Palo-Alto-Networks PSE-Platform dumps

Palo-Alto-Networks PSE-Platform Exam Dumps

Palo Alto Networks System Engineer Professional - Strata
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Exam Code PSE-Platform
Exam Name Palo Alto Networks System Engineer Professional - Strata
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Palo-Alto-Networks PSE-Platform Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which Palo Alto Networks security platform component should an administrator use to extend policies toremote users are not connecting to the internet from behind a firewall?

A. Threat Intelligence Cloud
B. Traps
C. GlobalProtect
D. Aperture

Question # 2

A customer is concerned about malicious activity occurring directly on their endpoints and not visible to theirfirewalls.Which three actions does Traps execute during a security event beyond ensuring the prevention of thisactivity? (Choose three.)

A. Informs WildFire and sends up a signature to the Cloud
B. Collects forensic information about the event
C. Communicates the status of the endpoint to the ESM
D.. Notifies the user about the event
E. Remediates the event by deleting the malicious file

Question # 3

A client chooses to not block uncategorized websites.Which two additions should be made to help provide some protection? (Choose two.)

A. A security policy rule using only known URL categories with the action set to allow
B. A file blocking profile to security policy rules that allow uncategorized websites to help reduce the riskof drive by downloads
C. A URL filtering profile with the action set to continue for unknown URL categories to security policyrules that allow web access
D. A data filtering profile with a custom data pattern to security policy rules that deny uncategorizedwebsites

Question # 4

How does SSL Forward Proxy decryption work?

A. SSL Forward Proxy decryption policy decrypts and inspects SSL/TLS traffic from internal users to theweb.
B. The SSL Forward Proxy Firewall creates a certificate intended for the client that is intercepted andaltered by the firewall.
C. If the server's certificate is signed by a CA that the firewall does not trust, the firewall will use thecertificate only on Forward Trust.
D. The firewall resides between the internal client and internal server to intercept traffic between the two.

Question # 5

Which two designs require virtual systems? (Choose two.)

A. A shared gateway interface that does not need a full administrative boundary
B. A virtual router as a replacement for an internet-facing router
C. A single physical firewall shared by different organizations, each with unique traffic control needs
D. A VMware NSX deployment that needs micros segmentation

Question # 6

Which two components must to be configured within User-ID on a new firewall that has been implemented?(Choose two.)

A. Group Mapping
B. 802.1X Authentication
C. Proxy Authentication
D. User mapping

Question # 7

What are three best practices for running an Ultimate Test Drive (UTD)? (Choose three.)

A. It should be used to create pipeline and customer interest.
B. It should be used to demonstrate the power of the platform.
C. The lab documentation should be reviewed and tested.
D. It should be led by Palo Alto Network employees.
E. The required equipment should be shipped to lab site in advance.

Question # 8

A customer is adopting Microsoft Office 365 but is concerned about the potential security exposure that such amove could mean. The security analyst suggests using Aperture and the Palo Alto Network firewall together toprovide data and network security.What are the two reasons this solution has been suggested? (Choose two.)

A. The firewall secures data in transit between the network and the cloud.
B. Aperture prevents users from using non-sanctioned SaaS applications.
C. The firewall scans data that resides in the cloud for malware.
D. Aperture scans data that resides in the cloud for sensitive information.

Question # 9

Which three methods used to map users to IP addresses are supported in Palo Alto Networks firewalls?(Choose three.)

A. Client Probing
C. eDirectory monitoring
D. SNMP server
E. Lotus Domino
G. Active Directory monitoring

Question # 10

What is the HA limitation specific to the PA-200 appliance?

A. Can be deployed in either an active/passive or active/active HA pair
B. Can only synchronize configurations and does not support session synchronization
C. Has a dedicated HA1 and HA2 ports, but no HA3
D. Is the only Palo Alto Networks firewall that does not have any HA capabilities

Question # 11

Which variable is used to regulate the rate of file submission to WildFire?

A. Based on the purchase license
B. Maximum number of files per minute
C. Available bandwidth
D. Maximum number of files per day

Question # 12

Which certificate can be used to ensure that traffic coming from a specific server remains encrypted?

A. Forward entrust
B. SSL exclude certificate
C. Forward trust
D. SSL inbound inspection

Question # 13

Which four steps of the cyberattack lifecycle dose the Palo Alto Networks platform present? (Choose four)

A. Breach the perimeter
B. Exfiltrate data
C. Weaponries vulnerabilities
D. Deliver the malware
E. Recon the target
F. Lateral movement

Question # 14

In which two cases should the Hardware offering of Panorama be chosen over the Virtual Offering? (Choosetwo)

A. Dedicated Logger Mode is required
B. Logs per second exceed 10,000
C. Appliance needs to be moved into data center
D. Device count is under 100

Question # 15

What are the two group options for database when creating a custom report? (Choose two)

A. Oracle
C. Detailed Logs
D. Summary Databases

Question # 16

Which three policies or certificates must be configured for SSL Forward Proxy decryption? (Choose three.)

A. Forward trust certificate
B. Forward untrust certificate
C. A decrypt port mirror policy
D. Internal server certificate
E. A decryption policy

Question # 17

Where are three tuning considerations when building a security policy to protect against modern day attacks?(Choose three)

A. Create an anti-spyware profile to block all spyware
B. Create a vulnerability protection profile to block all the vulnerabilities with severity low and higher
C. Create an SSL Decryption policy to decrypt 100% of the traffic
D. Create an antivirus profile to block all content that matches and antivirus signature
E. Create a WildFire profile to schedule file uploads during low network usage windows

Question # 18

Which license is required to receive weekly dynamic updates to the correlation objects on the firewall andPanorama?

A. WildFire on the firewall, and AutoFocus on Panorama
B. URL Filtering on the firewall, and MindMeld on Panorama
C. Threat Prevention on the firewall, and Support on Panorama
D. GlobalProtect on the firewall, and Threat Prevention on Panorama

Question # 19

Which design objective could be satisfied by vsys functionality?

A. Separation of routing tables used by different departments in company
B. Provide same-device high availability functionality for different departments in a company
C. Administrative separation of firewall policies used by different departments in company
D. Allocate firewall hardware resources to different departments in a company

Question # 20

Palo Alto Networks publishes updated Command and Control signatures.How frequently should the related signatures schedule be set?

A. Once an hour
B. Once every minute
C. Once a week
D. Once a day

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