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Palo-Alto-Networks PCNSE Exam Dumps

Palo Alto Networks Certified Security Engineer (PCNSE) PAN-OS 11.0
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Exam Code PCNSE
Exam Name Palo Alto Networks Certified Security Engineer (PCNSE) PAN-OS 11.0
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Update Date February 22,2024
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Palo-Alto-Networks PCNSE Sample Questions

Question # 1

In a template you can configure which two objects? (Choose two.)

A. SD WAN path quality profile
B. application group
C. IPsec tunnel
D. Monitor profile

Question # 2

How can packet butter protection be configured?

A. at me device level (globally to protect firewall resources and ingress zones, but not at the zone level
B. at the device level (globally) and it enabled globally, at the zone level
C. at the interlace level to protect firewall resources
D. at zone level to protect firewall resources and ingress zones but not at the device level 

Question # 3

Which CLI command displays the physical media that are connected to ethernetl/8?

A. > show system state filter-pretty
B. > show interface ethernetl/8
C. > show system state filter-pretty
D. > show system state filter-pretty 

Question # 4

A. Americas
C. East
D. West

Question # 5

What happens to traffic traversing SD-WAN fabric that doesn't match any SD-WAN policies?

A. Traffic is dropped because there is no matching SD-WAN policy to direct traffic.
B. Traffic matches a catch-all policy that is created through the SD-WAN plugin.
C. Traffic matches implied policy rules and is redistributed round robin across SD-WAN links.
D. Traffic is forwarded to the first physical interface participating in SD-WAN based on lowest interface number (i.e., Eth1/1 over Eth1/3).

Question # 6

An administrator needs to build Security rules in a Device Group that allow traffic to specific users and groups defined in Active Directory What must be configured in order to select users and groups for those rules from Panorama?

A. The Security rules must be targeted to a firewall in the device group and have Group Mapping configured
B. A master device with Group Mapping configured must be set in the device group where the Security rules are configured 
C. User-ID Redistribution must be configured on Panorama to ensure that all firewalls have the same mappings
D. A User-ID Certificate profile must be configured on Panorama

Question # 7

During the process of developing a decryption strategy and evaluating which websites are required for corporate users to access, several sites have been identified that cannot bedecrypted due to technical reasons. In this case, the technical reason is unsupported ciphers. Traffic to these sites will therefore be blocked if decrypted How should the engineer proceed?

A. Allow the firewall to block the sites to improve the security posture
B. Add the sites to the SSL Decryption Exclusion list to exempt them from decryption
C. Install the unsupported cipher into the firewall to allow the sites to be decrypted
D. Create a Security policy to allow access to those sites

Question # 8

An engineer is configuring Packet Buffer Protection on ingress zones to protect from singlesession DoS attacks Which sessions does Packet Buffer Protection apply to?

A. It applies to existing sessions and is not global
B. It applies to new sessions and is global
C. It applies to new sessions and is not global
D. It applies to existing sessions and is global

Question # 9

What would allow a network security administrator to authenticate and identify a user with a new BYOD-type device that is not joined to the corporate domain'?

A. a Security policy with 'known-user" selected in the Source User field
B. an Authentication policy with 'unknown' selected in the Source User field
C. a Security policy with 'unknown' selected in the Source User field
D. an Authentication policy with 'known-user' selected in the Source User field

Question # 10

An engineer is in the planning stages of deploying User-ID in a diverse directory services environment. Which server OS platforms can be used for server monitoring with User-ID?

A. Microsoft Terminal Server, Red Hat Linux, and Microsoft Active Directory
B. Microsoft Active Directory, Red Hat Linux, and Microsoft Exchange
C. Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Active Directory, and Novell eDirectory
D. Novell eDirectory, Microsoft Terminal Server, and Microsoft Active Directory

Question # 11

An administrator allocates bandwidth to a Prisma Access Remote Networks compute location with three remote networks. What is the minimum amount of bandwidth the administrator could configure at the compute location?

A. 90Mbps
B. 300 Mbps
C. 75Mbps
D. 50Mbps

Question # 12

What is the best description of the HA4 Keep-Alive Threshold (ms)?

A. the maximum interval between hello packets that are sent to verify that the HA functionality on the other firewall is operational.
B. The time that a passive or active-secondary firewall will wait before taking over as the active or active-primary firewall
C. the timeframe within which the firewall must receive keepalives from a cluster member to know that the cluster member is functional.
D. The timeframe that the local firewall wait before going to Active state when another cluster member is preventing the cluster from fully synchronizing.

Question # 13

Where is information about packet buffer protection logged?

A. Alert entries are in the Alarms log Entries for dropped traffic, discarded sessions, and blocked IP address are in the Threat log
B. All entries are in the System log
C. Alert entries are in the System log Entries for dropped traffic, discarded sessions and blocked IP addresses are in the Threat log
D. All entries are in the Alarms log

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