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Juniper JN0-334 Exam Dumps

Security, Specialist (JNCIS-SEC)
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Exam Code JN0-334
Exam Name Security, Specialist (JNCIS-SEC)
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Juniper JN0-334 Sample Questions

Question # 1

The DNS ALG performs which three functions? (Choose three )

A. The DNS ALG performs the IPv4 and IPv6 address transformations
B. The DNS ALG performs DNS doctoring.
C. The DNS ALG modifies the DNS payload in NAT mode
D. The DNS ALG performs DNSSEC
E. The DNS ALG performs DNS load balancing

Question # 2

Which feature supports sandboxing of zero-day attacks'?

A. Sky ATP
B. SSL proxy
D. high availability

Question # 3

Which two statements describe how rules are used with Juniper Secure Analytics? (Choose two )

A. When a rule is triggered. JSA can respond by sending an e-mail to JSA administrators.
B. Rules are defined on Junos Space Security Director, and then pushed to JSA log collectors
C. A rule defines matching criteria and actions that should be taken when an event matches the rule
D. When a rule is triggered. JSA can respond by blocking all traffic from a specific source address

Question # 4

You must fine tune an IPS security policy to eliminate false positives. You want to create exemptions to the normal traffic examination for specific traffic.Which two parameters are required to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

A. source IP address
B. destination IP address
C. destination port
D. source port

Question # 5

You are asked to enable AppTrack to monitor application traffic from hosts in the User zone destined to hosts in the Internet zone In this scenario, which statement is true?

A. You must enable the AppTrack feature within the Internet zone configuration
B. You must enable the AppTrack feature within the ingress interface configuration associated with the Internet zone
C.You must enable the AppTrack feature within the interface configuration associated with the User zone
D. You must enable the AppTrack feature within the User zone configuration

Question # 6

Which two statements describe JSA? (Choose two.)

A. Security Director must be used to view third-party events from JSA flow collectors
B. JSA supports events and flows from Junos devices, including third-party devices.
C. JSA events must be manually imported into Security Director using an SSH connection
D. JSA can be used as a log node with Security Director or as a standalone solution

Question # 7

You have deployed JSA and you need to view events and network activity that match rule criteria. You must view this data using a single interface. Which JSA feature should you use in this scenario?

A. Log Collector
B. Assets
C. Network Activity
D. Offense Manager

Question # 8

Which two functions are performed by Juniper Identity Management Service (JIMS)? (Choose two.)

A. JIMS synchronizes Active Directory authentication information between a primary and secondary JIMS server
B. JIMS forwards Active Directory authentication information to SRX Series client devices.
C. JIMS collects and maintains a database of authentication information from Active Directory domains
D. JIMS replicates Active Directory authentication information to non-trusted Active Directory domain controllers

Question # 9

You are asked to improve resiliency for individual redundancy groups in an SRX4600 chassis cluster. Which two features would accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

A. IP address monitoring
B. control link recovery
C. interface monitoring
D. dual fabric links

Question # 10

You want to deploy vSRX in Amazon Web Services (AWS) virtual private clouds (VPCs). Which two statements are true in this scenario? (Choose two.)

A. The vSRX devices serving as local enforcement points for VPCs can be managed by a centralized Junos Space Network Director instanc
B. MPLS LSPs can be used to connect vSRXs m different VPCs
C. IPsec tunnels can be used to connect vSRXs in different VPCs
D. The vSRX devices serving as local enforcement points for VPCs can be managed by a centralized Junos Space Security Director instance

Question # 11

Which security log message formal reduces the consumption of CPU and storage?

B. BSD syslog
C. binary
D. structured syslog

Question # 12

You must configure JSA to accept events from an unsupported third-party log source In this scenario. what should you do?

A. Separate event collection and flow collection on separate collectors
B. Configure an RPM for a third-party device service module
C. Configure JSA to silently discard unsupported log types
D. Configure a universal device service module

Question # 13

Which statement describes the AppTrack module in AppSecure?

A. The AppTrack module provides enforcement with the ability to block traffic, based on specific applications
B. The AppTrack module provides control by the routing of traffic, based on the application
C. The AppTrack module identifies the applications that are present in network traffic
D. The AppTrack module provides visibility and volumetric reporting of application usage on the network

Question # 14

Which solution should you use if you want to detect known attacks using signature-based methods?

A. SSL proxy

Question # 15

You are deploying the Junos application firewall feature in your networkIn this scenario, which two elements are mapped to applications in the application system cache? (Choosetwo.)

A. destination port
B. source port
C. destination IP address
D. source IP address

Question # 16

You are configuring a client-protection SSL proxy profileWhich statement is correct in this scenario?

A. A server certificate is not used but a root certificate authority is used
B. A server certificate and root certificate authority are not used
C. A server certificate is used but a root certificate authority is not used
D. A server certificate and a root certificate authority are both used

Question # 17

What is the default session timeout value for ICMP and UDP traffic?

A. m30 seconds
B. 30 minutes
C. 60 seconds
D. 5 minutes

Question # 18

Which feature is used when you want to permit traffic on an SRX Series device only at specific times?

A. scheduler
B. pass-through authentication
D. counters

Question # 19

Which two statements describe application-layer gateways (ALGs)? (Choose two)

A. ALGs are designed for specific protocols that require multiple sessions.
B. ALGs are used with protocols that use multiple ports.
C. ALGs can only be configured using Security Director
D. ALGs are designed for specific protocols that use a single TCP session

Question # 20

What are two elements of a custom IDP/IPS attack object? (Choose two )

A. the attack signature
B. the seventy of the attack
C. the destination zone
D. the exempt rulebase

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