NetApp NS0-603 dumps

NetApp NS0-603 Exam Dumps

NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud Architect
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Exam Code NS0-603
Exam Name NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud Architect
Questions 60
Update Date September 22,2023
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NetApp NS0-603 Sample Questions

Question # 1

You are asked to deploy NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP In a Google Cloud environment.You set up a NetApp Cloud Central account. You want the storage administrator to be ableto log in to the NetApp Cloud Central account and deploy a connector from the SaaS CloudManager before deploying NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP.In this scenario, what are two requirements to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

A. The storage administrator must be set up as an administrator in Google Cloud. 
B. The storage administrator must be set up as a workspace admin in NetApp CloudCentral. 
C. The GCP user who deploys the connector from NetApp Cloud Central should beassociated with a custom role. 
D. The required APIs must be enabled in the Google Cloud project. 

Question # 2

A company realizes that multiple departments are using different cloud providers formission-critical workloads. They are experiencing poor performance on workloads acrossdifferent cloud providers and notice that there are deployment inconsistencies.In this scenario, what are two ways to correct the problem? (Choose two.)

A. Use infrastructure as code (IaC) to ensure deployments satisfy design specifications. 
B. Use storage services that can scale dynamically with workload demands. 
C. Consolidate data for applications into volumes on a single cloud provider. 
D. Ensure that all virtual machines use Reserved Instances to maximize performance. 

Question # 3

Exhibit. You are designing a NetApp Cloud Backup solution for your on-premises ONTAP clustersto Azure Blob storage.Referring to the exhibit, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A. An inbound connection is required from the Connector. 
B. A connection between the cluster and the Cloud Backup service is not required. 
C. An outbound connection is required to the Connector. 
D. A connection between the cluster and the Cloud Backup service is required. 

Question # 4

Your company has just merged with another organization. You are responsible forconnecting both companies by designing a new multi-region cloud service in MicrosoftAzure. Both company's Azure subscriptions and tenants have been merged already. Youwant to enable cross-region connectivity between the new services and endpoints.In this scenario, which service do you consider?

A. ExpressRoute 
B. VNet Peering 
C. Service endpoints 
D. Site-to-Site VPN 

Question # 5

Your team is deploying a containerized application on Kubernetes. The developers arecurrently collecting metrics for application response times.d Insights to augment theirIn this scenario, what are three ways that you would monitoring? (Choose three.)

A. Curate application metrics and other Kubernetes monitoring into a single dashboard. 
B. Provide automatic Snapshot copies of the containerized application. 
C. Automatically adjust the size of the cluster based on the workload. 
D. Collect pod metrics. 
E. Provide an overall health view of the Kubernetes cluster. 

Question # 6

You are designing a file services platform for unstructured data in Amazon Web Services(AWS). The primary workload of your data is production file shares. Based on yourassessment, you notice that only 10% of your data is "hot", which equals 4 TB of storage.This active data set requires high performance storage. The remaining 36 TB of data isarchive data. To achieve cost benefits, you deploy Cloud Volumes ONTAP in AWS,associate two 4 TB disks with the aggregate, and enable data tiering.In Cloud Manager, which volume tiering policy would satisfy the requirements?

A. Snapshot only 
B. None 
C. All 
D. Auto 

Question # 7

Your customer wants to demonstrate data privacy compliance by monitoring as manyplatforms as possible across on-premises and the public cloud with NetApp Cloud DataSense (formerly Cloud Compliance).In this scenario, which two data sources are supported? (Choose two.)

A. Microsoft Exchange 
B. Oracle Database 
C. Amazon S3 
D. DB2 

Question # 8

You are designing for StorageGRID deployment.In this scenario, what are two rules for the nodes? (Choose two.)

A. You need two admin nodes per site. 
B. Each data center site must include at least four storage nodes. 
C. Each data center site must include at least three storage nodes. 
D. Only one admin node is permitted per site. 

Question # 9

Exhibit. Referring to the exhibit, a volume in the Value storage service level is storing 10 TB ofdata.What is the maximum number of IOPS that the volume would receive?

A. 1280 
B. 5120 
C. 128 
D. 512 

Question # 10

You are designing a multicloud architecture using Microsoft Azure and Amazon WebServices (AWS) The objective is to deploy NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP in both cloudsand use SnapMlrror for replication. You already deployed NetApp Cloud Manager and anassociated Connector in Microsoft Azure. To connect your Cloud Manager to AWS, you areinstructed to establish a site-to-site VPN between Microsoft Azure and AWS.In this scenario, which two components are required to provision the AWS endpoint for theVPN connection? (Choose two.)

A. firewall rules to unblock UDP port 4500 
B. AWS Direct Connect 
C. a virtual private gateway in AWS 
D. a VPN connection in AWS 

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