Palo-Alto-Networks PSE-SASE dumps

Palo-Alto-Networks PSE-SASE Exam Dumps

Palo Alto Networks System Engineer Professional-SASEExam
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Exam Code PSE-SASE
Exam Name Palo Alto Networks System Engineer Professional-SASEExam
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Palo-Alto-Networks PSE-SASE Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which statement applies to Prisma Access licensing?

A. Internet of Things (LOT) Security is included with each license.
B. It provides cloud-based, centralized log storage and aggregation.
C. It is a perpetual license required to enable support for multiple virtual systems on PA-3200 Series firewalls.
D. For remote network and Clean Pipe deployments, a unit is defined as 1 Mbps of bandwidth.

Question # 2

Which CLI command allows visibility into SD-WAN events such as path selection and path quality measurements?

A. >show sdwan connection all |
B. >show sdwan session distribution policy-name
C. >show sdwan path-monitor stats vif
D. >show sdwan event

Question # 3

Which element of a secure access service edge (SASE)-enabled network uses many points of presence to reduce latency with support of in-country or in-region resources and regulatory requirements?

A. cloud-native, cloud-based delivery
B. converged WAN edge and network security
C. broad network-edge support
D. identity and network location

Question # 4

Which connection method allows secure web gateway (SWG) access to internet-based SaaS applications using HTTP and   HTTPS protocols?

A. GlobalProtect
B. Broker VM
C. explicit proxy
D. system-wide proxy

Question # 5

What is feature of Autonomous Digital Experience Management (ADEM)?

A. It applies configuration changes and provides credential management, role-based controls, and a playbook repository.  
B. It provides customized forms to collect and validate necessary parameters from the requester.
C. It natively ingests, normalizes, and integrates granular data across the security infrastructure at nearly half the cost oflegacy security products attempting to solve the problem. 
D. It provides IT teams with single-pane visibility that leverages endpoint, simulated, and real-time user traffic data toprovide the most complete picture of user traffic flows possible.

Question # 6

Cloud-delivered App-ID provides specific identification of which two applications? (Choose two.)

A. unknown-tep
B. private
C. web-browsing
D. custom

Question # 7

Which two actions take place after Prisma SD-WAN Instant-On Network (LON) devices have been deployed at a site? (Choose two.)

A. The devices continually sync the information from directories, whether they are on-premise, cloud-based, or hybrid.
B. The devices establish VPNs over private WAN circuits that share a common service provider.
C. The devices automatically establish a VPN to the data centers over every internet circuit.
D. The devices provide an abstraction layer between the Prisma SD-WAN controller and a particular cloud service.

Question # 8

What are two benefits provided to an organization using a secure web gateway (SWG)? (Choose two.)

A. VPNs remain connected, reducing user risk exposure.
B. Security policies for making internet access safer are enforced.
C. Access to inappropriate websites or content is blocked based on acceptable use policies.
D. An encrypted challenge-response mechanism obtains user credentials from the browser.

Question # 9

Users connect to a server in the data center for file sharing. The organization wants to decrypt the traffic to this server in order to scan the files being uploaded and downloaded to determine if malware or sensitive data is being moved by users.Which proxy should be used to decrypt this traffic?

A. SCP Proxy
B. SSL Inbound Proxy
C. SSH Forward Proxy
D. SSL Forward Proxy

Question # 10

Which product enables organizations to open unknown files in a sandbox environment and scan them for malware or otherthreats?

A. network sandbox
C. cloud access security broker (CASB)
D. remote browser isolation

Question # 11

Which product draws on data collected through PAN-OS device telemetry to provide an overview of the health of anorganization's next-generation firewall (NGFW) deployment and identify areas for improvement?

A. Cloud Identity Engine (CIE)
B. DNS Security
C. security information and event management (SIEM)
D. Device Insights

Question # 12

How can a network engineer export all flow logs and security actions to a security information and event management (SIEM) system?

A. Enable syslog on the Instant-On Network (ION) device.
B. Use a zone-based firewall to export directly through application program interface (API) to the SIEM.
C. Enable Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) on the Instant-On Network (ION) device.
D. Use the centralized flow data-export tool built into the controller.

Question # 13

How does SaaS Security Inline provide a consistent management experience? 

A. user credentials required before accessing the resource  
B. uses advanced predictive analysis and machine learning (ML) 
C. automatically forwards samples for WildFire analysis
D. integrates with existing security

Question # 14

What can prevent users from unknowingly downloading potentially malicious file types from the internet?

A. Apply a File Blocking profile to Security policy rules that allow general web access.
B. Apply a Zone Protection profile to the untrust zone.
C. Assign an Antivirus profile to Security policy rules that deny general web access.
D. Assign a Vulnerability profile to Security policy rules that deny general web access.

Question # 15

What are two benefits of installing hardware fail-to-wire port pairs on Instant-On Network (ION) devices? (Choose two.)

A. local area network (LAN) Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and DHCP relay functionality
B. control mode insertion without modification of existing network configuration
C. network controller communication and monitoring
D. ensures automatic failover when ION devices experience software or network related failure

Question # 16

What are two ways service connections and remote network connections differ? (Choose two.)

A. Remote network connections provide secondary WAN options, but service connections use backup service connection for redundancy.
B. Remote network connections enforce security policies, but service connections do not.
C. An on-premises resource cannot originate a connection to the internet over a service connection.
D. Service connections support both OSPF and BGP for routing protocols, but remote networks support only BGP.

Question # 17

Which App Response Time metric is the measure of network latency?

A. Round Trip Time (RTT)
B. Server Response Time (SRT) 
C. Network Transfer Time (NTTn)
D. UDP Response Time (UDP-TRT)

Question # 18

How does Autonomous Digital Experience Management (ADEM) improve user experience?

A. The root cause of any alert can be viewed with a single click, allowing users to swiftly stop attacks across the environment.
B. The virtual appliance receives and stores firewall logs without using a local Log Collector, simplifying required steps users must take.
C. Working from home or branch offices, all users get the benefit of a digital experience management solution without the complexity of installing additional software and hardware.
D. It applies in-depth hunting and forensics knowledge to identify and contain threats before they become a breach.

Question # 19

In an SD-WAN deployment, what allows customers to modify resources in an automated fashion instead of logging on toacentral controller or using command-line interface (CLI) to manage all their configurations?

A. dynamic user group (DUG)
A. dynamic user group (DUG)
C. application programming interface (APT)
D. WildFire

Question # 20

What is an advantage of the unified approach of the Palo Alto Networks secure access service edge (SASE) platform over the use of multiple point products?

A. It allows for automation of ticketing tasks and management of tickets without pivoting between various consoles.
B. It scans all traffic, ports, and protocols and automatically discovers new apps.
C. It turns threat intelligence and external attack surface data into an intelligent data foundation to dramatically accelerate threat response.
D. It reduces network and security complexity while increasing organizational agility.

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