Oracle 1z0-1062-21 dumps

Oracle 1z0-1062-21 Exam Dumps

Oracle Incentive Compensation Cloud 2021Implementation Essentials
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Exam Code 1z0-1062-21
Exam Name Oracle Incentive Compensation Cloud 2021Implementation Essentials
Questions 73 Questions Answers With Explanation
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Oracle 1z0-1062-21 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Identify the roles that are critical for implementation users to enable them to perform setuptasks In Fusion Setup Manager.


Question # 2

Which asset typo must you select for searching web service in Oracle EnterpriseRepository?

A. Composite Service
B. Composite
C. ADF Service
D. ADF service Data Object

Question # 3

A profile option is set at Site and User levels. Which one takes precedence?

A. Site
B. user
C. Product
D. Global

Question # 4

An Incentive Compensation administrator wants to import the participant information fromOracle Human Resources Cloud for the employees having Job as 'Operation Support'.Which task can the Incentive Compensation administrator perform?

A. The administrator can assign quotas to participants based on integration with OracleHumanResources Cloud Compensation Workbench.
B. The administrator can use the Human Resources Cloud Job field to filter whichparticipants to include in the Import.
C. The administrator can assign roles to participants based on the Oracle HumanResources Cloud Job to Role mapping.
D. The administrator can assign compensation plans to participants based on the OracleHuman Resources Cloud Job to Plan mapping.

Question # 5

You are required to create a compensation plan where commission is paid 6% oftransaction amount for credit category 'Laptop'. Also reporting requirement dictates you tocapture each older number along with earnedamount at the order level. You are alsoexpected to reuse already created expressions to maximize re usability.Which expression will you not be able to use in the plan component - Incentive formula?

A. Measure result.PM1.Output
B. Measureresult.PM1.PTDOutputAchieved
C. SUM ( Credit.Credit Amount )
D. Credit.Credit Amount

Question # 6

You are planning to move your configurations from the staging environment to theproduction environment.Which task must you not include?

A. Export and Import reports by using the archive/unarchive function.
B. Move Calendar, Business Units, List of Values, and Profile Options by using FSM.
C. Clone custom objects in Application Composer
D. Export Compensation Plans to XML

Question # 7

The incentive compensation application set the paymentbatchstatus to 'Paid’ for aparticular period and the payments have to be adjusted for a Which is the correct way to dothis?

A. Payment batches can be edited and reprocessed.
B. No adjustment can be done for that period.
C. Pay sheets can be adjustedaccordingly.
D. Reprocess earnings and payments; delta earnings and adjustments are included in thenew payment batch.

Question # 8

Which Oracle Sales Cloud and Incentive Compensation applications security constructcontrols what functions and data a user has access to?

A. Security Profile
B. Role
C. Responsibility
D. Job

Question # 9

Your configurations and reports are moved to the Production environment. You want tocopy thorn to your Test environment. When should you schedule P2T?

A. when P2T tasks are set up In FSM
B. after the next patch is applied to Test
C. once Production and Test are aligned on the same patch
D. after the next patch is applied to Production

Question # 10

Your client is tuning four performance measures with the same output expression 'SUM(Credit.Credit Amount)' and no scorecard. The following transactions were processedthrough the performance measure.

A. Distribute By
B. Unit of Measure
C. Performance Interval
D. Process Transactions

Question # 11

Whichoption showsthecredit category or categoriesthatwill be assigned to this transactionduring the Classification process?


Question # 12

Whichoption showsthecredit category or categoriesthatwill be assigned to this transactionduring the Classification process?


Question # 13

The 'Run Crediting and Rollup’process request completes successfully but no credits arecreated. Which three configurations must be verified?

A. Participants assigned to a direct credit rule do not have the Manager role.
B. The same participants are not assigned to multiple credit rules in the hierarchy.
C. The transaction event date falls between thecredit rule start and end dates.
D. The 'Deploy Credit Rule' process was run after the credit rules were created.
E. 'EnableDirect Crediting* is set to 'Yes' on the 'Manage Parameters'page.
F. The 'Deploy Compensation Plans' process was run after thecredit rules were created.

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