Microsoft SC-200 dumps

Microsoft SC-200 Exam Dumps

Microsoft Security Operations Analyst
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Exam Code SC-200
Exam Name Microsoft Security Operations Analyst
Questions 197 Questions Answers With Explanation
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Microsoft SC-200 Sample Questions

Question # 1

You have 50 Microsoft Sentinel workspaces.You need to view all the incidents from all the workspaces on a single page in the Azureportal. The solution must minimize administrative effort. Which page should you use in the Azure portal?

A. Microsoft Sentinel - Incidents
B. Microsoft Sentinel - Workbooks
C. Microsoft Sentinel
D. Log Analytics workspaces

Question # 2

You need to correlate data from the SecurityEvent Log Anarytks table to meet the MicrosoftSentinel requirements for using UEBA. Which Log Analytics table should you use?

A. SentwlAuoNt
B. AADRiskyUsers
C. IdentityOirectoryEvents
D. Identityinfo

Question # 3

You haw the resources shown in the following Table. You have an Azure subscription that uses Microsoft Defender for Cloud.You need to enable Microsoft Defender lot Servers on each resource.Which resources will require the installation of the Azure Arc agent?

A. Server 3 only
B. Server1 and 5erver4 only
C. Server 1. Server2. arid Server4 only
D. Server 1, Servec2, Server3. and Seiver4

Question # 4

You need to minimize the effort required to investigate the Microsoft Defender for Identityfalse positive alerts. What should you review?

A. the status update time
B. the alert status
C. the certainty of the source computer
D. the resolution method of the source computer

Question # 5

You have an Azure subscription that uses Microsoft Defender fof Ctoud.You have an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account that contains an Amazon ElasticCompute Cloud (EC2) instance named EC2-1.You need to onboard EC2-1 to Defender for Cloud.What should you install on EC2-1?

A. the Log Analytics agent
B. the Azure Connected Machine agent
C. the unified Microsoft Defender for Endpoint solution package
D. Microsoft Monitoring Agent

Question # 6

You need to ensure that you can run hunting queries to meet the Microsoft Sentinel requirements. Which type of workspace should you create?

A. Azure Synapse AnarytKS
B. AzureDalabricks
C. Azure Machine Learning
D. LogAnalytics

Question # 7

You have an Azure subscription that uses Microsoft Defender for Cloud and contains 100virtual machines that run Windows Server.You need to configure Defender for Cloud to collect event data from the virtual machines.The solution must minimize administrative effort and costs.Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

A. From the workspace created by Defender for Cloud, set the data collection level to Common
B. From the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center, enable automatic enrollment.
C. From the Azure portal, create an Azure Event Grid subscription.
D. From the workspace created by Defender for Cloud, set the data collection level to All Events
E. From Defender for Cloud in the Azure portal, enable automatic provisioning for thevirtual machines.

Question # 8

You have a Microsoft Sentinel workspace.You enable User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UFBA) by using Audit logs and Signin logs.The following entities are detected in the Azure AD tenant:• App name: App1 • IP address:• Computer name: Device1• Used client app: Microsoft Edge• Email address:• Sign-in URL: entities can be investigated by using UEBA?

A. app name, computer name, IP address, email address, and used client app only
B. IP address and email address only
C. used client app and app name only
D. IP address only

Question # 9

You have an Azure subscription that use Microsoft Defender for Cloud and contains a usernamed User1.You need to ensure that User1 can modify Microsoft Defender for Cloud security policies.The solution must use the principle of least privilege.Which role should you assign to User1?

A. Security operator
B. Security Admin
C. Owner
D. Contributor

Question # 10

You use Microsoft Sentinel.You need to receive an alert in near real-time whenever Azure Storage account keys areenumerated. Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part ofthe solution. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point

A. Create a bookmark.
B. Create an analytics rule.
C. Create a livestream.
D. Create a hunting query.
E. Add a data connector.

Question # 11

You have a Microsoft Sentinel workspace that has user and Entity Behavior Analytics(UEBA) enabled for Signin Logs.You need to ensure that failed interactive sign-ins are detected.The solution must minimize administrative effort.What should you use?

A. a scheduled alert query
B. a UEBA activity template
C. the Activity Log data connector
D. a hunting query

Question # 12

You have an Azure subscription that uses resource type for Cloud. You need to filter thesecurity alerts view to show the following alerts:• Unusual user accessed a key vault• Log on from an unusual location• Impossible travel activityWhich severity should you use?

A. Informational
B. Low
C. Medium
D. High

Question # 13

You have an Azure subscription that contains an Azure logic app named app1 and aMicrosoft Sentinel workspace that has an Azure AD connector. You need to ensure thatapp1 launches when Microsoft Sentinel detects an Azure AD-generated alert. What shouldyou create first?

A. a repository connection
B. awatchlist
C. an analytics rule
D. an automation rule

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