HP HPE2-K42 dumps

HP HPE2-K42 Exam Dumps

Designing HPE Nimble Solutions
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Exam Code HPE2-K42
Exam Name Designing HPE Nimble Solutions
Questions 89 Questions Answers With Explanation
Update Date May 10,2024
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HP HPE2-K42 Sample Questions

Question # 1

What are the correct AF series read operations?

A. Check NVDIMM. Check DRAM. Retrieve from SSD. Validate checksum, decompress, dedupe and return data. 
B. Check NVDIMM Retrieve from SSD. Validate checksum, decompress, dedupe, and return data. 
C. Check SSD. Check NVDIMM. Check DRAM. Validate checksum, decompress, dedupe, and return data. 
D. Check DRAM. Check NVDIMM. Retrieve from SSD. Validate checksum, decompress, dedupe, and return data.

Question # 2

How can the two onboard Ethernet ports be configured on the controller? (Select two.)

A. Management only 
B. Management + SMB 
C. Management + iSCSI 
D. Management + FCoE

Question # 3

Which type of key is used when replicating encrypted volumes with deduplication on?

A. A KMS (Key Management System) based key 
B. An array key 
C. A domain key 
D. A volume key

Question # 4

Which setting of the volume reserve parameter disables thin provisioning?

A. 0% 
B. 100% 
C. all above 80% 
D. The ratio in % of SSD cache versus HDD storage (in CS-series only)

Question # 5

What are the AF-Series scale-to-fit options? (Select three.)

A. scale out 
B. scale up 
C. scale down 
D. scale deep 
E. scale performance 
F. scale capacity

Question # 6

Which Kind of licensing approach do HPE Nimble arrays use?

A. frame-based licensing 
B. all-inclusive licensing 
C. controller-based licensing 
D. capacity-based licensing

Question # 7

When is it possible to merge two replication partners?

A. any time 
B. when you get an extra license 
C. when you disable/break replication first 
D. never

Question # 8

Which deduplication approach does the AF-Series use?

A. inline deduplication 
B. host-based deduplication 
C. post-process deduplication 
D. object-level differencing

Question # 9

Which AF-Series configurations will provide maximum performance and capacity?

A. 4x AF900Q arrays, without extra shelves 
B. 4x AF9000 arrays, each with two all-flash shelves 
C. 6x AF5000 arrays, each with two all-flash shelves 
D. 6x AF5000 arrays, without flash shelves

Question # 10

What is volume reserve?

A. It is the guaranteed minimum amount of physical space reserved for the volume. 
B. It is mandatory for SSD wear leveling. 
C. It enables sparing volume's data.
D. It is required for volume's snapshots.

Question # 11

What percent of issues are automatically opened and solved thanks to InfoSight?

A. 26% 
B. 46% 
C. 66% 
D. 86%

Question # 12

Which statement is true about an AF-Series array?

A. Each shelf consists of up to 24 SSD's. 
B. The RAID level is dependent of drive type and size 
C. The maximum number of expansion shelves is eight per array. 
D. It cannot be ordered with a single controller.

Question # 13

Which do you use to pin data into flash on an adaptive flash array?

A. All Flash mode 
B. Adaptive Flash Cache mode 
C. Minimum Flash mode 
D. Maximum Flash mode

Question # 14

Which statement is true about SSD addition/removal in the CS-Series system? (Select two.)

A. SSDs cannot be added or removed. 
B. SSDs can be removed from the existing cache pool. 
C. SSDs can only be removed if no volumes exist. 
D. SSDs can be added to the existing cache pool.

Question # 15

Following HPE best practices, when would you use the P2 SAS expansion port?

A. In a scale-out configuration with 4x AF9000 arrays. 
B. When adding a second AFS2 shelf on an AF3000 array. 
C. When adding a first AFS2 shelf on an AF5000 array. 
D. When adding a second AFS2 shelf on an AF7000 array.

Question # 16

Which cipher does SmartSecure use?

B. AES-256 
C. AES-128 
D. Salsa20

Question # 17

How are RAID groups organized for the disks in bank A and bank B in the AF-Series array?

A. They construct a single RAID group if types of disks match. 
B. They construct a single RAID group without any conditions. 
C. They construct a single RAID group if they are deployed together. 
D. They are constructed into separate RAID groups

Question # 18

A customer wants to use VVols on its HPE Nimble array. What is a prerequisite?

A. FC connectivity to the array 
B. AF-series arrays only 
C. NCM for vsphere 6.0 or higher
D. HPE Nimble VMware Integration license 

Question # 19

Can HPE Nimble arrays be initialized via CLI?

A. NO 
B. Yes, but only if WebGUI is not responding and customer gets special password from support. 
C. Yes, but only via serial console 
D. Yes

Question # 20

What is the HPE Nimble grouping of volumes that share snapshot/replication schedules?

A. volume set 
B. volume group 
C. volume collection 
D. consistency group

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