Salesforce Identity-and-Access-Management-Architect dumps

Salesforce Identity-and-Access-Management-Architect Exam Dumps

Salesforce Certified Identity and Access Management Architect (WI24)
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Exam Code Identity-and-Access-Management-Architect
Exam Name Salesforce Certified Identity and Access Management Architect (WI24)
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Salesforce Identity-and-Access-Management-Architect Sample Questions

Question # 1

An identity architect's client has a homegrown identity provider (IdP). Salesforce is used as the service provider (SP). The head of IT is worried that during a SP initiated single sign-on (SSO), the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) request content will be altered. What should the identity architect recommend to make sure that there is additional trust between the SP and the IdP? 

A. Ensure that there is an HTTPS connection between IDP and SP. 
B. Ensure that on the SSO settings page, the "Request Signing Certificate" field has a selfsigned certificate. 
C. Ensure that the Issuer and Assertion Consumer service (ACS) URL is property configured between SP and IDP. 
D. Encrypt the SAML Request using certification authority (CA) signed certificate and decrypt on IdP. 

Question # 2

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is planning to roll out a partner portal for its distributors using Experience Cloud. NTO would like to use an external identity provider (idP) and for partners to register for access to the portal. Each partner should be allowed to register only once to avoid duplicate accounts with Salesforce. What should a identity architect recommend to create partners? 

A. On successful creation of Partners using Self Registration page in Experience Cloud, create identity in Ping. 
B. Create a custom page m Experience Cloud to self register partner with Experience Cloud and Ping identity store. 
C. Create a custom web page in the Portal and create users in the IdP and Experience Cloud using published APIs. 
D. Allow partners to register through the IdP and create partner users in Salesforce through an API. 

Question # 3

A consumer products company uses Salesforce to maintain consumer information, including orders. The company implemented a portal solution using Salesforce Experience Cloud for its consumers where the consumers can log in using their credentials. The company is considering allowing users to login with their Facebook or Linkedln credentials. Once enabled, what role will Salesforce play? 

A. Facebook and Linkedln will be the SPs. 
B. Salesforce will be the service provider (SP). 
C. Salesforce will be the identity provider (IdP). 
D. Facebook and Linkedln will act as the IdPs and SPs. 

Question # 4

Which tool should be used to track login data, such as the average number of logins, who logged in more than the average number of times and who logged in during non-business hours? 

A. Login Inspector 
B. Login History 
C. Login Report 
D. Login Forensics 

Question # 5

Universal containers (UC) has an e-commerce website while customers can buy products, make payments, and manage their accounts. UC decides to build a customer Community on Salesforce and wants to allow the customers to access the community for their accounts without logging in again. UC decides to implement ansp-Initiated SSO using a SAMLBASED complaint IDP. In this scenario where salesforce is the service provider, which two activities must be performed in salesforce to make sp-Initiated SSO work? Choose 2 answers 

A. Configure SAML SSO settings. 
B. Configure Delegated Authentication 
C. Create a connected App 
D. Set up my domain 

Question # 6

An identity architect is setting up an integration between Salesforce and a third-party system. The third-party system needs to authenticate to Salesforce and then make API calls against the REST API. One of the requirements is that the solution needs to ensure the third party service providers connected app in Salesforce mini need for end user interaction and maximizes security. Which OAuth flow should be used to fulfill the requirement? 

A. JWT Bearer Flow 
B. Web Server Flow 
C. User Agent Flow 
D. Username-Password Flow 

Question # 7

Universal Containers (UC) has a Customer Community that uses Facebook for of authentication. UC would like to ensure that changes in the Facebook profile are 65. reflected on the appropriate Customer Community user. How can this requirement be met? 

A. Use SAML Just-In-Time Provisioning between Facebook and Salesforce. 
B. Use information in the Signed Request that is received from Facebook. 
C. Develop a scheduled job that calls out to Facebook on a nightly basis. 
D. Use the updateUser() method on the Registration Handler class. 

Question # 8

Universal containers (UC) is successfully using Delegated Authentication for their salesforce users. The service supporting Delegated Authentication is written in Java. UC has a new CIO that is requiring all company Web services be RESR-ful and written in . NET. Which two considerations should the UC Architect provide to the new CIO? Choose 2 answers 

A. Delegated Authentication will not work with service. 
B. Delegated Authentication will continue to work with rest services. 
C. Delegated Authentication will continue to work with service. 
D. Delegated Authentication will not work with rest services. 

Question # 9

Universal containers (UC) has a mobile application that calls the salesforce REST API. In order to prevent users from having to enter their credentials everytime they use the app, UC has enabled the use of refresh Tokens as part of the salesforce connected App and updated their mobile app to take advantage of the refresh token. Even after enabling the refresh token, Users are still complaining that they have to enter their credentials once a day. What is the most likely cause of the issue? 

A. The Oauth authorizations are being revoked by a nightly batch job. 
B. The refresh token expiration policy is set incorrectly in salesforce 
C. The app is requesting too many access Tokens in a 24-hour period 
D. The users forget to check the box to remember their credentials. 

Question # 10

Universal Containers (UC) has an existing e-commerce platform and is implementing a new customer community. They do not want to force customers to register on both applications due to concern over the customers experience. It is expected that 25% of the e-commerce customers will utilize the customer community . The e-commerce platform is capable of generating SAML responses and has an existing REST-ful API capable of managing users. How should UC create the identities of its e-commerce users with the customer community? 

A. Use SAML JIT in the Customer Community to create users when a user tries to login to the community from the e-commerce site.
 B. Use the e-commerce REST API to create users when a user self-register on the customer community and use SAML to allow SSO.
 C. Use a nightly batch ETL job to sync users between the Customer Community and the ecommerce platform and use SAML to allow SSO. 
D. Use the standard Salesforce API to create users in the Community When a User is Created in the e-Commerce platform and use SAML to allow SSO. 

Question # 11

Universal containers (UC) has a custom, internal-only, mobile billing application for users who are commonly out of the office. The app is configured as a connected App in salesforce. Due to the nature of this app, UC would like to take the appropriate measures to properly secure access to the app. Which two are recommendations to make the UC? Choose 2 answers 

A. Disallow the use of single Sign-on for any users of the mobile app. 
B. Require high assurance sessions in order to use the connected App 
C. Use Google Authenticator as an additional part of the logical processes. 
D. Set login IP ranges to the internal network for all of the app users profiles.

Question # 12

Universal Containers (UC) uses Salesforce to allow customers to keep track of the order status. The customers can log in to Salesforce using external authentication providers, such as Facebook and Google. UC is also leveraging the App Launcher to let customers access an of platform application for generating shipping labels. The label generator application uses OAuth to provide users access. What license type should an Architect recommend for the customers? 

A. Customer Community license 
B. Identity license 
C. Customer Community Plus license 
D. External Identity license 

Question # 13

Which two security risks can be mitigated by enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in Salesforce? Choose 2 answers 

A. Users leaving laptops unattended and not logging out of Salesforce. 
B. Users accessing Salesforce from a public Wi-Fi access point. 
C. Users choosing passwords that are the same as their Facebook password. 
D. Users creating simple-to-guess password reset questions. 

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