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CompTIA XK0-005 Exam Dumps

CompTIA Linux+ Exam
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Exam Code XK0-005
Exam Name CompTIA Linux+ Exam
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CompTIA XK0-005 Sample Questions

Question # 1

An administrator is provisioning an Apache web server. When the administrator visits the server website, the browser displays a message indicating the website cannot be reached. Which of the following commands should the administrator use to verify whether the service Is running? 

A. systemctl status httpd  
B. systemctl mask httpd  
C. systemctl reload httpd  
D. systemctl restart httpd  

Question # 2

The journald entries have filled a Linux machine's /var volume. Which of the following is the best command for a systems administrator to use to free up the disk space occupied by these entries? 

A. journalctl ”rotate journalctl --vacuum-time=ls 
B. systemctl stop systemd-journald systemctl start systemd-journald
C. rm -rf /var/log/journal systemctl restart systemd-journald 
D. pkill -HUP systemd-journald systemctl restart systemd-journald 

Question # 3

A Linux administrator needs to determine if prerequisites are met. One of the application requirements is to install Perl on a system. Which of the following commands would accomplish this task? 

A. rpm -Uf perl  
B. rpm -iv perl  
C. rpm -qa perl  
D. rpm -eh perl  

Question # 4

A Linux administrator is tasked with moving files in a database server. The administrator must not overwrite any existing files. Which of the following commands would indicate that the file already exists? 

A. mv -i filename /tmp/backup  
B. mv -b filename /tmp/backup  
C. mv -n filename /tmp/backup  
D. mv -f filename /tmp/backup  

Question # 5

A Linux administrator is troubleshooting an SSHD issue on a server. Users are receiving error messages stating the connection is refused. Which of the following commands should be used to verify whether the service is listening?

A. nslookup  
B. route  
C. netstat  
D. ifconfig  

Question # 6

Due to performance issues on a server, a Linux administrator needs to terminate an unresponsive process. Which of the following commands should the administrator use to terminate the process immediately without waiting for a graceful shutdown? 

A. kill -SIGKILL 5545  
B. kill -SIGTERM 5545  
C. kill -SIGHUP 5545  
D. kill -SIGINT 5545  

Question # 7

A technician just fixed a few issues in some code and is ready to deploy the code into production. Which of the following steps should the technician take next?  

A. Create a new branch using git checkout.  
B. Perform a git clone to pull main down.  
C. Create a git pull request to merge into main.  
D. Perform a git pull to update the local copy of the code.  

Question # 8

An administrator is running a web server in a container named web, but none of the error output is not showing. Which of the following should the administrator use to generate the errors on the container? 

A. docker-compose inspect WEB  
B. docker logs WEB  
C. docker run ”name WEB ”volume/dev/stdout:/var/log/nginx/error.log  
D. docker ps WEB -f  

Question # 9

A network administrator issues the dig ww. compti a. org command and receives an NXDOMAIN response. Which of the following files should the administrator check first? 

A. /etc/resolv.conf  
B. /etc/hosts  
C. /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts  
D. /etc/nsswitch.conf  

Question # 10

While troubleshooting server issues, a Linux systems administrator obtains the following output: [rootGhost ~]# total free -m used free shared buf f/cache available Mem: 3736 3598 88 2 48 29 Swap: 2047 1824 223 Which of the following best describes the state of the system? 

A. The system has consumed the system memory and swap space.  
B. The system has enough free memory space.  
C. The system has swap disabled.  
D. The system has allocated enough buffer space.  

Question # 11

A Linux system is having issues. Given the following outputs: # dig @ mycomptiahost ; << >> DiG 9.9.4-RedHat-9.9.4-74.el7_6.1 << >> @ mycomptiahost ; (1 server found) ;; global options: +cmd ;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached # nc -v 53 Ncat: Version 7.70 ( ) Ncat: Connection timed out. # ping PING ( 56(84) bytes of data. 64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=117 time=4.94 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=117 time=10.5 ms Which of the following best describes this issue? 

A. The DNS host is down.  
B. The name mycomptiahost does not exist in the DNS.  
C. The Linux engineer is using the wrong DNS port.  
D. The DNS service is currently not available or the corresponding port is blocked.  

Question # 12

A Linux user is trying to execute commands with sudo but is receiving the following error: $ sudo visudo >>> /etc/sudoers: syntax error near line 28 <<< sudo: parse error in /etc/sudoers near line 28 sudo: no valid sudoers sources found, quitting The following output is provided: # grep root /etc/shadow root :* LOCK *: 14600 :::::: Which of the following actions will resolve this issue? 

A. Log in directly using the root account and comment out line 28 from /etc/sudoers.  
B. Boot the system in single user mode and comment out line 28 from /etc/sudoers.  
C. Comment out line 28 from /etc/sudoers and try to use sudo again.  
D. Log in to the system using the other regular user, switch to root, and comment out line 28 from /etc/sudoers.

Question # 13

A systems administrator needs to remove a disk from a Linux server. The disk size is 500G, and it is the only one that size on that machine. Which of the following commands can the administrator use to find the corresponding device name?  

A. fdisk -V  
B. partprobe -a  
C. lsusb -t  
D. lsscsi -s  

Question # 14

Following the migration from a disaster recovery site, a systems administrator wants a server to require a user to change credentials at initial login. Which of the following commands should be used to ensure the aging attribute?

A. chage -d 2 user  
B. chage -d 0 user  
C. chage -E 0 user  
D. chage -d 1 user  

Question # 15

A Linux administrator is troubleshooting a systemd mount unit file that is not working correctly. The file contains: [root@system] # cat mydocs.mount [Unit] Description=Mount point for My Documents drive [Mount] What=/dev/drv/disk/by-uuidafc9b2-ac34-ccff-88ae-297ab3c7ff34 Where=/home/user1/My Documents Options=defaults Type=xfs [Install] The administrator verifies the drive UUID correct, and user1 confirms the drive should be mounted as My Documents in the home directory. Which of the following can the administrator do to fix the issues with mounting the drive? (Select two). 

A. Rename the mount file to home-user1-My\x20Documents.mount.  
B. Rename the mount file to home-user1-my-documents.mount.  
C. Change the What entry to /dev/drv/disk/by-uuidafc9b2\-ac34\-ccff\-88ae\-297ab3c7ff34.  
D. Change the Where entry to Where=/home/user1/my\ documents.  
E. Change the Where entry to Where=/home/user1/My\x20Documents. 
F. Add quotes to the What and Where entries, such as What="/dev/drv/disk/by-uuidafc9b2-ac34- ccff-88ae-297ab3c7ff34" and Where="/home/user1/My Documents".

Question # 16

A file called testfile has both uppercase and lowercase letters:  $ cat testfile ABCDEfgH IJKLmnoPQ abcdefgH ijklLMNopq A Linux administrator is tasked with converting testfile into all uppercase and writing it to a new file with the name uppercase. Which of the following commands will achieve this task?

A. tr '(A-Z}' '{a-z}' < testfile > uppercase  
B. echo testfile | tr "[Z-A]" "[z-a]" < testfile > uppercase  
C. cat testfile | tr '{z-a)' '{Z-A}' < testfile > uppercase  
D. tr '[a-z]' '[A-Z]' < testfile > uppercase  

Question # 17

The development team created a new branch with code changes that a Linux administrator needs to pull from the remote repository. When the administrator looks for the branch in Git, the branch in question is not visible. Which of the following commands should the Linux administrator run to refresh the branch information?

A. git fetch  
B. git checkout  
C. git clone  
D. git branch  

Question # 18

Users are reporting that writes on a system configured with SSD drives have been taking longer than expected, but reads do not seem to be affected. A Linux systems administrator is investigating this issue and working on a solution. Which of the following should the administrator do to help solve the issue? 

A. Run the corresponding command to trim the SSD drives.  
B. Use fsck on the filesystem hosted on the SSD drives.  
C. Migrate to high-density SSD drives for increased performance.  
D. Reduce the amount of files on the SSD drives.  

Question # 19

Which of the following will prevent non-root SSH access to a Linux server?  

A. Creating the /etc/nologin file  
B. Creating the /etc/nologin.allow file containing only a single line root  
C. Creating the /etc/nologin/login.deny file containing a single line +all  
D. Ensuring that /etc/pam.d/sshd includes account sufficient  

Question # 20

A systems administrator is gathering information about a file type and the contents of a file. Which of the following commands should the administrator use to accomplish this task? 

A. file filename  
B. touch filename  
C. grep filename  
D. lsof filename  

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