Fortinet NSE5_FMG-6.0 dumps

Fortinet NSE5_FMG-6.0 Exam Dumps

Fortinet NSE 5 - FortiManager 6.0 Exam
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Exam Code NSE5_FMG-6.0
Exam Name Fortinet NSE 5 - FortiManager 6.0 Exam
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Fortinet NSE5_FMG-6.0 Sample Questions

Question # 1

View the following exhibit.  Based on the configuration setting, which one of the following statements is true? 

A. The setting allows automatic updates to the policy package configuration for a managed device
B. The setting enables the ADOMs feature on FortiManager
C. This setting allows you to assign different VDOMs from the same FortiGate to different ADOMs.
D. The setting disables concurrent ADOM access and adds ADOM locking

Question # 2

An administrator would like to create an SD-WAN using central management. What steps does the administrator need to perform to create an SD-WAN using central management?

A. First create an SD-WAN firewall policy, add member interfaces to the SD-WAN template and create a static route
B. You must specify a gateway address when you create a default static route
C. Remove all the interface references such as routes or policies
D. Enable SD-WAN central management in the ADOM, add member interfaces, create a static route and SDWAN firewall policies.

Question # 3

Which of the following statements are true regarding schedule backup of FortiManager? (Choose two.) 

A. Backs up all devices and the FortiGuard database.
B. Does not back up firmware images saved on FortiManager
C. Supports FTP, SCP, and SFTP
D. Can be configured from the CLI and GUI

Question # 4

What is the purpose of thePolicy Checkfeature on FortiManager? 

A. To find and provide recommendation to combine multiple separate policy packages into one common policy package
B. To find and merge duplicate policies in the policy package
C. To find and provide recommendation for optimizing policies in a policy package
D. To find and delete disabled firewall policies in the policy package

Question # 5

An administrator has added all the devices in a Security Fabric group to FortiManager. How does the administrator identify the root FortiGate?

A. By a dollar symbol ($) at the end of the device name
B. By an at symbol (@) at the end of the device name
C. By a QUESTION NO: mark(?) at the end of the device name
D. By an Asterisk (*) at the end of the device name

Question # 6

In the event that the primary FortiManager fails, which of the following actions must be performed to return the FortiManager HA to a working state? 

A. Secondary device with highest priority will automatically be promoted to the primary role, and manually reconfigure all other secondary devices to point to the new primary device
B. Reboot one of the secondary devices to promote it automatically to the primary role, and reconfigure all other secondary devices to point to the new primary device.
C. Manually promote one of the secondary devices to the primary role, and reconfigure all other secondary devices to point to the new primary device.
D. FortiManager HA state transition is transparent to administrators and does not require any reconfiguration.

Question # 7

An administrator is unable to log in to FortiManager. Which one of the following troubleshooting step should you take to resolve the issue?

A. Make sure FortiManager Access is enabled in the administrator profile
B. Make sure Offline Mode is disabled
C. Make sure the administrator IP address is part of the trusted hosts.
D. Make sure ADOMs are enabled and the administrator has access to the Global ADOM

Question # 8

View the following exhibit. Which of the following statements are true if FortiManager and FortiGate are behind the NAT devices? (Choose two.)

A. FortiGate is discovered by FortiManager through the FortiGate NATed IP address.
B. FortiGate can announce itself to FortiManager only if the FortiManager IP address is configured on FortiGate under central management
C. During discovery, the FortiManager NATed IP address is not set by default on FortiGate.
D. If the FCFM tunnel is torn down, FortiManager will try to re-establish the FGFM tunnel.

Question # 9

When installation is performed from the FortiManager, what is the recovery logic used between FortiManager and FortiGate for an FGFM tunnel? 

A. After 15 minutes, FortiGate will unset all CLI commands that were part of the installation that caused the tunnel to go down.
B. FortiManager will revert and install a previous configuration revision on the managed FortiGate.
C. FortiGate will reject the CLI commands that will cause the tunnel to go down.
D. FortiManager will not push the CLI commands as a part of the installation that will cause the tunnel to go down.

Question # 10

What does a policy package status ofModifiedindicate?

A. FortiManager is unable to determine the policy package status
B. The policy package was never imported after a device was registered on FortiManager
C. Policy configuration has been changed on a managed device and changes have not yet been imported into FortiManager
D. Policy package configuration has been changed on FortiManager and changes have not yet been installed on the managed device.

Question # 11

View the following exhibit: How will FortiManager try to get updates for antivirus and IPS? 

A. From the list of configured override servers with ability to fall back to public FDN servers
B. From the configured override server list only
C. From the default
D. From public FDNI server with highest index number only

Question # 12

In addition to the default ADOMs, an administrator has created a new ADOM namedTrainingfor FortiGate devices. The administrator sent a device registration to FortiManager from a remote FortiGate. Which one of the following statements is true?

A. The FortiGate will be added automatically to the default ADOM named FortiGate.
B. The FortiGate will be automatically added to the Training ADOM.
C. By default, the unregistered FortiGate will appear in the root ADOM.
D. The FortiManager administrator must add the unregistered device manually to the unregistered device manually to the Training ADOM using the Add Device wizard

Question # 13

An administrator run the reload failure command:diagnose test deploymanager reload config on FortiManager. What does this command do?

A. It downloads the latest configuration from the specified FortiGate and performs a reload operation on the device database
B. It installs the latest configuration on the specified FortiGate and update the revision history database.
C. It compares and provides differences in configuration on FortiManager with the current running configuration of the specified FortiGate.
D. It installs the provisioning template configuration on the specified FortiGate.

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