Palo-Alto-Networks PCCSA dumps

Palo-Alto-Networks PCCSA Exam Dumps

Palo Alto Networks Certified Cybersecurity Entry-level Technician
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Exam Code PCCSA
Exam Name Palo Alto Networks Certified Cybersecurity Entry-level Technician
Questions 75 Questions Answers With Explanation
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Palo-Alto-Networks PCCSA Sample Questions

Question # 1

To which type of organization does the PCI DSS apply?

A. any organization that accepts, transmits, or stores any cardholder data
B. organizations that only accept cardholder data regardless of size or number of transactions
C. only organization larger than 100 employees that accept, transmit, or store any cardholder data
D. organization that only transmit data regardless of size or number of transactions

Question # 2

Which two components are part of a next-generation firewall security policy? (Choose two.)

A. role-based access controls
B. user identification
C. content identification
D. file permissions

Question # 3

Which option describes a characteristic of a distributed denial-of-service attack?

A. uses multiple types of malware to corrupt system services
B. uses a single remote host to delete data from multiple target servers
C. uses a single remote host to flood a target network with traffic
D. uses a botnet to flood traffic to a target network

Question # 4

Which type of cloud computing deployment makes resources exclusively available to members of a single organization?

A. local
B. private
C. hybrid
D. public

Question # 5

Which Palo Alto Networks product or feature includes machine learning to enhance security.

A. Panorama
B. MineMeld
C. Magnifier
D. User-ID

Question # 6

You discover an infected email attachment that contains software code that attacks a known vulnerability in a popular social networking application. This type of software code belongs to which type of malware category?

A. social engineering
B. virus
C. pharming
D. exploit

Question # 7

Which type of security device uses a single-pass, parallel processor hardware architecture to accelerate content inspection?

A. unified threat management
B. stateless firewalls
C. next-generation firewall
D. PoS-based firewall

Question # 8

Which well-known port is associated with the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol?

B. 25
C. 997
D. 40

Question # 9

Which type of malware is self-replicating but must first infect a host program and be executed by a user or process?

A. vulnerability
B. worm
C. exploit
D. virus

Question # 10

Which network method securely connects two sites across a public network?

C. switch
D. router

Question # 11

When a company chooses to deploy a branch location with antivirus software, which risk model are they using to manage risk?

A. limiting
B. assuming
C. trasnferring
D. avoiding

Question # 12

A firewall located on an organization’s network perimeter can be used to protect against which type of attack?

A. a malicious SaaS application file accessed from an unmanaged mobile phone
B. ransomware installed from an infected USB drive
C. malware installed on the laptop by a disgruntled employee
D. a malicious PDF file located on an internet website

Question # 13

Which two items operate at the network layer in the OSI network model? (Choose two.)

A. IP address
B. router
C. switch
D. MAC address

Question # 14

Which option lists the correct sequence of a TCP three-way handshake?


Question # 15

Which security component should be used to prevent a malware attack delivered by USB drive?

A. endpoint security
B. password security
C. physical security
D. firewall security

Question # 16

Which security principle describes the practice of giving users the minimum rights to access the resources necessary to do their jobs?

A. known privilege
B. least privilege
C. user privilege
D. lowest privilege

Question # 17

Which type of attack floods a target with TCP SYN requests?

A. route table poisoning
B. reconaissance
C. denial-of-service
D. IP spoofing

Question # 18

What is an example of a distance-vector routing protocol?


Question # 19

What is the primary purpose of using encryption as part of your network data security architecture?

A. authorization
C. integrity
D. authentication

Question # 20

In which type of cloud computing service does an organization own and control application data, but not the application?

A. platform as a service
B. computing as a service
C. infrastructure as a service
D. software as a service

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