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HP HPE6-A70 Exam Dumps

Aruba Certified Mobility Associate Exam
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Exam Code HPE6-A70
Exam Name Aruba Certified Mobility Associate Exam
Questions 131 Questions Answers With Explanation
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HP HPE6-A70 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A network administrator configures an Aruba Mobility Master (MM)-based solution to provide wireless access to employees. The solution must meet these criteria:?Authenticate users to a network RADIUS server?Enforce different Aruba firewall rules based on the user departmentHow can the administrator meet these criteria in the simplest way?

A. Have the RADIUS server assign users in different departments to different VLANs. Apply firewall policies based on IP ranges.
B. Have the RADIUS server send different roles for users in different departments. Apply role-based firewall policies.
C. Create multiple zones on the MM. Assign different departments and sets of firewall policies to different zones.
D. Create a different WLAN and SSID for each department. Apply different firewall policies to each WLAN.

Question # 2

A company has many 7220 controllers in its Aruba wireless architecture. A network administrator wants to use the Traffic Analysis dashboard in order to monitor which type of applications is being used by wireless users.What is required for this implementation?

A. Airmatch and ClientMatch must be enabled.
B. The solution must have active PEFNG licenses.
C. Firewall policies must include application filtering rules.
D. WLANs must use the decrypt-tunnel forwarding option.

Question # 3

What is one reason for a network administrator to visit the Dashboard > Usage window on an Aruba Mobility Master (MM)?

A. to check license usage and determine the need for additional licenses
B. to analyze short terms trends in network usage by client, AP, and application
C. to view system usage statistics for the MM and troubleshoot potential issues
D. to generate reports about traffic patterns and network usage over the past several months

Question # 4

Which APs operate in an autonomous or standalone mode?

A. remote APs (RAPs)
B. spectrum analyzers (SAs)
C. mesh points (APs)
D. instant AP (IAP) clusters

Question # 5

A network administrator examines a list of 2.4GHz clients with low performance in the Mobility Master (MM) dashboard. Which property for a client should pose a concern as a potential performance issue?

A. Radio PHY of HT 20MHz
B. Max speed of 72Mbps
C. Goodput data rate of 12 Mbps
D. Usage of 10 MB

Question # 6

An Aruba Remote AP (RAP) operates in split-tunnel mode. How does the AP forward traffic?

A. It sends all user traffic in a GRE tunnel to a central Mobility Controller (MC), and it sends control traffic in an IPsec tunnel to the controller.
B. It sends traffic designed to the corporate network in an IPsec tunnel to a central Mobility Controller (MC), and it bridges other traffic locally.
C. It sends user and control traffic in two separate IPsec tunnels to the Mobility Controller (MC).
D. It sends all employee and control traffic in a GRE tunnel to a central Mobility Controller (MC), and it bridges all guest traffic locally.

Question # 7

A WLAN in an Aruba Mobility Master (MM)-based solution uses WPA2-Enterprise security. This WLAN currently authenticates users to Active Directory (AD), and users log in with their Windows domain credentials. Network administrators now want to authenticate the Windows clients as well, based on the client Computer Names.What should the administrators do on MM to achieve this goal?

A. Set up Machine Authentication on the WLAN.
B. Set up Mac Authentication on the WLAN.
C. Bind individual Mobility Controllers (MCs) to AD at the device level.
D. Import the computer names from AD to the MM internal database.

Question # 8

A network administrator adds several new APs to an Aruba solution that uses AirMatch. The administrator does not want to change the channel for the existing APs, but wants the new APs to receive a provisional plan for their channels and power. What should the administrator do to meet this goal?

A. Run an on-demand quick AirMatch optimization.
B. Run an on-demand incremental AirMatch optimization.
C. Temporarily enable ARM on the existing and new APs, while AirMatch scheduling remains enabled.
D. Temporarily disable AirMatch scheduling, and then enable ARM on the existing and new APs.

Question # 9

A company wants to provide wireless access for visitors with their Aruba solution. Which configuration feature enables the guest to access the wireless network without authentication?

A. use of internal captive portal with email registration
B. addition of custom rules to control access for unauthenticated guests
C. use of internal captive portal with authentication
D. redirection of guests to an external captive portal that provides encryption services

Question # 10

A WLAN in an Aruba Mobility Master (MM)-based solution enforces Enterprise-WPA2 security and uses the tunnel forwarding mode. The company has an external RADIUS server.Which device exchanges RADIUS packets with the RADIUS server?

A. Mobility Controller (MC)
B. wireless client
C. access point (AP)
D. Mobility Master (MM)

Question # 11

A network administrator monitors an Aruba Mobility Controller with Aruba AirWave and sees the configuration status is Error. What should the administrator conclude?

A. AirWave checks the controller configuration and detects a syntax error.
B. AirWave determines that the controller configuration does not match the template for its group.
C. AirWave has a communication issue with the controller and cannot check the configuration.
D. AirWave detects a mismatch with the controller configuration and software version.

Question # 12

Which settings can a Mobility Master (MM) deploy to Mobility Controllers (MCs) but master controllers CANNOT deploy to local controllers?

A. radio profiles
B. WLAN settings
C. Interface settings
D. AAA profiles

Question # 13

A company has an Aruba Mobility Master (MM)-based solution. Where can network administrators look to monitor the health status of all controllers, APs, and clients?

A. the top banner
B. the MM Maintenance pages
C. the Performance dashboard
D. the Potential Issues dashboard

Question # 14

A network administrator creates an employee WLAN on an Aruba solution that uses WLAN WPA2-Enterprise security and an external RADIUS server. When the administrator tests the WLAN, the test client receives limited connectivity and cannot access any resources, but the RADIUS server shows that the user authenticated successfully.What should the administrator check as a possible source of this issue?

A. the connectivity between the AP that the client is associated to and the MC
B. the firewall role and policy that apply to this user
C. the certificate on the RADIUS server
D. the connectivity between the Master Controller (MC) for the client and the RADIUS server

Question # 15

How can network administrator provide high availability for APs deployed in an Aruba Mobility Master (MM)-based architecture?

A. Establish clusters of Mobility Controllers (MCs).
B. Configure MM to provide backup AP tunnel termination in case of controller failure.
C. Deploy all licenses locally yo APs, so that they can continue to function if they lose contact with their controller.
D. Configure APs to convert to controller-less Instant AP mode during controller failure.

Question # 16

An Aruba solution runs ArubaOS 8 and uses a standalone controller architecture. Which feature can administrators use to optimize the channel and power plan for the APs?

B. Rule Based Client Match
C. AirMatch
D. AppRF

Question # 17

How can network administrators upgrade AirMatch on an Aruba Mobility Master (MM)?

A. Upgrade Client Match as part of a global software upgrade, and upgrade AirMatch separately as a loadable service module (LSM).
B. Upgrade Client Match and AirMatch separately as loadable service modules (LSMs).
C. Upgrade AirMatch and Client Match through a global software upgrade.
D. Upgrade AirMatch as part of a global software upgrade, and upgrade Client Match separately as a loadable service module (LSM).

Question # 18

A company has a Mobility Master (MM)-based solution. A network administrator wants to monitor the types of applications in use in the wireless network.Which dashboard page in the MM interface should the administrator visit?

A. Security
B. Performance
C. Traffic Analysis
D. Network

Question # 19

A company has an Aruba Mobility Master (MM)-based solution with a WLAN that assigns users to VLANs 10–19. The company wants the Aruba solution to act at Layer 3 to route wireless user traffic.What must network administrators configure to permit the solution to forward traffic correctly?

A. VLAN 10–19 interfaces and proper IP settings on the MM nodes
B. trunk ports that support VLANs 10–19 on the managed Mobility Controllers (MCs)
C. VLAN 10–19 interfaces on the Mobility Controllers (MCs) as the default gateway for wireless users
D. trunk ports that support VLANs 10-19 on the MM nodes

Question # 20

How does WPA2 protect wireless user traffic in the air?

A. It provides data integrity with AES and no data privacy.
B. It provides both data integrity and privacy with AES.
C. It provides data privacy with TKIP and no data integrity.
D. It provides data integrity with TKIP and data privacy with AES.

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