-business hours. 
B. Copy the data to encrypted drives and use the CSP-certified shipping provider. 
C. Compress and SFTP the data to the CSP. 
D. Move the data to encrypted drives and use the CSP-certified shipping provider.

Question # 19

A cloud technology vendor has released an update to its product. A company providing cloud services need to quickly adopt the update to provide support to its customers.Which of the following is the MOST efficient action to complete this task? 

A. Use a virtualization tool to apply patches to cloud resources.
B. Use an automatic system restart to update the cloud resources.
C. Use an orchestration tool to automate updates across cloud resources.
D. Use custom scripts to distribute the release to the cloud resources.

Question # 20

As part of a nightly testing process, new version of an application is deployed to the set of web servers in the development environment.Which of the following is the BEST way to ensure the test environment is consistent with the previous night’s test?

A. Clone the development web servers to the test environment. 
B. Reprovision the web servers using predefined templates.
C. Undeploy the previous application and deploy the new version. 
D. Revert to a previous state using configuration management tools.

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